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❴Reading❵ ➾ Until the End Author Christopher Pike – E17streets4all.co.uk It’s the start of the school year and the popular girls have decided to throw the best party one their friends will never forget But hooking up and hanging out are the farthest things from their min It’s the start of the school year and the popular girls have decided to throw the best party one their friends will never forget But hooking up and hanging out are the farthest things from their minds when the unthinkable happens Someone doesn't make it out of the party alive The death is declared a suicide but nothing uite adds up Convinced there’s a murderer on the loose no one knows who they can turn Until the Kindle - to or who they can trust Nowhere is safe not the homecoming dance not even graduation The truth will terrify them but it must be revealed Their lives depend on it.Until the End

Christopher Pike is the pseudonym of Kevin McFadden He is a bestselling author of young adult and children's fiction who specializes in the thriller genre Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name McFadden was born in New York but grew up in California where he stills lives in today A college drop out he did factory work painted houses and programm.

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  • 23 December 2014
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    Thank you RottGrl for letting me know I had TWO reviews of this book upso I have combined them into one“Pretty girls always hate other pretty girls”― Christopher Pike Until the EndThis is a YA trilogy that is about 900 pages longThis is told in three installments The plot revolves around a group of friends and one of them is killed at a party The death is declared a suicideAlice the girl killed has never been suicidal but she was found with a gun in her hand Everyone said it was a suicide That is what the autopsy listsOnly Michael does not believe it Michael is a geniusliterallyhe is smarter then many people twice his age and he knows Alice did not kill herselfThis book is an exploration of friendship secrets trauma guilt and deceit As Michael digs deep he discovers he does not know his friends as well as he thought And really anyone could have killed Alice He also discovers love for the first time but the object of his affection is dating someone else so there is a but of romance as wellIf one does not want to read all three together they are available separately but really this series is unputdownable so best to just put some time aside and gobble it up Four stars for a fascinating trilogy Huge book but worth every pageSo this is broken into three parts and I really enjoyed each one with part one being my favorite and part two being my least Part three of coarse is the conclusion and man what a ride Pike takes us onOne thing I want to make clear This is an any age book As long as you like mysteries do not mind reading about high school kids and like or do not mind long books you will have a field day with this one Each part is also available as a stand alone book if one wants to do it that wayI cannot stress how good the character development is I adored Sara as well as Russ But I also strangely liked Bubba His wit was apparent so early on that I really did not want him to be the killer He was a great characterSPOILERSI did not love the end although I did not dislike it There had been so many suspects I was a little let down that it wound up being who it pointed to being all along That was almost a surprise because it was so obvious it was Polly I did think a few times maybe we were being led in the wrong directionThe books winds up a bit to neatlyI confess to rolling my eye s as it sort of morphed into chick lit with the endingbut then againafter reading so many pages it is nice to have a decent ending All in all I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to readers of mysteries or YA or suspense

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    The problem with UNTIL THE END is also its greatest asset it really should've just been one bookUNTIL THE END also known as the omnibus three book in one set of the Final Friends series is a nearly 900 page whopping tome that barely fit inside the UPS box in which it was shipped to me While I did end up enjoying UNTIL THE END it wasn't until the third and final book that I realized so The first two books were uite shoddily constructed making me think the series was written toward the beginning of Pike's writing career His newer stuff is much better and I've been known to sueeze much enjoyment from his other works I plowed through this in a single twenty four hour period and wasn't satisfied along the way not until I was doneThe entire series would've worked much better as a single volume with some cuts made for length purposes Nothing was resolved until the end of the third book and the ends of the first two left me with sour tastes in my mouth Viewed as one book UNTIL THE END was decent good even But viewed as three separate volumes the first two sucked and the third was much better

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    I enjoyed this book for a variety of reasons Firstly I liked the genre of the book romance mystery young adult Secondly it was very well crafted in terms of both the plot and the characters Many people seem to disagree with the latter however stating that they could not finish the book because of their dislike towards certain characters Jessica main protagonist for instance I however strongly disagree with that opinion and also think that one does not have the right to 'review' a book without even completing it after all development is a crucial factor in novels and it does take time Characters like Jessica hart may initially be portrayed as immature irresponsible self centered but that all changes throughout the book as the characters develop Jessica learns to become selfless learns to love learns to be understanding and responsible as the novel proceeds and without completing the novel it is impossible to note this development which is one key factor that enables me to confidently say that this book was a fabulous In regards to the story line I found the mystery genre a very interesting combination with the romantic side of the novel Initially they seem contradictory but Christopher Pike does well in blending the two together in this novel balancing them out well throughout The mystery of the friend's death at the party was undoubtedly a strong component of the plot and it grabbed my curiosity all the way through to the end I must however admit the ending to this whole 'murder case' was a bit disappointing but still not disappointing nonetheless In terms of the author's writing skills I claim that it is one of the best His use of language is incredible and as I read I could picture out every scene crystal clear Humor is also evident in this book giving us a break from the tense atmosphere from time to time One thing I didn't uite like about this book however is the large range of character perspectives throughout Perhaps on the positive side by doing this we get the insight to many around 5 or 6 different characters in the novel allowing us to connect with each one On the negative side it seems it furthers us away from the main protagonistsjessie and michael which we or at least I most looked forward to read Nonetheless each character was uniue and was fun to read although as I said I would have liked to read in the focus of JessieMichael Overall I have rated this book a 45 Not a masterpiece but a very good read and I would recommend it to anyone especially teenagers as it is after all a young adult sectioned book

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    I re read this series recently for nostalgia sake since Christopher Pike is the author whose work got me into reading I'm surprised so many people found the characters unlikable because I feel the author's development of the various characters in the series is one of the best traits of the books Even the shallow characters like Jessica change significantly over the course of the book and witnessing their coming of age and identity transition is very powerful I also love his subtle inclusion of spirituality non categoried horror humor and romance in various placesIn many way this series holds up even better now as I am able to appreciate Micheal and Jessica's relationship and romantic chemistry In addition Pike is really good about appreciating uirkiness in his characters with this series Bubba Sara and Kats were funny weird awkward and uirky enough to be original memorable and refreshing I also feel that Pike is very good at expressing through his character's development the main plot themes of grief death and lingering uestions as well as the maudlin atmosphere of the graduation ceremony that the hardest element of transitioning into adulthood is letting go and saying goodbye to many comforts friends and priorities All of the characters are shaken by the death of their friend and have to face the fact that life is short unfair and tomorrow cannot be promised Following from this several characters Micheal especially are put up against the concept of the afterlife spirituality and the horror of the unknown The unknown being represented as many things in this story murder suspects motive the afterlife post highschool life the people they are going to become sex etc Altogether the message of the horror of coping with change and entering an unknown phase of life I think is meaningful and empathetic to nearly any reader The only negatives I can recall is the ultimate conclusion and revelation of the murder mystery SPOILERS AHEAD I thought Polly's delusion of Clark was creepy and interesting but making out the death of one of the characters to be an accident and something sympathetic killed the dramatic tension It was even weirder that despite being a lunatic tampering with evidence and intending to kill many people Polly's friends forgive her and convince her to forgive herself and move on WHAT THE WHAT? It even went so far as to have all the girlfriends including Polly laugh and cry together Seeing as Pike has been willing to go to darker places in his other books invovling mystery I'm going to assume this safe choice had to do with insecurities about the YA market or perhaps the publisher he worked with wanted to lighten up the horror tension and dark themes a bit to be appropriate to the genre Either way don't go into this series for the mystery because it will disappoint you Go into this series for the excellent character development and romance

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    This really should have been a 2 star read I thought about DNF’ing this book so many times but I will admit I had to find out what happened So In turn I’ll give it 3 stars I dunno Maybe I’m too old to have read this ALL of the characters in this book except Nick and the Rock annoyed the ever living piss out of me I disliked them all so much I wanted to stab my eyes out with a rusty fork And I have teenagers the same age as these kids My teenagers don’t even act like that lol The premise of the book was alright I think that is the reason why I kept reading because the author worded the story in a way that I just had to see who was doing these things And I thought I had it pegged to who it wasI was wrong If you want to waste some time and want something to be an in between read this It’s about all I can offer for this

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    Loved this book and I definitely recommend it for the different perspectives and the realistic vibes I was getting and there r a few flaws but overall a good read on goodreads😉

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    Just like a modern day Agatha Christie However it was loooooooonnnggg and really didn't need to be presented as three novels But how it unfolded was really interesting until the end reveal which was a bit of a letdown So was good then bad and overall it was passable

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    Did not finish but I did read the entire first novel of the three books included and I'd like to share some thoughts When I picked this book up I was expecting a Fear Street or Goosebumps type read but aimed at teenagers The strange thing about it is that it was much better than I was expecting as far as characters were concerned but much worse as far as thrills and horrorThere are a bunch of teenagers introduced in the first book and I really connected with several of them There's a tough black kid from the hood who's trying to fit in at a rich all white school There's a bad boy athlete who stands up for some misfit kids against the jocks even though he has a serious drinking problem There's a girl named Jessica who has prom ueen looks but is seriously interested in chemistry and science There were a lot of positive things building upWhat wasn't building up was any real terror or suspense Two sisters are dating some creepy guy who's obviously some kind of old fashioned vampire but the whole book plays out and he never shows his hand There's a tragic death at the end but it doesn't come across as supernatural just really sad And there are no clear cut winners So I bailed after the first novel of the three But this was a book someone just dumped at the library in a grocery bag so what the heck

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    Before Stephen King eclipsed all other authors in my heart there was another One I think of as my pre Stephen King and that was Christopher Pike I devoured all of his books I could get a hold of in high school The other big horror writer of the day was R L Stine and I don't remember what it was that I preferred in Christopher Pike I think I liked how some of his stories were less evil dead cheerleader and bizarro sci fi murder mystery With time travel And lizard people evolving into humansRecently I've noticed Pike's been making something of a comeback so I thought it might be interesting to revisit some of the YA out when I was a teen dating myself I know I began this trip with one of Pike's most popular series the Final Friends trilogy now republished as one book Until the End I should note that this isn't my first return to Pike as an adult I tried to read The Cold One and let's just say it did NOT hold upI am however delighted to say that Until the End does hold up It's a decent little murder mystery trilogy Although it might have been better had I not remembered the solution to the mystery or if any ONE of the possible suspects had a real motive That's probably the biggest flaw of the books The mystery centres on the apparent suicide of Alice McCoy at the end of a party ringing in the new school year The case appears open and shut but only Michael's obsession and a few tiny inconsistencies make it a mystery The problem is none of the people left at the end of the party have a reason to kill Alice She's a sweet beautiful young girl that everyone loves If this were written today she'd have secret lovers that are too old for her and steal people's boyfriends But she doesn't Alice is exactly as she seems and Pike never tries to make us think otherwiseThe focus really isn't on the murdersuicide mystery itself Pike treats it like a subplot for Michael to occasionally dwell on rather than the driving force of the trilogy Mostly the series is about how these people navigate their senior year and fall in love with each other The book is full of romances built on very little Characters meet become attracted to each other stumble through misunderstandings and then somehow end up in love even though a lot of them spend months apart and never talk The most developed relationship is between two of the characters who never get a pov Bubba and Clair They are the only couple to actually date throughout the whole senior year and the only one I can see extending beyond high schoolLet's talk about Bubba and Clair shall we? Clair is easy she's the gorgeous head cheerleader who I think we're supposed to hate but is actually sweet levelheaded and not a mean girl another thing that would be different today I actually wish we could have gotten to know her better Bubba on the other hand oh Bubba Well Bubba sucks He's my least favourite character He's very Barney Stinson misogynistic womanizer inexplicably rich and somehow magical He knows everything controls everything and despite his awfulness everyone accepts and loves him His only redeeming ualities are his loyalty to Clair and his friendship with Michael Generally I find him unrealistic and creepyAs for the other pov characters Jessica Michael Polly Sara and Nick my favourite ones are Sara and Nick Sara is feisty and bossy When I'm reading her chapters the book is energized and fun Nick has a nice contemplative simplicity that I find I can like and respect Jessica is too self deprecating and despite being down on herself for her flaws some genuine and others exaggerated she does nothing to better herself Polly's chapters just make me sad she is truly the tragic character in all of this I just want to hug the girl Michael's problem is the same problem with Bubba he's not very realistic Sure he's a better person than Bubba but he's too perfect Michael is a uiet genius who is well loved and a good person I think we're all supposed to be in love with him like half the cast is but I wasn't He obsesses over Alice's death but only sometimes There are many weeks and months that go by without him working on it just so everything can be solved at graduation instead of at a less plot convenient time He's also apparently smarter than everyone else something we're told than shown and he even discovers a new cometDespite the flaws though the books are a fun easy read They are not scary and there's no real tension until the climax when things actually ramp up uite a bit If you want something light to read with a bit of a mystery then pick this one up

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    This is book is three books in one so it is really thick It is told from multiple points of views so if you don't like books like that then don't bother reading this book It might confuse you like it did some people I wasn't confused though but then I'm used to reading books with multiple view pointsThe different points of views are from these charactersJessica A Senior New to the high school Typical popular female interests such as cute guys and being homecoming ueenMichael A Senior One of the smartest kids in the high school Has a crush on Jessica after he meets herSarah A Senior New to the high school Friends with Jessica Outspoken Polly A Senior New to the high school Friends with Jessica and Sarah Nick A Senior New to the high school Becomes friends with Michael The first book The Party is where we meet all of the characters It is the beginning of a new school year and Alice decides to throw a party at her house She wants to invite some of the most popular kids in the school to attend the party but her older sister Polly doesn't want one Alice gets Sarah and Jessica friends of both sisters to convince Polly to allow the party to happen which they do Alice is throwing the party because her old High School was closed down and all the students were split and sent to two different High Schools She wants the party so kids from both schools can get to know each other better A few things happen before the party New friendships and crushes are created You see the beginning of a love triangle You get a sense of what type of person each character is Then the night of the party arrives and as usual the party gets out of control with uninvited people showing up and at the end of the party one person ends up dead The police believe it's a suicide and closes the case Only one person Michael doesn't think it's true He was close friends with the person who died and felt the person wasn't suicidal at allThe second book The Dance is about the Homecoming dance Everyone has moved on with their life except for Michael He has decided to take the case into his own hands but he is having trouble piecing everything together because not everyone wants to talk about what happened at the party Those who did talk didn't tell everything too for their own reasons This book ends with another accident on the night of the Homecoming danceThe third book The Graduation ends with everyone meeting up again a few months after the night of the accident on Homecoming night It appears everyone went their own way after the accident Michael has spent all of his time searching for clues to the death of his friend He finally pieces everything together while on the cruise which is the Senior class field trip The mystery is solved and everyone lives happily ever afterThe first book was slow I felt it was slow though because there are so many characters The second book if anything was even slower It got slower once I solved the mystery I just kept reading to see how long it would take Michael to solve everything and to see what happens once he solves it The third book is the better of the three books It was a much faster read and we get to see everything connect There were some things that came as surprises to the characters but it didn't surprise me at all For example I knew why Bill acted so strange around Jessica I knew since the first book but she didn't see it at all until the last book And of course the author doesn't reveal why until the last book either but it's pretty obvious in the first book I'm giving this book only three stars because the first two books dragged on too long and because I wasn't surprised with any of the surprises I also didn't like Jessica at all She's as selfish as selfish comes and she is beyond stupid I can't stand girls like her All the other characters were fine though

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