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☆ Defiant Ecstasy PDF / Epub ✩ Author Janelle Taylor – The longer Alisha Williams remained at Fort Pierre the she hoped her redskinned lover would rescue her from the taunts and tirades of the white pioneers They would never let her forget she had been th The longer Alisha Williams remained at Fort Pierre the she hoped her redskinned lover would rescue her from the taunts and tirades of the white pioneers They would never let her forget she had been the mistress of the infamous savage warrior Gray Eagle As if the auburn haired beauty could forget Each night Alisha sweetly remembered Gray Eagle's bold caresses burning kisses his blazing passion Each day she scanned the vast horizon in hopes her Oglala brave would recapture her Then one day Alish saw hundreds of Indian warriors riding to the gates of Fort Pierre and at their head was the fierce Gray Eagle Though her most fervent prayers had been answered Alisha's heart skipped a beat Would Gray Eagle destroy her or make her destiny his own.Defiant Ecstasy

The legendary Janelle Taylor was born on June in Athens GA In she married Michael Taylor with whom she had two children Angela Taylor MacIntyre and Alisha Taylor Thurmond Ms Taylor attended the Medical College of Georgia from to and Augusta State University from She withdrew from the latter after she sold her first two novels Today she is the author of th.

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  • 15 December 2015
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    For other reactions during this Buddy Read see this review Defiant Ecstasy The Short VersionAlisha The men at the fort think I'm an Indian loving whore and want to sleep with me and the women think I'm an Indian loving whore and want me to dieMen At Fort What an Indian loving whore We want to sleep with herWomen At Fort What an Indian loving whore Die in a fireAlisha Oh I am so hated White people suck weeps beautifully At least you Powchutu are my friendPowchutu pinesAlisha It's been 66 pages already I guess we should stop recapping the last chapter of the last book and walk through that gatePowchutu followsAlisha There's Gray Eagle who would sack the fort if he didn't get me Well it's a sacrifice for me to go to a man who hates me but what can I do? I wish he spoke English so he'd know how much I hate him and yet oh yet love himGray Eagle LOL She doesn't know I speak English I know it like a native but I've managed to keep it a secret from everybody It's all part of my Cunning Plan™Alisha OMG he's sacking the fort anyway That evil asshole Now we're riding towards his village Let's eat a bunny and exchange heated and horny looks while I spill my guts I wish he spoke EnglishGray Eagle LOLZAlisha Now we're in his village They all hate me and that bitch Chela tried to stab me Haven't I been through enough? weeps with aching beauty Oh Wanmdi Hota koda wasichu winyan ska and other dialogue sprinkled with the same 6 Sioux words I know When I'm not asking myself uestions and agonizing over every little word or glance from Gray Eagle I will blurt out everything important because no one will understand meGray Eagle LOLZ I'm going to send her mixed signals But it's totally not my intention I have this weird inability to convey the correct emotion at really important times despite all my effortsAlisha Why does he do this shit? God it's like he knows what I'm saying But that's like impossible so I won't think about it any I want to jump his bones every other minute but then he pisses me off so much by acting like such an asshole It's like he's doing this shit for LOLZGray Eagle I wish she wouldn't get pissed off I know I could have cleared everything up in the last book but pride and honor dictate that I carry out my Cunning Plan™ to keep silent and let the Misunderstandings grow like a marshmallow in a microwave Wow weird How do I know about stuff like that? Anyway LOLZMe Jesus Christ will you just fucking speak English already??Gray Eagle Shit another chief thinks Alisha is his daughter because of that tattoo on her ass and is going to take her away She's terrified and thinks I'm selling her into slavery She hates me now Damn and the moment was almost right for me to tell her the truth but now it's too late Again Fate is so unkind to us If she knows this tattoo thing is a lie she'll blow her cover and they'll kill her Bye Alisha I'll ride to your rescue but you must stay ignorant of the truth for a while longer It's all part of my Cunning Plan™Alisha Now I'm in the other village Hey that Brave Bear is HAWT Let me giggle fetchingly Oooh and he is a non threatening beta I like that Except why doesn't he jump my bones and ravish me? I miss Gray Eagle that miserable abusive fucker I hate him Soooooo glad I'm here now Everyone's treating me nice too It's as if they thought I was the chief's daughter or somethingGray Eagle Chick is mine You no can hazBrave Bear Bring itAlisha That asshole I was just enjoying life again and then HE shows up Shit no They're fighting One will die and I love them both in different ways I will rush in and try to stop it I hate these Moments of Truth I love Gray Eagle far Gray Eagle Thanks for the diversion sweetcheeks I won Woot Brave Bear you can have that jealous skanky ho Chela who won't leave me alone and tried to kill my little ladyBrave Bear Sweet Alisha's yours No hard feelings broAlisha What? I heard Chela's name in their conversation so that must mean that Gray Eagle is going to screw both of us in the same teepee Well fuck that kinky shit I'm outta herePowchutu Bitch you don't know your own mind But Gray Eagle ain't no good for you girlAlisha That whole tattoo thing is bogus Some old lady put it on me because the tattoo would fit perfectly over a scar I got as a little girl from landing on a rock when I got thrown by a horse I have no proof but it all makes senseMe Wow Janelle you're pulling stuff out of your ass left and right hereAlisha If they find out I'm not the chief's daughter they're going to kill me I've got to get out of herePowchutu If they find out you're not the chief's daughter they're going to kill you Let's get out of hereGray Eagle If they find out she's not the chief's daughter they're going to kill her I'm going to let them get out of herePowchutu Alisha marry him and then we'll drug him that night and beat cheeksAlisha You're onGray Eagle I love knowing English I can eavesdrop and understand EVERYTHINGAlisha It's our wedding night and I've longed for it forever But now I have to leave Let's fuck one last timeGray Eagle licks smoochesAlisha OMG YES I love youGray Eagle I will fake being drugged now before ravishing herAlisha OMG no No no no I shouldn't have drugged you You fuck me nowGray Eagle I will continue to pretend to be asleep She loves me and I love her but she must want to stay of her own free will It's all part of my Cunning Plan™Alisha Fate has been so unkind to us Well I've gotta go now leavesGray Eagle Damn now I have to go after her I can't say anything now I have to confess when we're alone together on the prairie It's all part of my Cunning Plan™Alisha I'm out here on the prairie unable to tell East from West and confident I can survive out here 3 days on my own until I rendezvous with Powchutu So glad I'm not with Gray Eagle though I wish I was with him nowGray Eagle loomsAlisha Waaaaaah I'll never escape you Never It's like you know English and heard EVERYTHINGGray Eagle I do know English I heard everythingAlisha You assholeGray Eagle LOLZ I'm going to let her blow off steam It's all part of my Cunning Plan™Alisha I hate youGray Eagle Let me recap everything that has happened in the past two books and tell you what I was thinking and my motives and how it was all part of my Cunning Plan™Me Do I have to hear all this again?Gray Eagle Do you remember this? And this? And that?Alisha I do I do And do you remember this? And that? And this?Gray Eagle And that time whenMe Christ on a cracker now that he's speaking English will he ever shut the fuck up?Gray Eagle Since you're white and not a chief's daughter we'll have to live a lie for my tribeAlisha You're on You can count on me I'm consistently reliableMe Oh I don't foresee ANY complications in that Cunning Plan™Final WordsMy advice? Don't play a drinking game with this book It will not end wellEverything is overdone in it The internal dialogues the foreshadowing the big misunderstandings the idiotic plot contrivances and conveniences the boringly laborious plodding of all the characters' thoughts and actions the abuse of uestions marks Everything It wasn't inept in a fun way It was boring and homicidally aggravating How this got past an editor is anybody's guess NOTHING HAPPENS The entire plot is propelled by a misunderstanding that could be cleared up with 3 words I speak English When THAT is what's keeping the conflict going? Umm yeah well you have a shitty pointless bookThere are only 2 action scenes a fort sacking that takes place off page and the fight between Gray Eagle and Brave Bear Everything else is internal dialogue and swathes of dialogue that are often delivered in long paragraphs like someone delivering a speech ExcruciatingAnd Janelle Taylor did the unthinkable She took a hero who was the only saving grace of the previous book and made him in the words of another reviewer here someone I wanted to punch in the junk He and his Cunning Plan™ that reuired he stay silent at every important plot point really took the cake Then he'd agonize about his inability to do anything except follow his plan a bit longer as things got worse and worseArrrgh I'm glad this is over I have the rest of the series and I will read them because they are fast reads and against all my better judgment I want to see what other idiotic nothings Alisha and Gray Eagle and their spawn get up to But they are not examples of competent storytelling and are almost stunning in terms of bland mediocre writing0 stars and a ruthless kick into Leonidas' Backyard Bottomless Pit

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    This is one of my favorite books in the Ecstasy series I love the way that Gray Eagle fights for Alisha and tries to make things right for her And the ending is amazing and well written

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    Exciting Second in the Gray Eagle SeriesHaving read the first in the series I could not wait to dive into the second This is the continuation of the love story between Alisha Williams a sheltered innocent raised in England to be a young lady and Gray Eagle son of the Oglala chief Set in the Dakotas it continues from Savage Ecstasy which began in 1776I thought Taylor’s ability to keep the conflict action and mystery going into this second book was brilliant And very difficult to do After all we know that Gray Eagle wants Alisha and when Savage Ecstasy ended he was getting her back after the “blue coats” had “rescued” her and were now forced to give her back to Gray Eagle After two sweet days together Alisha is told she bears a mark that makes her the missing daughter of the chief of the Blackfeet tribe But how could that be? As the newly discovered daughter of Black Cloud Alisha is now “Shalee” and promised to wed the chief’s son Gray Eagle is determined to take back what is his But how will he do it? Thus begins an adventure you will not want to missLike the first in the series this is a compelling story I could not put down and this one perhaps brings a satisfying “end” to the romance of Alisha and Gray Eagle but there is This is the first in the 9 book the Gray Eagle series the first four of which comprise the story of Gray Eagle and AlishaSavage EcstasyDefiant EcstasyForbidden EcstasyBrazen EcstasyTender EcstasyStolen EcstasyBittersweet EcstasyForever EcstasySavage Conuest

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    I wanted to punch Grey Eagle in the junk all the way through

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    This review is of “Defiant Ecstasy” “EcstasyGray Eagle” #2 by Janelle TaylorThe Story “Defiant Ecstasy” begins by filling in details of what occurred at the end of the first book “Savage Ecstasy” Gray Eagle the “hero” of the series shows up at Fort Pierre with 2000 Indian warriors behind him He has a demand for the denizens of Fort Pierre Release his white lover Alisha Katrina Williams the heroine of the book to him or he and his warriors will destroy the fort and everyone in it After some contentious debate the Army decides to send Alisha back to Gray EagleGray Eagle and Alisha are both happy with the decision Gray Eagle orders his braves to destroy the fort anyway as payback for how the soldiers and others in the fort treated Alisha and for a while they are happy Two events however happen to shatter their happinessThe first Gray Eagle’s “betrothed” a Lakota woman named Chela tries to kill Alisha Gray Eagle stops this from occurring What he can’t stop at least immediately is the second event a plan by an Blackfoot woman who concocts a scheme that Alisha isn’t really Alisha Williams English expat but Princess Shalee a half white half Blackfoot woman who was abducted years earlierAs part of the scheme Alisha is taken out of the Lakota village and to a Blackfoot village to marry Shalee’s betrothed a Blackfoot warrior named Brave BearWhile in the Blackfoot camp Alisha begins having romantic feelings toward Brave Bear who treats her with the kindness that Gray Eagle doesn’t Gray Eagle however refuses to give Alisha up and challenges Brave Bear for the right to marry her Gray Eagle defeats Brave Bear but at Alisha’s urging does not kill him As they prepare to join Gray Eagle and Alisha are plagued with problems most of which are self inflicted Some of these issues are eventually resolved Alisha and Gray Eagle marry and are happyfor now anywayUpside Mrs Taylor’s evocative flowing writing style is on display here as she brought me into the world of Gray Eagle and Alisha The characters are well developedDownside Having already established Gray Eagle as a emotionalphysical abuserrapist Mrs Taylor spends much of “Defiant Ecstasy” trying to rehabilitate him For some it might work For menot at all While I don’t believe it is necessarily fair to judge someone solely by one action or a series of actions Gray Eagle shows no remorse for his behavior; in fact he blames Alisha for what he has done to her And Alisha on occasion agrees with him Not goodSex Very little in the way of love scenes and those that do happen are typically mild and flowery in the Janelle Taylor styleViolence The sacking of Fort Pierre occurs “offscreen” Gray Eagle and Brave Bear’s fight is only mildly graphicBottom Line I am a fan of Mrs Taylor but I totally repudiate her efforts to try to defendexcusejustify Gray Eagle’s behavior

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    Having enjoyed 'Savage Ecstasy' I was looking forward to 'Defiant' but I was surprised that the first 70 or so pages were just the end of the previous book in detailI enjoyed parts of this book but Alisha's rambling thoughts constant weeping doubts and again the endless collection of I hate you's started to really get on my nervesPlus I still can't believe the 'misunderstandings' were dragged out yet again and again it's long over long and yet despite all this I can see me reading 'Forbidden' Why?I've no idea but something about these two draws me in and I want to finish their story but the authors not helping at all

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    YES I like this book very much it made a great seuel from the first book I like how he went after her and brought her back to his village Very sexythe ending was GREAT I did read this several times toogreat on a rainy day After this book I did get tired of the misunderstandings between them Or how dumb Alshia is in the 3rd book

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    I love all of the books in this series but I sometimes wander just how much a woman can take and still be able to love a man I'm sure there are people who can find love this strong but luckily I haven't

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    Juvenile writing ok story

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    I Read the Gray Eagle Series back in the 80swhen it was written people And I loved itI have read some of what the other reviewers have said and there are some way out there opinionsWhen you read romance of any kind from the 70 80s Era you have to step back into that timeThe ideas of this Era do not apply to back then and you are basing your reviews on romances of todayAnd by doing so you are leaving rather unfair reviewsJanelle was an amazing romance author of her time The Gray Eagle series is one of the most memorable series I have read on my long journey through the romance genreThank you JanellePSI wish you would not have changed the covers They were so beautiful

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