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[KINDLE] ✾ Close Your Eyes By Amanda Eyre Ward – In Close Your Eyes the author of the bestselling How to Be Lost spins another mesmerizing tale of buried family secretsFor most of her life Lauren Mahdian has been certain of two things that her mothe In Close Your Eyes the author of the bestselling How to Be Lost spins another mesmerizing tale of buried family secretsFor most of her life Lauren Mahdian has been certain of two things that her mother is dead and that her father is a murdererBefore the horrific tragedy Lauren led a sheltered life in a wealthy corner of America in a town outside Manhattan on the banks of Long Island Sound a haven of luxurious Close Your ePUB Æ homes manicured lawns and seemingly perfect families Here Lauren and her older brother Alex thought they were safeBut one morning six year old Lauren and eight year old Alex awoke after a night spent in their tree house to discover their mother’s body and their beloved father arrested for the murderYears later Lauren is surrounded by uncertainty Her one constant is Alex always her protector still trying to understand the unraveling of his idyllic childhood But Lauren feels even alone when Alex reveals that he’s been in contact over the years with their imprisoned father—and that he believes he and his sister have yet to learn the full story of their mother’s deathThen Alex disappears As Lauren is forced to peek under the floorboards of her carefully constructed memories she comes to uestion the version of her history that she has clung to so fiercely Lauren’s search for the truth about what happened on that fateful night so many years ago is a riveting tale that will keep readers feverishly turning pages.Close Your Eyes

Amanda Eyre Ward was born in New York City in Her family moved to Rye New York when she was four Amanda attended Kent School in Kent CT where she wrote for the Kent NewsAmanda majored in English and American Studies at Williams College in Williamstown Massachusetts She studied fiction writing with Jim Shepard and spent her junior fall in coastal Kenya She worked part time at the Will.

Close Your Eyes eBook ´ Close Your  ePUB Æ
  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Close Your Eyes
  • Amanda Eyre Ward
  • English
  • 25 October 2014
  • 9780345494481

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    I thought this book was really stunning

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    I had the pleasure of taking a master class with Amanda Eyre Ward and so read her novels with the pleasure of some insight into the way in which she crafts them and a deep respect for the challenges that underlie giving birth to a novel I found Close Your Eyes a solid read with moments of piercing insight truth and pain and a compelling story that kept me turning pages long after I should have turned the light out and gone to bed Without giving anything away I agree with some of the other reviewers that a stronger editor's hand might have been beneficial in places where the writing becomes a little too self indulgent or the details a little too distracting and that perhaps things tie up a little too neatly in the end Sylvia was my favorite character and seemed like a plot device in the end given her absence in the epilogue That said this is a book about finding hope humanityand salvation and on that sense is true to itself and the ending earned; I especially loved the batsAll in all a very enjoyable read that I'd recommend to anyone looking for a good story a bit of a murder mysteryand characters that linger after the book is closed Bravo Amanda

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    This was a decent idea destroyed by poor workmanship and editing Warning there are some spoilers hereDetail mistakes abound and plot points slip in and out of importance I couldn't get into the story because I was too distracted with all the problems Where to start? The bookjacket says she was 6 when her mother died and the intro says that was 1986 First chapter is 2010 and she's 32 HUH? Basic math people Further along she states that she was 8 one year after the funeral Not long after that she reads a police report stating she was 8 at the time of the murder HOW DO EDITORS MISS THIS STUFF???The brother is an empty vessel proven by his leaving the story prompting her to pick up his sleuthing and sort of coming back in at the end but not really for the pinnacle moment Much hay is made of her panic attacks and mental distress but Im not sure what the point of it is except to prove that she's suffering long term effects of that nightThe Sylvia plotline had all kinds of problems We see LOTS of her childhood and NONE of the main characters why? The wierdest bit was her mother's funeral which occurred the same year as the murder but we aren't told if it was before or after logic insists it be before but there is no logic to this story Her most important moments are COMPLETELY glossed over She called the cops That's HUGE and completely skipped She drops a huge hint to the main character which goes unnoticed and unremarkedAnd for the love of god how can the editors have missed that the song that called Sylvia back to the beach house that fateful night in 1986 could not possibly have been Blues Traveler's alone which was released in 1996??Bah A decent idea totally undone by poor execution

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    Amanda Eyre Ward is one of my favorite authors and one of the very very few for whom I’ll read any book they write I didn’t love this as much as some of her others but it is still beautifully written intriguing and as always the multi narrative structure is executed perfectly Although I have to say it bugged me that the kids’ ages on the jacket cover are different than what is actually in the story Not the author’s fault of course But when you're talking kids 10 and 8 is a lot different than 8 and 6Even though the story is heavy and some of the plot points extreme father in jail for murdering mother there is much to relate to here What struck me the most is the undercurrent of that moment when childhood suddenly loses its magic when you realize the world isn’t exactly as sunny as you thought As someone with a sunny little life and sunny little daughters this really affected me Or rather it scared me One line in particular produced instant waterworks “Pay attention she wanted to tell her younger selfLet her jump to you Hold her love her look up This is the best it will be”I do think the book could’ve been longer but mostly because I wanted to spend time with these characters and not even just the main ones I also wanted of Gerry Mr Cheapskate What a great foil to Lauren Overall a great way to spend some time and this book proves what I already knewwith Amanda Eyre Ward you can’t go wrong

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    This is the first book I have read by this author Overall it was fine a very uick read There were parts that captivated me and I enjoyed especially the brothersister relationship and Alex's story I also liked how the author made Gerry an understanding empathatic boyfriendvery refreshingI was shocked to start reading Book 2 where it picks up with new characters but that twist did leave me wanting to know how the characters related I enjoyed the different facets of this storyline; however I thought the resolution was not complete What about Sylvia???? What happens to her? Does she ever forge a relationship with Lauren Things also didn't make sense to me The father was engaged to someone in Egypt so couldn't or wouldn't be be with Pauline Yet he doesn't go through with arranged wedding to be with Lauren's mom?? A bit depth into the relationship of the former adults would have been better The murder scene didn't ring true eithera flashback to help clarify it would have been helpful Definitely will read another book by this author

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    Ugh I did not like this at allIt was so short it could almost ualify as a short story While I have no problems with short stories I do have a problem when I pay for something that is considered a novel and is not But I am not even considering this in my review That was just a bit of an annoyanceThe writing was juvenile The conversations were very unnatural If the author would have read these aloud she probably would have noticedThe scenes with the therapist were terribly unrealistic I've had my fare share of experience with therapists and this did not ring true at all I know everyone's experience will be different but no not even remotely buying itI don't know if it's because I live in Austin but the way the author used the city was just done so heavy handedly I still liked hearing about my local haunts but you can get creative than thatAudiobook version comment very mediocre narrators But then again it was a mediocre bookI feel like I could just ramble on with stuff I don't like so I'm just going to stop now

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    Lauren is a woman with Issues She's earned them no doubt but still Her father was convicted of murdering her mother when Lauren was six leaving Lauren and her older brother Alex to be raised by their grandparents As an adult Lauren has all but blocked out memories of these events though she has never doubted her father's guilt until Alex declares his own doubts shortly before leaving for a Doctors Without Borders assignment to Ira Around this time Lauren begins experiencing panic attacks terrified that Alex won't come home to her and haunted by the confusing re emergence of new and cluttered memories of the circumstances surrounding her mother's death When Alex goes missing Lauren decides she needs to continue with his investigation into what really happened and begins to uncover family secrets she never imagined The writing is almost offensively bad There isn't much exposition to shed light on Lauren as a character and the exposition given is clumsy and forced most of it is revealed by Lauren telling it to either Alex or a therapist I was also bothered by the incongruous nature of the narrative voice Lauren tells her story from a first person perspective and she does so with uite a bit of clarity At the same time I was being told that she is a woman suffering from debilitating panic attacks It really bothered me that I didn't see her emotional instability genuinely coming through in her voice As someone who has suffered severe sometimes crippling panic attacks what I was reading felt inauthentic as though the author had simply skimmed the WebMD entry for panic attacks and regurgitated the information with little thought to how it would genuinely shape the character The scenes with Lauren's therapist were terribly pedestrian as someone who has both sat through therapy sessions to deal with anxiety and has studied how to conduct such sessions with others I know that everyone's experience is different but this seriously felt like it was written by someone who has never known anyone who has so much as spoken to a therapist And for the most part the sessions didn't shed any light on Lauren's psyche at all They mostly served the purpose of being able to say Look this character has Issues She has to see a therapist for themIn the middle of Lauren's story we are introduced to a new set of characters including Sylvia and Victoria The second I met them I knew where this story was headed and I wanted to give up the entire thing This book could have told a poignant story but it ultimately felt like a phoned in effort that had been rushed through with no attempts to make it feel authentic

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    Lauren Mahdian and her brother Alex have grown up haunted by the murder of their mother Their father was convicted of the crime and has spent over 20 years in prison Lauren is convinced of his guilt; Alex of his innocence Lauren allows this truth to run her life most significantly her relationship with her long time boyfriend Gerry She's refused his numerous marriage proposals seeing first hand what love can do When Alex surprises Lauren with the news that he is headed to Baghdad Ira with Doctors Without Borders Lauren is crushed Alex is her only family and her center He tries to convince her of their father's innocence before he departs but she wants none of it She prefers to numb her pain with alcohol and Tylenol PMWhen Lauren receives devastating news she subseuently uncovers some files regarding her mother's death Ready to learn and truth once and for all she embarks on a journey to uncover her family secrets whatever they may beThis is a multiple viewpoint novel It is divided into separate books with Lauren Sylvia and Mae narrating Who are Sylvia and Mae you ask? They mysteriously appear in book two I wasn't uite sure what was going on when Sylvia's narration started Her story seemed entirely separate and disconnected from Lauren's I was intrigued by her story though and I couldn't wait to see how it connected to Lauren's because obviously it did in some way Sylvia tells us that she is pregnant and is secretly leaving her abusive boyfriend She is heading to New York City in hopes of staying with an old friend Victoria or Victoria's mother Mae Through flashbacks we glimpse the friendship between Sylvia and Victoria and how it has shaped the women they are in the presentWard has written a page turner that will keep you glued to the text wondering what will happen next; how these two seemingly separate stories are connected This is a mysterious story with lots of twists and turns and raw characters who leap off the pageMy only negative thought about this book is that I would have loved a bit closure at the end of the novel I kind of felt like Sylvia was left hanging and I wanted of her story I did think the last lines of the novel were beautiful and brought a tear to my eyePost taken from my blog

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    Close Your Eyes by Amanda Eyre WardIf you love complex characters vivid imagery and dark haunting secrets Close Your Eyes will not disappoint The book is Austin Texas based author Amanda Eyre Ward’s fifth I’ve been a fan since her first novel Sleep Toward Heaven was released in 2003On her website Ward shares that the idea behind Close Your Eyes began to form in 1989 after terror struck near her sleepy idyllic hometown a husband and wife had been stabbed to death in their own bedroom one New Year’s Eve The crime went unsolved for nearly five years until a local teenage boy confessed to the killings During his trial he cited no concrete memories of the incident blaming his actions on an alcoholic stuporIn the author’s own words “I thought about the murder from time to time trying to understand how a stranger had broken the spell of Rye smashed through the safety we had all thought money could buy I wanted not only to understand what happened but also to create a world where this wrong was righted and a broken town was sewn back together”Close Your Eyes begins with a neighborhood celebration ruined by senseless tragedy Six year old Lauren and eight year old Alex Mahdian wake up to discover their mother has been murdered; the brother and sister soon find out their father is the prime suspectWhen the children’s father is convicted of the murder Lauren and Alex move in with their grandparents Years later Alex goes to Harvard and becomes a physician while Lauren pursues a career as a real estate agent When Alex volunteers for a Doctors without Borders assignment in Ira Lauren’s tenuous coping mechanisms splinter apart While attempting to ignore her incarcerated father’s existence she avoids commitment to her long time boyfriend and spirals into greater depths of anxiety anger and grief over her family’s tragedyWard introduces two new characters Sylvia and Victoria in Part 2 Though it isn’t apparent at first the girls are linked to Lauren and Alex’s lives in unimaginable ways With deft expertise Ward weaves the four lives together throughout the rest of the story sewing together bits of connection with every chapter of this complicated heart wrenching novel of loss and redemptionFor on Amanda Eyre Ward visit her website wwwamandawardcom Hardcover 272 pages Publisher Random House July 26 2011 Language English ISBN 10 0345494482

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    I thought the story was fairly predictable the writing was inelegant and sometimes just wrong At one point the author made up a word when there was another form of the word that was exactly the concept she was seeking I wish I had made a note of it at the time but it bothered me uite a bit She wrote about places and characters and the dog without having introduced them so I was left wondering if I had missed something In addition the narrator of the first part Lauren struggles with anxiety and when she visits the police officer involved with the case the interview from when she was a child notes similar symptoms of the anxiety but the author never explores these or makes any connection between them The father comes from a wealthy family and yet without mention of being disowned Lauren's mother is working to support their family while the father is a poet I think that the author meant to convey that the father was one to follow his passions vocationally as well as in love but this wasn't effectively done either There were too many things like this connections that could have been made but weren't jumps that the reader was expected to make without the reuired links from the author It made for a disconcerting and disappointing book

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