Vengeance Private #14

[Reading] ➶ Vengeance Private #14 ➽ Kate Brian – After the devastating events at Reed's birthday party Noelle is determined to put the past to rest but Reed is adament about rebuilding Billings Coming up against endless roadblocks from the headmaste After the devastating events at Reed's birthday party Noelle is determined to put the past to rest but Reed is adament about rebuilding Billings Coming up against endless roadblocks from the headmaster not to mention Billings alumni Reed will not let her legacy end with Vengeance Private ePUB Æ a pile of rubbleAs if that weren't enough old ghosts come back to haunt to the Billings Girls Reed has been through the ringer in her time at Easton and she starts to wonder if maybe she can even make it out of this place alive.Vengeance Private #14

Kieran Scott.

Vengeance Private #14 eBook ↠ Vengeance Private
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Vengeance Private #14
  • Kate Brian
  • English
  • 01 May 2016
  • 9781416984733

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    Where do I start?I absolutely HATED this book didn't offer any closure for the series What if I don't want to read the Privilege series? Should I just be left hanging?It's a uick read I finished it in two hours I thought it'd tie all the loose ends but it didn't I should have stopped reading this series a LONG time ago but I like to finish what I startedI feel that Kate milked the series and ended up ruining it Everyone is out to get poor Reed she is wanted dead in ALL 14 books? It gets boring after the second book In Ominous she discovered that the bIllings girls have magic then BOOM what magic? LOL I just make it up as I goWhatever happened to Upton? Why is she with Josh? Where did she end up? What happened to her family? Where did the magic hocus pocus go? She ends up pondering outside the window looking at the damned Billings building I agree with Noelle Reed is a GLASS LICKER weak character paranoid boring one dimensional and she just doesn't have self respect Come on she used to wear their handy downs without even feeling a tiny bit of shameSo many unanswered uestions I'd give this book a zero if I could BOOO

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    First of all I'd like to say that the only reason this book gets 2 stars is because I liked the rest of the seriesGoing into the book I had no idea what to expect The first novel Private was great and so were the other 7 books but after that everything went downhill Still I decided to give the final book a chance I was expecting a huge twist and that's what I got The thing is it wasn't a good twistSome of the grammar and punctuation in the book was incorrect On top of that the plot was exactly the same Reed thinks someone's after her nobody believes her someone tries to kill her she gets back with Josh and the killer gets caught in the end while Reed survives AGAINThen we have the killers Daniel and Paige Ryan? Totally saw that one coming Missy Thurber? I knew that too But Graham Hathaway and Cheyenne Martin? Are you serious? LAME First off Graham doesn't seem like the type of guy to turn out to be a killer I know the book says he was really sad about his twin sister's death but killing people? That's a tad too far And Cheyenne? Are you kidding me? Her death and Sabine's betrayal was perfect How the hell are you gonna come up with some crap like Cheyenne faked her own death and blackmailed Sabine into taking the fault? I sincerely despised that part with a passionThen we have Sawyer Poor little Sawyer I have no idea how Reed ended up picking Josh over SawyerIn the novel I was also hoping for a recap of MrLange's death or some kind of funeral But throughout the book Noelle just seems to be in a bit of a funk and Reed acts like it doesn't really matterLike I said I loved the first 8 books I loved Billings Thomas Pearson the Glass Licker Reed Noelle and everyone else But the ending felt really rushed and I felt lost I can truly say the ending killed the entire series for me I'm glad it ended

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    I was a bit disappointed with this book I still rate it 5 stars since it was really good but I must admit that I was disappointed I expected a better ending Or maybe even an epilogue What made me sort of angry though are 3 main things I got angry how they made Noelle's scar worthless I mean they made such a big deal out of it in the 1st book and then all of a sudden 13 books later after not mentioning it she throws it in there with a sentence That sort of makes me angry I mean it's like she just threw it in there with a sentence and it was over Ergh I had been looking forward to hearing the story behind Noelle's scar expecting it to be something big but was it? Nope fell off a horse or whatever the end Another thing was how they basically COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT THE MAGIC I mean come on The last book was over 200 pages talking ALL about it and now all of a sudden it's just like Oh yeah Kiki practices it sometimes but that's really it And Cheyenne still believes in the curse but that's all Like really? That was a big deal in the last book they can't just FORGET about it Ugh They turned the book into like a magic world type book and we all had to get accustomed to it just for it to be forgotten in the next book hardly ever mentioned and not used at all It's a BIG DEAL they can't just forget about it The last thing that really annoyed me was how just like the magic they forgot about the BLS I mean we don't even know who gave the book to Reed We can have our suspicions but they never stated it in the book What the heck? They just completely forgot about it all over again just said oh we all forgave each other but Missy because of what happened in the last book so we all forgot about it WHAT THE HECK Another thing that isn't big is how Cheyenne is still alive It's HIGHLY unlikely that anyone could do that pay off tons of people for that That was what another one of the books was ALL about and Sabine and everything So are they saying Sabine really isn't a crazy murderer she was just paid to try and kill Reed and kill Cheyenne? How could they just THROW that in there randomly? I mean I guess they sort of always said that there was a flash of blonde hair but COME ON They really had a lot explaining to do Okay so I lied there is still one huge thing that ticked me off THEY COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT UPTON Upton had told her he LOVED her and EVERYTHING and she was basically falling in love for 2 books with him too then all of a sudden she's back to Easton and it's Josh all over again Don't get me wrong I love Josh and they're meant to be but she can't just FORGET about Upton I was hoping he would show up and if he really loved Reed he would try to win her back from Josh and maybe throw a fistfight in there or something I mean they both love Reed Instead Reed is just like Hey I'm just gonna contact you when I need something okay? 2 WHOLE BOOKS about Upton Giles and he is completely forgotten in the last book The LAST book I was expecting him to be at Gage's party or some huge surprise where they officially end their relationship at least if there wasn't a who wants Reed fight but he wasn't there He wasn't even mentioned Ughhhhh So even though these things obviously made me mad I still rate this book 5 stars It was the last book of 14 books well 16 if you include the Book of Spells and Last Christmas and it wasn't bad at all It kept me on my seat and everything But honestly I think that she should have added one book to have better closure Maybe they could even put Josh and Reed engaged And why would they end it her JUNIOR YEAR? She still has another year at Easton we want to know if she gets into a good college and what happens between her and Noelle and everyone Agh As you can see at lot of this book really made me mad but I still have to rate it 5 stars It feels wrong if I don't I went through 13 books looking forward to this very last one so it only sounds right if I rate it 5 stars All in all it was an honor to read the Private series and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great on the edge of your seat read

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    SPOILERS IF YOU HAVENT READ CRUEL LOVE So i've been looking forward to this book since I finished the last one but not any I feel like I know how Reeds story ends already She graduates and goes to george town because thats where Arianna tracks her down to I feel like the only thing this book is going to tell me is if they get Billings rebuilt or not

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    SPOILER WARNINGI must agree with the general consensus on this one Vengeance is an underwhelming surprisingly inconclusive conclusion to the lengthy Private series As Reed plans to rebuild Billings she is once again stalked and yet another character returns from the dead I happen to love characters who come back from the dead; that's not the problem here and neither is the identity of said non corpse but why couldn't it be Thomas? It's that the motives of Reed's antagonists are both meaningless and tied into well worn issues already resolved in past books Most problematic of all the witchcraft plotline is dismissed with a nonchalant paragraph early on in the novel after a tremendous amount of momentum was built up around the entire concept So we were taken out of the secular world and into a world where supernatural phenomena were possible just to be jerked back to semi normalcy again huh?Moreover we already know where Reed ends up in the future thanks to the far superior Privilege finale Cruel Love insanely fabulous hey that could have been a Privilege title Ariana is so much threatening and fascinating than any of Reed's other foes that it feels anticlimactic to move from the ReedAriana showdown backwards to a middling Reed vs Crazy Alums Again affair I've never been a Josh fan and there's too much time in Vengeance focused on his typical whining I did highly enjoy the returns of Taylor and Kiran and when the original uartet reunited it left me expecting a massive shocker climax and finale that never came; the stakes seemed raised by the cast assembled in this novel I seriously anticipated an incredibly wacky awesomely deranged denouement and all we get is a lukewarm face off between enemies who were only ever half worrying and the clearly uite capable Reed and her bff'sAs an enthusiastically obsessed fan of the Private series I always hold that any Private novel is better than no Private novel at all So it was great that we got one book but a bit disappointing that such a crazy sauce series ended with such uncharacteristic blandness By the way what are we going to do with ourselves now that this series is over? Here's hoping that Kate BrianKieran Scott has series coming soonCheck out my blog

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    Spoiler Free Summary By Emerald BookWormI didn't know a thing about this series going into it My boyfriend now husband would always go to the library to pick up books for me and he stumbled across this series and brought me the first book thinking I would enjoy it Well he was right lol I was instantly hooked and reserving the next book within 24 hours This series is definitely not realistic and is pretty dramatic lol but it's lots of fun and it was the first time I'd ever read anything like this before It went places I would of never thought I know it looks super cheesy and maybe it is to an extent lol but the story is pretty good actually and kept me interested There are a lot of books in this series but it's so easy to read through and very enjoyable I recommend Check this series outUntil Next TimeEmerald BookWorm

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    Okay I didn’t remember this one at all so it was great to feel like I was reading it for the first time I love Noelle She’s snarky and smart and funny and great I also love Ivy Neither of them take any crap I was a bit disappointed that Reed stayed with Josh They don’t have a very good relationship in my opinion they are constantly keeping stuff from each other and not being honest I would have preferred her to choose Sawyer Like all the others in the series this one was a real page turner The loose ends were tied up though and we finally learn the secret of Noelle’s scar I really enjoyed my reread of this series and now I’m sad it’s done Next up Privilege

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    I don't even want to write a review for this book It wasn't as crap as the 13th book but it was still horrible Another stalker surprise surprise relationship drama horrible secrets and near death experiences And no mention at all of what the last book revealed Why even include that book in the series then if nothing comes up about it in this book Maybe Brian realised what a stupid idea it was to introduce view spoilermagic hide spoiler

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    I don't care any I really don't

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    I didn't like this book very much I didn't like the mystery part of the writing It was too easy to figure out and alos kind of boring I didn't like how long it took me to get into the book either I honestly expected it to be great The plot was also exactly the same as the first books I rate this 2 stars

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