You Are Not Your Brain

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MD Research Not Your PDF/EPUB Ä Psychiatrist Department of Psychiatry Biobehavioral SciencesUniversity of California Los Angeles.

You Are Not Your Brain Epub ☆ Are Not Your  ePUB
  • Hardcover
  • 384 pages
  • You Are Not Your Brain
  • Jeffrey M. Schwartz
  • English
  • 20 August 2016
  • 9781583334263

10 thoughts on “You Are Not Your Brain

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    I will tell you that the reason I picked this book to review is because I have a very unhealthy way of thinking when it comes to diet and exercise I am extremely good at talking myself out of good behaviors and convincing myself that the bad behaviors are not only fun and awesome but will be better for me later on Despite the fact thunder thighs are not my friend Basically everything in the book comes down to four steps Step 1 Relabel Identify your deceptive brain messages and the uncomfortable sensations; call them what they really are Step 2 Reframe Change your perception of the importance of the deceptive brain messages; say why these thoughts urges and impulses keep bothering you they are false brain messages Step 3 Refocus Direct your attention toward an activity or mental process that is wholesome and productive even while the deceptive brain messages are still bothering you Step 4 Revalue Clearly see the thoughts images and impulses for what they are simply sensations caused by deceptive brain messages that aren't true and have little to no value Without going into a whole lot of detail about it which is all explained really well and there are worksheets in the book for you to work through on your own I will say I found them very helpful At first the book started slow with me with a lot of precursor explainations that I didn't find relevant to me but once it started talking about these four steps I was really interested One of my favorite parts of this book is when it talks about biology is not your destiny I find that people are so uick to rely on their biology to dictate their life versus trying to change themselves for the better It's harder to change yourself but it's rewarding The other part of the book I found really helpful is the discussion of positive versus destructive anxiety I am a high anxiety person and I often have to talk myself into things I know I'll enjoy because my brain is constantly telling me negatives It's a problem to say the least But I really felt like I had a better grip as to why I have that inner struggle so often Overall I found this book to be extremely helpful If you are at all interested in learning about the brain how to make changes in your life or both this book is for you

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    Not a book for people wanting to learn about the brain but for people who struggle with OCD anxiety and depression you will find this book a powerful tool

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    I've been on a neurology kick and picked this up at the library based on the credentials of the author I thought it would not be a typical self help book even though the cover sure looked like one I should have turned it over and noticed that one of the blurbs on the back was from Leonardo DiCaprio noted neurology researcher movie actorI guess that was a good example of a deceptive brain message because this is a self help manual with all the smarmy examples one might imagine Abby thinks too much Sarah is depressed Let's examine their behaviour at length The death knell for me was the part where the authors explain briefly the neurology behind a certain response then in essence dismissively say that you needn't bother your pretty little head here's a perfect example Collectively you can think of the amygdala insula and anterior cingulate as the warning center of the brain or what we like to call the Uh Oh Center Uh oh indeedThis book didn't work for me not that I applied it to any of my bad habits I mean I didn't like it and I can't recommend it unless you like dumbed down science wrapped up in magazine article style examples of people just like you only with no bad habits1

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    I love this book for the data that it gives SDN Self directed neuroplasticity was a complete life changing piece of knowledge for me However I hate the style used in the writing of this book It comes across as very self helpie in the worst kinds of ways So if you go into this book forewarned of that style the knowledge you gain is exciting and helpful

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    this approach is very similar to ACT therapy except it makes a distinction between emotional sensations and emotions in which emotional sensations are are “deceptive not true and are leading you to act in ways that are not helpful or constructive” In contrast emotions “should be felt and constructively dealt with because they honor your true needs and your true self”It seems to me like a tangle of worms to try to distinguish between false emotional sensations and real emotions I much prefer ACT's premise in which all emotions are 'real' experiences your brain is giving to you noticed by the observing self You can acknowledge emotions and allow them space to exist without being ruled by them You can take action toward being the person you want to be no matter what emotions your brain are presenting the observing self with So yeah this is not my book YMMV

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    If you are doing inner work this book is a must read Seeing the prison is paramount if you hope to escape

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    READ THIS BOOK Excellent book Although very redundant it could use a ruthless editor to delete redundancy and dumb analogies it has changed my life for the better This book has empowered me It just clicked with me and I got it instantly It has given me a new directionThe very simple point that clicked for me was this Your brain and your mind are two different things your brain fires connections and your mind thinksanalyzesdecides Sometimes your brain sends your mind wrong impulses JUST BECAUSE THAT'S HOW THE SYNAPSES HAVE FORMED OVER ALL THE YEARS but you have the ability to change those synapses rewire you brain; you can destroy a synapse connection and build another in its place You can tell your brain No that's not right not valid not correct not appropriate not trueBefore my brain would automatically send thoughts and feelings to my mind because that's what it has always done and I would just follow them blindly My brain would tell my mind Respond this way; do this because that's what you have always done so do it now because you're experiencing the same feelings and thoughts No longer do I rely on those autopilot responses I have used for years that were built since I was a small child when my brain processes a thought My mind can now intercept the DECEPTIVE BRAIN MESSAGES that my brain sends to my mind and I now have the option of rewriting them and reworking the connections in my brainNow my mind intercepts the DECEPTIVE BRAIN MESSAGES and because of my WISE ADVOCATE or my true inner self the Holy Spirit the Spirit of God the Light of Christ or whatever you want to call it telling me what is really appropriate and true I can rewrite the response I know how to control my own reality and how I perceive things especially myself and what I think and feel as well as what happens to me and those things I think I want to have or doI now know that I don't really want those things because they will damage me in some way or another and just make those bad synapses stronger Those urges to respond to situations in a certain way for example this happens so feel this way; gone because I now see that those habit responses are not really me nor what I really truly want for myself; they are my brain and just those faulty synapses firingFeelings bad habits auto responses whatever they are whether of inferiority jealousy etc they are not really you; they are your brain because you have trained your brain to fire those synapses when certain things happen You can break up those 12 lane highways you've created in your brain since early childhood and build other 12 lane highways through your brain synapses that you know are best for yourself

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    I'm not crazy for the gimicky title and much of the material has been in other books but it's the overall content of this book the message and the concrete help the author offers that I'm loving It's the neurobiological how to of inner bonding Margaret Paul's Inner Child healing process that I am always trying to distill for myself and other people This book illuminates how to differentiate between the wounded part of us what Schwartz calls deceptive brain messages versus the loving adult or Schwartz's Wise Authority It tackles the way in which we strengthen neural pathways through a reward of temporary relief when we indulge habits that are ultimately painful and harmful and are far from our true goals and awesomeness and the work involved to make new pathways and feel empowered It's repetitive and a bit dense but the message you are not your brain is huge I'm going to use this stuff with my clients and myself for sure Differentiating between the brain and the mind is a really useful tool as is mindfulness and components of CBT and ACT acting on values I've always been drawn to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy but the activities were too formulated and artificial ACT focuses a lot on metaphors and is a very heady theory I love that Schwartz took a lot of those concepts and made them applicable As someone is constantly being taken away by overthinkingworrying and the like I appreciate this very grounded and practical way of changing the way neurons fire Self directed neuroplasticity is awesome

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    If there is one book for everything you need to know about will over skill then this is it

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    Good Very helpful for better accurate thinking Having read Brain Lock this explains the 4 steps in detail Maybe just a tad technical in places and somewhat repetitive in others but that helps learning I'd recommend this to fellow thought strugglers

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