Uncanny X Force Volume 1 The Apocalypse Solution

➛ [KINDLE] ❅ Uncanny X Force Volume 1 The Apocalypse Solution By Rick Remender ➥ – E17streets4all.co.uk Wolverine promised Cyclops that X Force would disband he lied A secret society has resurrected En Sabah Nur putting into motion events that will turn this age of heroes into an Age of Apocalypse To ho Force Volume PDF ´ Wolverine promised Cyclops that X Force would disband he lied A secret society has resurrected En Sabah Nur putting into motion events that will turn this age of heroes into an Age of Apocalypse To hold them back X Force Volume 1 The eBook Ò Wolverine and Archangel bring together Fantomex Deadpool and Psylocke to form The Uncanny X Force Stained by their Uncanny X MOBI :ò history they are the only ones capable of making the hard resolutions necessary A band of likeminded friends and mercenaries set to one purpose one big ugly task kill Apocalypse by any meansCollecting Uncanny X Force material from Wolverine Road to Hell All New Wolverine Saga.Uncanny X Force Volume 1 The Apocalypse Solution

Force Volume PDF ´ Rick Remender is an American comic book writer and artist who resides in Los Angeles California He is the writerco creator of many independent comic books like Black Science Deadly Class LOW Fear Agent and Seven to Eternity X Force Volume 1 The eBook Ò Previously he wrote The Punisher Uncanny X Force Captain America and Uncanny Avengers for Marvel Comics.

Uncanny X Force Volume 1 The Apocalypse Solution PDF
  • Hardcover
  • 120 pages
  • Uncanny X Force Volume 1 The Apocalypse Solution
  • Rick Remender
  • English
  • 12 January 2014
  • 9780785148548

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    I think X Force is my favorite mutant team evah Maybe I've just been really lucky but I have yet to read a bad title about these guysX Force Vol 1 Angels And Demons was my first introduction to this team and I loved it But without X 23 in the line up I was wondering if this would pack the same punch She was by far my favorite character and part of me thought that without her this probably wouldn't be as goodI was wrongDeadpool?Yeah he made a big impact on this oneI'm not so much a fan of Deadpool in his own titles but I do love it when he's mixed in with teams He can be the difference between Meh and Awesome when it comes to a title So when in doubtthrow Wade inThen there was this guy who claims he's only in it forThis is my second introduction to Fantomex and I really like this character On the outside he seems like such a dick and only out for himselfBut then you start to notice that he does an awful lot of good stuff for a self centered assholeAlrighty toss in Wolverine Psylocke and Archangel and you've got the rest of the teamX force used to be sanctioned by Cyclops in order to do all the dirrrty little jobs that he didn't want traced back to the X men More bad PR isn't exactly what those guys need you know?However at this point Scott's decided that their services are no longer neededExcept they areAngel has been trying to track any reappearances of Apocalypse for the past year hoping that nothing would actually crop upBetsy has been helping keep his Archangel persona in the background but if he has to face Apocalypse again there's no telling what could happenUnfortunately Deadpool finds the other Horsemen's hidey hole along with a new incarnation of Apocalypse Nightmare scenario? He's just a kidExtreme prejudice is their standard MO but not even Wolverine is cold enough to kill a childSohow far are they actually willing to go to save the day?Excellent start to a series Can't wait to get my hands on the rest of these

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    You’ve read this story a thousand times before assassins break into impenetrable place overcome obstacles kill target Uncanny X Force joins the ranks of Secret Avengers Thunderbolts Suicide Suad and probably even groups that I’m forgetting of Superheroes What Done Kills Stuff In A Morally uestionable Team Archangel Wolverine Psylocke Fantomex and Deadpool are Uncanny X Force the team of killers who do the dirty missions that the good ’n’ proper X Men don’t touch This time around they’ve got to kill Apocalypse except here he’s a kid Do they kill a child even though they know he grows up to become a terrible villain? Let the hand wringing commence I’m baffled as to why this series is regarded so highly when it’s so extremely ordinary at best Apparently the dialogue is great but it isn’t unless people really loved Deadpool’s bad jokes “Why did the nickel jump off the building but the dime didn’t? Dime had cents” and “How do you kill a circus? Go for the juggler” Boom boom Maybe it was the pun of having the team fight the Final Horsemen War Famine Pestilence and Death geddit the four horsemen of Apocalypse even though they don’t have horses?As if often the case with anything X related there’s a few uestions over what’s going on with the characters unless you read every X book published Angel is now Archangel and has this JekyllHyde duality to him for some reason Oh the angst the angst of it all ie typical X Men “drama” He’s also going out with Psylocke because you can’t have an X Men comic without some soap opera relationship stuff Also not sure why Apocalypse is a kid all of a sudden but that character changes almost every time he appears because he’s always been so poorly defined so it’s no biggie The story couldn’t be by the numbers generic heroes fight monsters heroes win No tension whatsoever because it’s been done before again and again I’m also coming at this book having read Jason Aaron and Jason Latour’s Wolverine and the X Men titles beforehand so the whole “kill Kid Apocalypse” thing is moot as he’s alive and a major character in those later comics The art team however is outstanding Jerome Opena’s art is accomplished detailed without losing movement and gorgeous as ever while Dean White’s colours are terrific I liked the decision to have them dress in grey to highlight their moral ambiguity they’re heroes white doing villainous things like killing kids black so you get a look somewhere in between grey Esad Ribic’s covers are fine too Rick Remender’s Marvel work is always very weak and Uncanny X Force is unfortunately no exception Far from being exciting The Apocalypse Solution is a non stop snorefest of tedious unoriginality

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    Moody atmospheric scenery; sly dry wit writing except where Wade Wilson is concerned then it's full on insane just as it should be Remender plots his books like nobody's business it's an impossible balance between teasing out just enough panels to see the progression of actions and keeping the pace moving so uickly that there's not a spare panel to be hadRemender also illustrates a mastery of the various personalities here that I didn't expect Fantomex is somehow an aloof dandy and a vile scoundrel Wolverine goes beyond the guttural animal and actually asserts control of this suad Betsy becomes a driven tortured warrior Angel an unsure but mostly committed participant and Deadpool is both cock a doodle nuts and focused on the mission goals in a way I've rarely seen These characters speak in deliberate specific voices that don't waste words on bubble fillerI find the whole Apocalypse story over the years to be fascinating As an embodiment of something out of the End Times with Four Horsemen he should be nigh unstoppable an Authority beyond reason or humanhomo superior power And yet every time the X Men seem to kick his ass sometimes in one issue sometimes in a year So if he's not that hard to overcome does that make him an Apocalyptic poseur? Are the Horsemen really just horsemen and Apocalypse a knockoff Doomsday or a lame Thanos? It's fun to see villains that challenge the X Force but in the end their insurmountable capabilities seem to be ever so surmountable and in this book at least it takes some of the steam out of the final lapWhereas Tony Stark is having the fight of his life against the Mandarin in recent trades of Invincible Iron Man this plays out relatively fast Thankfully it's also furiously paces and viciously splattered with blood and merciless actions by the team It is fun to see these powerful players let loose and not have to prance around their capabilities with all the usual angst and arms length relationships Here's it's bare metal and uick to get to the pointLove the art unlike previous volumes of X Force even when it's filled with dark shadows and black costumes it's still easy to follow the action and understand mostly the emotions being played out A nice surprise is they don't linger on Betsy's ass much or exaggerate her boobs for drool effect5 for plot and characterisation 1 for yet another Apocalpse 1 each for art and a surprisingly ace Deadpool

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    When it comes to superhero teams the original Uncanny X Force is one of my favorites everything in this series oozes uality the characters are fucking awesome the chemistry and interaction between them are incredibly fun to read all the story arcs are exciting and memorable and the art was fantastic throughout the entire run real eye candyI can't think of a series that was consistently good as this one was you're missing out if you haven't pick this up yet

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    Originally read on the Marvel Digital Comics Universe app on MarvelcomI’ve been reading a whole lot of back issue comics lately and among this pile included nearly the entire run of Uncanny X Force I’ve heard nothing by acclaim for this monthly title featuring a bunch of anti heroes and their proactive stance against evil super villainsAfter reading than thirty issues of comics it is the opening arc that stands out This is not best arc which would come later in the middle of the run but it does set the tone and the conseuences of their act continued to plague them It also had Jerome Opeña on art duties and in these four issues show the talent that has made him a rising star in comics This is the best illustrated arc by far with Dean White’s colors that showcased Opeña detailed line work and a muted palette gave the art a signature look and feelThe story itself is a killer this time a spin on the timeless uestion of whether to kill Hitler as a child to prevent the atrocities he would commit as an adult The would be fuhrer in uestion is the mutant supremacist Apocalypse who has proven resilient despite his death and now lives in a body of a child who is being indoctrinated in his twisted teachings Would X Force execute the child? Whose hand would be on the trigger? These are the uestions that would be answered if you give this collection as chance I did and it just blew my mind

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    I picked this up after finishing Second Coming which showed an ever so brief reveal of who this team was and I got pretty damn excitedImagine Wolverine in charge of a bunch of lethal mutant killers who can use their skills for a positive and effective result than prancing around with the X Men AngelArchangel; Psylocke; Fantomex; DeadpoolSomehow you wonder about Deadpool here yet he fits surprisingly well and they establish a good relationship between him and Warren and a little lesser with him and Logan Every character here is damaged which works well but it is also very welcome to see Wolverine in the Cyclops role here leading his team but in a somewhat different and just as effective mannerThis time they're hunting Apocalypse who has reappeared and they must get through his Four Horsemen to get at him This is fast paced yet not missing anything which is a hard combo to pull off Rick Remender has done a great job The big reveal here is that Apocalypse is a young boy and when the time comes to kill him are these killers going to have a pang of conscience or will they do the job? The result might surprise youWell worth a read and a nice place to pick up X Force who I'd avoided reading to now due to simply so many X titles being around I didn't need another but I like how this one is setup and I also like the different costumes WhiteBlack

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    Decided to re read this run and already realising I made a good decision I enjoyed it this time round Appreciated Openas art and Remenders storytelling style And it's a good line up for a team book Like a REALLY GOOD lineup This is gunna be fun

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    Warren Worthington III has had Deadpool searching for a year to find out about where any sighting of Apocalypse and he found him Uncanny X Force is on a mission to execute the newly revived Apocalypse The Uncanny X Force is hunting Apocalypse and finding his final horsemen This group doesn't mess around The story is pretty straightforward with one twist I didn't find myself overly engaged in what was happening in the volume which may be my own fault because I chose a weird point to jump into the story Perhaps I'll backtrack a bit to an easier starting spot

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    Fun story with the creators somehow bagging the best available characters for the start of their run Captivating artwork

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    Rick Remender and freuent collaborator Jerome Opeña kick off this new X Force series now the Uncanny X Force with all guns blazing This collection starts off with a short story The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life which chronologically precedes issue #1 and does a great job of setting up the series as well as explaining the need for an X Force team one which even Cyclops is unaware ofThroughout the book Remender makes great use of the heroes' powers especially Fantomex who is written here much much better than in Morrison's run on New X Men his misdirection ability saves their lives on than one occasionDeadpool is genuinely funny and for once doesn't come off as annoying and the seeds are sewn for the following story arcs particularly Uncanny X Force The Dark Angel Saga Book 1 and its continuation Uncanny X Force The Dark Angel Saga Book 2Apocalypse's Final Horsemen are truly fearsome and provide uite a challenge for our heroes This is one promising series it moves fast throws a LOT at you and there's almost no time to catch your breath So buckle upNext up Uncanny X Force Deathlok Nation

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