The Ragged Edge of Silence

[Reading] ➷ The Ragged Edge of Silence Author John Francis – By the author of Planetwalker The Ragged Edge of Silence takes us to another level of appreciating through silence the beauty of the planet and our place in it John Francis's real and compelling prose By the author of Planetwalker The Edge of eBook ↠ Ragged Edge of Silence takes us to another level of appreciating through silence the beauty of the planet and our place in it John Francis's real and compelling prose forms a tapestry of uestions and answers woven from interviews stories personal experience science and the power of silence through history including practice by Native American Hindu and Buddhist cultures Through their time honored traditions and his own experience of communicating silently for years Francis's practical exercises lay the groundwork for the reader to build The Ragged PDF or constructive silence into everyday life to learn about oneself to set goals and accomplish dreams to build strong relationships and to appreciate and be a steward of the Earth With its amazing human interest element and first person expertise this book is energizing and universally instructive.The Ragged Edge of Silence


The Ragged Edge of Silence eBook ☆ Edge of  eBook
  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • The Ragged Edge of Silence
  • John Francis
  • English
  • 14 September 2016
  • 9781426207235

10 thoughts on “The Ragged Edge of Silence

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    I like silence I like nature I like fleeing the madding crowd I also expected this book would be all about that It's not It's all about the author John Francis in response to an oil spill gave up transportation and became a walking man He also gave up speech This book is mostly about his justification of that Superior? A bit Smug? We're on the ragged edge of same And though there is some of what you might expect in a book on the value of silence you might find yourself distracted by Francis's LOUD personality which seems to shout Look at me I'm not talking and only I understand the beauty of same If you read this and agree cool If not you're one of them But I understand pats our backs That's why I'm 'talking' in this book for you to buy Being a voluntary mute ain't cheapOK so I exaggerate This was not what I expected My problem I'm sure and I don't even talk a lot and am not terribly social so there

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    There is no doubt that John Francis was an adventurous guy Silence for 17 years and walking only takes dedication But I came to this book with some expectations about Finding Peace and I failed to find what I was looking for This book has some excerpts and stories from the Planetwalker book he also authored and which I also read Unfortunately the excerpts do not really flow together and the context among excerpts was muddy Sometimes I felt I was re reading the first book More editing would have been helpful to avoid such claims as walked the length of South America What does that mean did he walk in South America? Or a distance in the USA euivalent to the length? What is the length? Lastly the phrase 'the ragged edge of silence' is an excellent phrase and it was used than a few times in the book but it was never really defined consistently The phrase is a concept that was not fully developed or explored

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    As a uaker I was really interested in reading this exploration of silence but the author's tone was well smug something I would not have expected from a book of this nature The author was interested in telling us about his silence and his refusal to ride in cars than he was in really exploring silence as a means of communication for both him and others and how to find silence or peace in daily life The exercises weren't always connected to the content of each chapter which would have seemed appropriate; sometimes they appeared to be haphazardly added because the chapter needed an exercise ARC provided by publisher

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    While reading the excerpt of the book my first impression of John Francis was an extreme man who took the vow of silence Though I was not proven wrong while reading the book I gained a better understanding of his reasons for doing so his thought processes and interactions with various people along the wayPerhaps when I first started reading the lessons I gained were highlighted and clear but as I progressed along I realised that there were many subtle takeaways that changed or reaffirmed my perspectives The title and main idea were on Silence but yet Francis had touched on areas such as connecting with others on a heart to heart level visions and dreams and self expression and organisation All these are important perspectives and experiences that had helped me reflect upon myself and how they were relevant in my own life

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    Great TED talk available as well

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    A fascinating journey decently told I think Francis wanted to focus this book on his vision uest rather than have it be a traditional memoir this choice alas made the narrative arc tough to follow Key biographical details and events would crop up unexpectedly often mentioned in an offhand you already know this tone when instead the information was jarringly new or unexpected I will admit to a few moments where this techniue worked uite well to illuminate my assumptive leaps and where they had gone wrongAlso I found the end of chapter exercises to be a well intentioned but unconvincing attempt to bring the lessons of Francis' 17 year silence to plain old folks like me Everything in the telling suggests that the profundity of Francis' experience was rooted in the extreme nature of his path and his commitment to walking and to silence I freely admit there are things we can learn from his journey to find deeper wells of compassion empathy and active listening in our own selves and lives But the attempts of the extreme practitioner to dish up these amuse bouche sized exercises just rang so false

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    What an interesting life What an interesting book I first heard about this book on a podcast and was intrigued by the author's story In the early 70s he decided to give up riding in motorized vehicles after witnessing an oil spill in the San Francisco Bay A few years later he doubled down and decided to stop talking as well All walk no talk went on for 23 and 17 years respectively And this book tells the storyI didn't hang on every word and there were some parts that were less interesting but this book did change my outlook on life for now anyway He makes some great points about listening and inner peace It comes complete with little exercises at the end of each chapter in silence and listeningThe ragged edge sounds like a great place to find yourself and make your peace Wouldn't it be nice if we all could go there?

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    After witnessing the devastating effects of a 1971 oil spill in San Francisco Bay Francis embarked on a period of reflection that stretched into 17 years of self imposed silence and 22 years of walking Through this journey he was able to harness the incredible power of silenceIn this book he invites readers to turn down the chatter in our everyday life to arrive at a new appreciation of our planet and our place in it His own inner and outer journey of self discovery is used as the framework of the bookHe also provides readers with exercises to help build constructive silence into everyday lifeWell done but the self imposed silence seemed a little over the top at times I agree there is too much noise and chatter but complete silence seems to be another extreme

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    Loved this book Loved the ideas and loved hearing about his experiences The book itself was a bit disjoint and a little less than I had hoped for of an insight into his spiritual growth but I think the concepts revelations and ideas make it well worth the read So saddened to read just a few days ago of the death of the father walking across the country to educate people about bullying after his son killed himself after being bullied because of being gay This event made the story of Francis' life and travels all the impacting Both men were on an incredible journey sadly one did not live to finish his walk This book did encourage me to be silent and present oftenfor that I give it stars

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    enjoyed John's second book about his experiences during and since his many years of walking and not talking i'm reminded that we are a world of talkers who rarely listen for longer than mere moments and I loved the message of this book his life which seems to say to me listen to what calls to you follow worlds of experience will open to you that you had no way to seeing that your decision to commit will make possible a uiet thoughtful read written by a person who is committed to making our world a saner healthier happier place and that if we heal ourselves we will also know how to heal the planet and vice versa it's all connected be still and uiet and slow enough to find our way thru a noisy and challenging world

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