Phoebe and Seithe (Neuripra Book 1)

❄ [EPUB] ✼ Phoebe and Seithe (Neuripra Book 1) By Poppet ➝ – In a rage Phoebe stalks out on her past Fate twists her into new arms when she enters the club Pravus where the fallen congregate She steps out of her life induced coma and indulges in SEITHE He's int In a rage Phoebe stalks out on her past Fate twists her into new arms when she enters the club Pravus Phoebe and PDF/EPUB ² where the fallen congregate She steps out of her life induced coma and indulges in SEITHE He's intoxicating enthralling and dangerous Is he a Vampyre Demon or Fallen angel She's about to find out if he doesn't kill her first This is a scorching journey to reawaken your senses Phoebe's light can only be found in the darkness of Seithe's home in his bedroom in his armsBook in the Pravus Vampire Romance seriesTo avoid spoilers while experiencing this series please make sure you read them in order The reading order of these novels is Seithe Venix Zauran Sveta Ryan Arelstin's Lair Aisyx.Phoebe and Seithe (Neuripra Book 1)

bestselling author Poppet is currently published with Wild Wolf Publishing Tirgearr Publishing Eibonvale Press.

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    Reread 13022015 5 Sensational STARSI originally read this book years ago when my virginal reader mind could not fully comprehend the content nor the absolute brilliance of this author's writing Not to mention I was horribly allergic to first person and could not at the time understand what I was reading But I knew one thing for absolute certainty this was going to be a story that would stick with me for many moons to comePhoebe walks out on her lazy crap head of a boyfriend and takes a night stalk through Sea Point Cape Town yes this is my city and it was from page one that the author captured my attention because it's a visual I can actually imagine with certain clarity She stumbles upon an entrance to a what is seemingly a Goth club But the people are strange with glowing eyes and creepy shadows Phoebe's in a pissy mood and would only just like the strongest drink on tap but like a proverbial sheep in the presence of wolves she is soon accosted with unwanted attention and a saviour jumps out of the shadows thoughHe distracts her from the uglies and buys her a drink H for Hormones and soon Phoebe's senses are reeling from the intoxicating stranger and the dangerous atmosphere and she passes outWhen she awakens though a blast of sensory information is thrust upon her closed human mind and the tall dark stranger engages her in unlocking her mind and ultimately her eyesThe interaction from there is an overflow to a reader's mind and a mind trip so complex and yet so simple you'll walk around in a daze in the real world until you're getting about 70% of the book when you have your AH HAH moment Ofcorse at this point the niggling supernatural element is blasted at you at warp speed and you're again left reeling just about the same way as poor vulnerable and fragile PhoebeDon't mistake her though for weak because she's not one of those TSTL heroines she is thrust into a world so acutely in focus and comes out the other side with a voice literally stronger than that of all the supernatural being surrounding her I'm overwhelmed once again by this book and instead of not uite understanding as I did years ago I now see the light of it and by FUCK ITS BLINDING I've gushed and gushed to this author before about her absolutely brilliantly dark mind and how her writing resonates down to the core and even then it's not uite sufficient This series which I now intend to finish is not for the faint of heart It's not a paranormal romance like those of old or those of new Its Paranormal bite your fucking teeth tense right up your spine MIND bending Romance And perhaps not recommended for just anyoneBut if you're looking for something differrent and you're willing to give up control of your mind to Poppet and her twisted script then this is for youNow excuse me I need to go sob in the corner and convince myself I'm still sane

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    As posted on almost don’t have words I wow After I was done I thought this here is the reason I LOVE paranormal romanceFirst things first Phoebe is angry at her boyfriend Brian She takes a walk to cool off and finds a club Pravus She’s not allowed in but a stranger Seithe says he’s with her and they enter She notices something different with the people in the club but decides it must be a goth club and anyway she’s angry and in need of a drink Seithe gets her the drink she blacks out and wakes up to find herself naked with Seithe performing some sort of sensual test on her and the games beginThis is dark paranormal romance Seithe tested Phoebe to the extreme his idea to open up her mind to what he says is a mediocre existenceI stare with silently accusing eyes into his face He’s mad He’s totally loony And for fuck’s sake I think I’m in love with him And he’ll probably kill me sooner or laterI have to admit I read the first 20% in a state of stunned confusion I was just so unsure as to why she would trust Seithe Especially since the things he was doing to her were so intense Ok so Seithe was hotThis is the kind of man women will do anything for We are shallow but the gene pool preference instinct demands copulation with this type of male And he’s an alpha with a capital AAnd when Seithe stopped being scary and believe me he was he became so endearingLove me That’s all I ask of you Don’t stop Don’t let them get to you or interfereThen just when the light had gone on in this dark tale we get Jowendrhan Identical to Seithe he wants Phoebe for himself to love and yes to protect See someone has ‘marked’ phoebe and she may not survive what’s in store for her Jowendrhan is convinced that Seithe cannot take care of Phoebe I really wanted to hate Jowendrhan unlike Phoebe I was sure which of the brothers I want but the best love triangles in my opinion are the ones that have you switching sides as you switch pagesI look into his huge brown eyes sparkling with moisture “Phoebe the Spirit is so strong in you I don’t understand how you can let him dictate to you and control you The Vampyre in me fights my human half One half of me wants to kiss your feet and adore you the other half just wants to fuck you broken”Yet it’s not just a love story Seithe wants to make Phoebe stronger To get her to rely on her senses and her intuition something she takes for granted But if she’s to survive their world and offer her dose of salvation she has to learn to trust her most basic instinctsSigh this was such a good story It’s about true love trust forgiveness salvation just beautiful It seriously messed with my head and my emotions A complex dark journey but well worth it I simply loved it I can’t wait to read the rest of the series45 Stars

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    I started this book blind with no preconceptions and not knowing what it was really aboutwhich considering part of the story line is very aptI'm not going to lie at first I had no clue what was going on reading this book I felt like there was a secret I hadn't been let in on but I did know that I was completely hooked and loved the writing style which I found to be uniue and refreshing I have never read a book by Poppet before this is NOT my lastAs far as paranormal books goes this is without doubt one of my favorites the 2 worlds humanparanormal colliding through a chance encounter when Phoebe having just broken up with her sod of a man Brian stalks angrily into a bar for a much needed drink This bar without giving anything away is NOT your average barand so the story beginswith the scrumptious but eerie and baffling Seithe Phoebe has NO idea what she is getting herself intothinks it's a game and plays along not really knowing the world she has entered willinglyunwillingly? Seithe plays dangerous mind games some that hint at BDSM but isn't really by definition He insists on opening her mind see beyond what is normal and humanely possible experience the full scale of her feelings provoking reactions and sensations Phoebe although feisty strong willed and totally rational kind of just goes along with it all which at first I couldn't uite understand but then again would you not? If actually confronted with someone like Seithewould you uestion? Was it a case of her wanting to go along for the ride accepting of a probable end? I'm not sureIt was very dark intense and uite frankly scary at times At one stage I almost felt like I was sitting in a cold damp basement reading whilst at other times I was literally on that edge by a real fire where you know if you move just one centimeter you will feel your skin burning But somewhere in the dark there is always bound to be a lightand it came and I saw and I understood and it became real Between the darkness the game playing there is passion romance emotional pain love and forgivenessheightened human emotions It kept me reading devouring this book and feeling EVERYTHINGif that is not amazing writing I don't know what iscredit where credit's due Poppet

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    HOLY FREAKIN CRAP BATMAN FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS PARANORMAL THIS BOOK ROCKED MY WORLD WARNING this review will contain a fuck of a lot of swear wordscoz holy shit wat a ride NO ONE but NO ONE can mind fuck u like POPPET Today i am kicking myself in anger why u ask ??oh well its simple i have had this whole series sitting on my kidle waiting to be read for months I brought them coz i FREAKIN ADORE poppets writing styleWHY THE FUCK did i wait so long to read them Poppet is a writing genius Her depth insight intelligence is evident in the way she writes but her genius comes from her fast paced story incredible characters the most incredible plot amazing effort put into every detail whilst telling a story There is not 1 hole in this plot every reading second is valid has u craving the next This book was fucking brilliant there r no other words u can tell by the amount of F bombs at how clever this book is im not going to tell u anything about this book U need to experience it 4 yourself that is exactly wat i felt it was AN EXPERIENCE thank fuck 4 u poppet the paranormal lit world needs u ok ive got to go start the next pravus series book ROCK ON BITCHES OH POPPET im sending u a big fat Aussie pash 4 this mwahhhhhh

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    I bought this on accident on looking for another book I was surprised with the amount of sexuality in it It was ok for me It resembled too many books Kind of cliche A book that kept coming to mind was The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod What made it different was the sexuality The material was like a rip off on other books Not feeling this

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    35 rounded up to 4 spoiler alertI'm torn on how to rate this one At some points I really liked this book This is important to note because I'm about to list a series of complaints that will make me sound like I didn't But they were the potholes in an otherwise smooth experience While generally enjoying the book I had some really frustrating moments reading itThe first came about because of the uniue writing style It uses a lot of short clipped sentences often consisting of a single descriptive word Angry Hot Scared C c c cold This is definitely used stylistically as opposed to a lack of writing skill and it does fit the tone the book wishes to create especially since Phoebe spends so much of it angry but it also doesn't allow for a lot of description I happen to like those details and I missed themThe unexpected writing carried into the romantic scenes too There is a lot of foreplay in this book A full 39% of the book progresses in various forms of sexual teasing really there's little else before there is a sex scene and it's the most obfuscated sex scene I've ever encountered Not un erotic but not clear on what's happening either Really they all kind of felt that way They were sexy but because of Poppet's descriptions of emotions than actual actions I feel like I should call this erotica but on reflection the sex isn't graphic at all It just feels that way Odd I knowAlso odd is the fact that Phoebe accepted all the strange paranormal things she encountered 100% without uestion She noticed them rationalised some of it away and simply ignored the rest There wasn't any sense that she thought it strange that peoples' eyes and hair changed colors every 32 seconds or that Seithe could blind her at will or transport them about None How realistic is that? For me this was a strong weakness in the plot and it REALLY needed to be addressedThis lack of believability was exacerbated by Phoebe's amazing ability to trust The fact that the whole thing has a satisfactory ending doesn't really negate the fact that Phoebe was almost too stupid to live for returning to Seithe again and again Really all logic suggests that she should have been running like hell in the opposite direction He kept insisting she trust him and then doing things that PROVED she shouldn't BIG deal type things you know like try and kill her then insisting she trust him again And you know what like a mindless idiot she did This was amazing to meI also couldn't always follow her leaps of logic about why Seithe was doing the things he did Sometimes it felt like magic that Phoebe understood For example at one point he was feeding her and she suddenly understood that he was trying to teach her about instincts I get the linguistic gymnastics going on here he was putting food IN her mouth therefore it could lead to INstincts But somehow seeing those words on paper and connecting random actions to a meaningful but vague theme aren't uite the same thing How did Phoebe get there? There were a lot of these sorts of miraculous ah ha moments In fact the happy ending comes about because of oneLastly to have the whole thing boil down to some form of brotherly one upmanship that instantly dissolved with no lingering ill feelings a stole a little of the books gravitas and b was damned unbelievable I mean come one Phoebe had made her choice abundantly clear so why did the trial have to happen? And if the two were so hostile toward one another how did they make peace so uickly? Not to mention the fact that they pretty much hijacked phoebe's life manipulated terrified and forced her to uestion her own worth How come she wasn't pissed off? Felt like a very convenient HEA to meAgain there were a number of aspects of this books that made me go grrr' but for the most part I enjoyed the experience of reading the book I'd be than up for reading another of Poppets worksOn a side note I THNK that this is a repackaging of the Pravus series or exactly a combination of the Pavus and Neuri series making this a retitle of Seithe This is an issue for me because I happen to have a copy of Zauran that I picked up on the free list last year I think it's probably repackaged as Zaria and Zauran which is listed as book 2 of the Neuripra series I'd read it now if I was certain it was the same storyline I really hate uncertainty in these matters though

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    I didn’t expect to like Poppet’s dark fantasy erotic romance book Seithe It had a lot against it from the outset First off it is written in the present tense and those books usually tend to be pretentious and frustrating failures of an author skilled enough to write but not skilled enough to write well Second it is heavily erotic and most writers of erotica have a hard time avoiding blatant pornography essentially tossing in a lot of sex scenes and adding enough plot to try to justify the idea that the work doesn’t belong in Hustler or the little room off to the side of the video storePoppet proved me wrong with this one There are a number of things I really liked The basic premise is simple Phoebe is ready to give up on men after the relationship with her boyfriend gets to be a bit too much She wanders into a strange bar and ends up the prisoner of some kind of supernatural being Before you know it she’s in a strange relationship with the mandemonvampire person named Seithe He awakens her to the use of her senses and the power of her free will while sending her on a harrowing journey with frights dark recollections and sanity stretched almost to the breaking pointThe best thing about the book is its characters Seithe is evil No he’s not Yes he is No he’s not Poppet does that to the reader Just when you think he’s right on the road to Sparklyville he does something violent and disturbing to remind the reader and Phoebe that he’s not a misunderstood human hunk he’s a supernatural being whose morality isn’t ours Like Phoebe the reader gains a level of confidence about the creature’s intentions and just when we’re feeling fully safe; he does something erratic or even vile and we’re jerked back into reality or unreality Phoebe is a fine character too She’s constantly surprising as well At one moment we see her as a one dimensional literary construct and just as we get comfortable with that label Poppet drags the carpet out from under usThe book is a good buy It is inexpensive in Kindle form on and a pretty uick read Don’t let your kids read it but don’t browse past it because you think you’ve read it beforehttphampton networkscombook revi

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    Seithe is a slice of supernatural erotica with a creative twist on the usual ‘gothic’ myths Phoebe is the kind of character you can relate to as a reader and that’s what makes Seithe himself so very seductive From their first public meeting in the gorgeously goth nightclub which incidentally I would love to visit she falls under his spell transforming herself to meet his standards and leading her to private games of torturous pleasure in his lair It's all to easy to see ourselves in her place and to willingly follow her into darknessLike Exploits and Darkroom Seithe deals with power relationships but in a different way In Exploits it was cruel and unhealthy but still close enough to ‘normal’ to seem realistic In Darkroom it's another one sided relationship but one that goes beyond cruel and unhealthy and into sadistic and dangerous In Seithe the obsession here goes both ways creating an artificial sense of euality and the supernatural element makes it seem so much acceptable Personally I found Seithe to have the most attractive ending of the three perhaps because it’s not one I expected her to write If you’ve yet to experience Poppet’s uniue style her flair for language and her psychological mastery I urge you to give her a read She’ll challenge you as much as she entertains you and she’ll never make you feel safe within the story but she’ll ensure you come out the other side Whether or not you come out unscathed unchanged is entirely up to you

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    Seithe by Poppet is a new twist on a familiar genre Seithe introduces the reader to Phoebe a young woman who decides to leave her unfulfilling life behind and venture into the unknown Entering a mysterious club called Pravus Phoebe unwisely demands a drink; thereby putting herself in mortal and spiritual danger As hostile men close in on her a gorgeous stranger intervenes and marks her for his protection What follows is a roller coaster ride of sensual delights and terrifying experiences as Phoebe discovers the truth about her mysterious protector and the paranormal world he inhabitsAlthough Seithe is without a doubt an adult novel with graphic sexual experiences and violent scenes it is so much Poppet weaves characters that are three dimensional and complex At times the reader fears Phoebe is a stereotypical damsel in distress needing saving but then she demonstrates a surprising strength and capacity for forgiveness Most complicated of all is Seithe the male protagonist who takes the reader on an emotional ride at times making the reader fear his amoral approach to life and others falling madly in love with his giving spirit The fact that his behavior is so ambiguous keeps the reader engaged until the very endAnd don’t think for a moment that you know where this one is going because even when you feel as if you’ve figured it out Poppet throws in a curve and ends the novel with a hugely satisfying surprise

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    Despite the sluggish beginning I found that once things started to develop I couldn't put it down The religious undertones was phenomenal and well researched I also thought that it was an interesting approach to the whole angels demons vampyres lore a breath of fresh air The supporting characters were well done and I'm interested in where some of them my go in the series The hero Seithe was a bit off his rocker at first and the heroine Phoebe wasn't my favorite but the story itself than made up for it Pros well researched folklore unlike most paranormal books very detailed descriptions you could almost feel like you were there fabulous price and no gaps in plot or storyCons slow beginning heroine was too easily swayed in my opinionI would highly recommend this book to anyone who is tired of reading the same old thing in paranormal books or anyone who like christian folklore I will be reading of this author for sure

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