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➿ [Download] ➽ Joy In The Morning By P.G. Wodehouse ➵ – Trapped in rural Steeple Bumpleigh a man less stalwart than Bertie Wooster would probably give way at the knees for among those present were Florence Craye to whom Bertie had once been engaged; her ne Trapped in rural Steeple Bumpleigh a man less stalwart than Bertie Wooster would probably give way at the knees for among those present were Florence Craye to whom Bertie had once been engaged; her new fiance Stilton Cheesewright who sees Bertie as a snake in the grass; and that biggest blot on the landscape Edwin the Boy Scout who is busy doing Joy In Kindle - acts of kindness out of sheer malevolence All of Bertie's forebodings are fully justified for in his efforts to oil the wheels of commerce promote the course of true love and avoid the conseuences of a vendetta he becomes the prey of all and sundry In fact only Jeeves can save him.Joy In The Morning

Hilaire Belloc.

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    Bertie MrBertram Wooster if you please the victim is enjoying uiet days in his London flat a man about town but not for long though trouble appears above the not far horizons always does he can smell it a strong odor too Informed by his brilliant butler Jeeves a uality our friend lacks sadly the magnificent that Zenobia the delightful a charming sweet girl just twenty of age with a horrible nickname can you imagine and I'm not jokingis calledNobby Hopwood his uncle Percy's ward She had paid an unexpected visit with some bad news nevertheless in the morning while he snoozedrested His long time widowed Aunt Agatha's the fearsome new husband is Lord Worplesdon the terrible an intimidating shipping magnate She needs help I mean Nobby a romance is not going smoothly with her fiance Boko Fittleworth the nitwit a very successful young English playwright but still a fathead who is despised by Uncle Percy Nobby needs her guardian's permission to marry Uncle Percy wants some advise from Jeeves a delicate business meeting in secret has to be arraigned and only Jeeves can accomplish this After finding out that Aunt Agatha is only passing through to take care of a sick boy with mumps a relative Bertie begins to feel better that too will inevitably evaporates soon He will not go to Steeple Bumpleigh where his aunt lives and his ex fiancee Florence also yikesLord Worplesdon daughter her little brother Edwin the demon a practicing boy scout that terrorizes the whole neighborhood simply thinking about the place gives MrWooster the shakes The clever Jeeves loves fishing in the Steeple Bumpleigh's river and will not give up the idea poor Bertie hasn't a chance Bertram is a nice fellow and to soften his butler's disappointment asks him if he wants a small gift yes a book the works of the philosopher Spinoza Arriving at the bookstore he encounters Florence Craye the pushy an awkward situation even he had picked up an unknown novel written by Florence waiting to see if they the store had Spinoza of course not Miss Craye his former fiancee is flattered and signs the book not asked Looks at him in a different way could he be smarter than he seems loves the Dutch philosopher says Mr Wooster not very truthfully Why ? Bertie likes to make people happy Leaving as fast as good manners allows he next sees another of his old school friends P D'Arcy Stilton Cheesewright the huge a noble name nervously entering a jewelry shop Later discovering that he is the new fiance of Florence there have been many others Force by circumstances the very reluctant Bertie trembling travels to the picturesue village in the calm countryside Aunt Agatha is not home but the deluge commences immediately Stilton is the local jealous policeman the last person on Earth he wants here is you guessed itBertie Another very amusing book from the lives of Bertie and Jeeves two men who will always be friends one gets into complications the other gets him out of them

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    Reread update review in the 2019Still topnotch Wodehousing here in my opinion And my opinion holds a little weight on the subject now than it did when I first read this back in 2008 I loved it then and still do yet it was one of the very first PG Wodehouse books I'd digested Ten years have past during which about 40 Wodehouses have been swallowed up by these old grey cells That's roughly half of what this prolific wordsmith put out in his lifetime I feel like I'm on fairly steady ground here in saying that JoyJeeves in the Morning is indeed topnotch Review circa 2008 Jeeves in the Morning aka Joy in the Morning is the stuff to give the troops It's one of my all time favorites in the JeevesWooster line as penned by the prolific and long lived PG WodehouseIt includes a heap load tales of woe for Bertie Wooster to get into and his butler Jeeves to get him out of Also appearing is one of the best non appearing characters J Chichester Clam The poor fellow is saddled with a ridiculous name and is put through his paces in this story without even getting to say word one I don't want to give away much of the story just know that the usual suspects show up for this precisely plotted tightly wound hilarious start to finish rollick Jeeves in the Morning is not completely dissimilar to other books in the seriesAll right it's uite similar You see Wodehouse developed a winning formula and stuck with it Reading his books is like watching a rerun of a beloved old sitcom you can anticipate all the jokes but you laugh anyway It's not only the mad capped slap stick shenanigans but rather the author's wit that has you coming back for of the same I read the books first then watched the tv series with Stephen Frye and Hugh Laurie based on the booksThough it's good I didn't enjoy the show as much and wasn't sure why But now that I've gone back and reread one of the books it all makes sense The key is the narration The JeevesWooster series is written as if Wooster is the narrator and as a narrator he is hilarious Removing that element as the tv series did removed half the hilarity Read the books and get a full dose of the funny

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    ’Have you lost the girl you love?’ ‘That’s what I’m trying to figure out I can’t make up my mind It all depends what construction you place on the words “I never want to see or speak to you again in this world or the next you miserable fathead”’Steeple Bumphleigh was supposed to be a very beautiful uiet place with an additional attraction of having lots of fish eager to bite anything that covers a hook in local waters This later was proving an irresistible magnetic force to Jeeves who loved fishing Bertie Wooster however avoided the place like plague One reason was his Aunt Agatha residing there Aunt Agatha is my tough aunt the one who eats broken bottles and conducts human sacrifices by the light of the full moon Also this Aunt Agatha is like an elephant not so much to look at for in appearance she resembles a well bred vulture but because she never forgetsThere are some places I consider to be unlucky; after reading the book I am sure Steeple Bumphleigh is outright jinxed This time Aunt Agatha was not even present but poor Bertie had than his usual share of excitement I do not even know where to begin To start with Bertie was forced to visit this place As a result he got in the middle of his uncle's business negotiations major disasters like big fire a former friend come policeman who would love nothing than to find a reason to beat our poor hero up and send him to jail two couples having problems getting married and the scariest of them all Edwin the Boy Scout The latter in his zeal to make good deeds created so much harm that he always makes Darth Vader look like an innocent toddler The only person who always stands between Bertie and his ever increasing troubles? Jeeves This is not the funniest book in the series but two scenes made me laugh out loud The first one was a uiet night at Steeple Bumphleigh Some butts were kicked literally some heads knocked on some policemen career ruined several innocent people almost ended up in jail and some upcoming marriages broken all during one short summer night The second scene was close to the end just before the resolution thanks to Jeeves was coming Not to spoil anything but it related to Lord Worplesdon's Bertie's uncle misfortuneWhen it comes to amusing moments here were plenty of them These taken with two funny scenes I just mentioned as well as the whole mess Bertie kept ending up in give the book high but not the highest rating Recommended but it is better to read the series in order Before I finish let me repeat a sage advice from Bertie about relationships and properly understanding problems that come from time to time between the lovers When a girl uses six derogatory adjectives in her attempt to paint the portrait of the loved one it means something One may indicate a merely temporary tiff Six is big stuffOn this note I will shut up and let you process this piece of wisdom 4 stars

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    The Jeeves and Wooster that I read the I realize that most of the plots are uite similarOr at least they share the same similar formulaBut that's not a bad thing It's like the old adage says if it ain't broke don't fix itSo in this one Bertie once again goes somewhere he doesn't want to go this time because Jeeves wants to fish Then he gets terrorized by relatives friends crazy women and small children Lots of nutty things happened and I laughed uite a bitYeah it's the same old same old but it's good stuff

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    The 2012 re readBertie Wooster with Jeeves in tow is dragooned into visiting Steeple Bumpleigh home of Aunt Agatha and her husband Lord Worplesdon Bertie soon walks into a web of broken engagements arson and delightfully horrible misunderstandings including an engagement to Florence Craye Can Jeeves extricate Wooster from what will be known as The Steeple Bumpleigh Horror?Of course he can See how Jeeves' head bulges out in the back? That's where his extra brain power comes fromThis book is a great example of how Wodehouse mines rich veins of comedic gold from the same old formula in almost every book Nobby Hopwood Worplesdon's ward is engaged to Bertie's friend Boko Fiddleworth Stilton Cheesewright the local constable and an old classmate of Bertie's is betrothed to Bertie's former fiancee Florence Craye Lord Worplesdon is in the process of a merger between his shipping company and that of J Chichester Clam an American shipping magnate Throw in a boyscout named Edwin whose hash everyone is dying to see settled and there you are All the pieces are in place and Bertie is tossed into the mix You know everything will turn out okay but it's a lot of fun getting thereAs always Wodehouse weaves a web of wit along the way to the happy resolution I'm partial to “When a girl uses six derogatory adjectives in her attempt to paint the portrait of the loved one it means something One may indicate a merely temporary tiff Six is big stuff” and “It is true of course that I have a will of iron but it can be switched off if the circumstances seem to demand it” Any complaints? Only that this was a re read and I wasn't experiencing this comedic gem for the first time While I didn't remember every wrinkle of the story I did remember most of the pivotal ones Still you can't go wrong with Jeeves when you want some dry wit

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    The other day as I was walking along the beach in the frightfully early morning when both man and beast ought uite to be tucking the old blankets under the pointy end of the old bean there was a rather fit young lady putting uite some stride into her step not a few yards ahead of meUnfortunately I had just gotten up to the part of the story at which Bertie is discoursing with Boko concerning the nature of women and to what extent one can rely on what they say when they are cross with one I’d have thought I was made of sterner stuff but in a manner lacking in all control I began blubbering foolishly headphones attached to my cabbage like ears no unlike I was wearing pair of snow muffs As she turned to look at me rather fiercely I waved my hands around to assure the young lady I wasn’t laughing at anything she was doing Given she was merely walking along the strand why she should imagine I would be laughing with uite so much vigour at her expense should not have presented itself as a possibility in the least certainly it ought not to have been the first impression to form itself wax like in her mind All the same my occasional gales and peals remained very much a solo effort and she looked in no hurry to form a duetThe problem was that Bertie had just inuired as to how Boko was sure Nobby his fiancé had decided to end their engagement when Boko said something to the effect that he could not see another construction to be put on her statement that “She did not want to ever see him again in this world or the next” Bertie’s elegant explanation of the workings of the female mind in these moments was a sheer delight and worth reading the entire book purely for this marvellous piece of logic aloneThe only damn thing worse than the embarrassment of listening to Wodehouse whilst on my early morning constitutional and thereby laughing out loud within earshot of a member of the fair sex would be to feel constrained to turn the flipping thing off altogether and thereby be forced to walk along in silence There is nothing for it The very idea gives me the heebie jeebiesThe allusions to literature throughout that are just that little off course – the constant uibbles about Shakespeare being concerned with something sounding nice to him than it making sense – and the slaps given to ‘writers’ are one and each a source of much merriment and mirthThere are few joys in life finer than a good farce and in the hands of Wodehouse well what can one say? If there is any truth in the idea that laughter has curative powers and you feel yourself in need of a refreshing tonic of laughter then this is the book for you

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    Bertie Wooster again faces the unwelcome attentions of Florence Crayehis former fiancewho wants to mould himHer current fianceStilton Cheesewrightregards Bertie as a snake in the grassAunt Agatha's step son and Florence Craye's brotherEdwin the boy scout is up to some nefarious tricksMeanwhileZenobia Hopwood and Boko Fittleworth find it difficult to unite because her guardian is not favourably disposed towards BokoBut I did not enjoy itIt is never a good sign when one keeps wondering how much of the book is still leftBut if this was a disappointing effortthere are extenuating circumstancesWodehouse was being detained by the Germans during World War IIwhen the book was writtenThought of giving it one starbut eventually settled for 15 starsrounded up

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    This is a PG Wodehouse classic with absolutely crazy sub plots and whacky dialogue It is Bertie Wooster again with his enterprising butler JeevesBertie was once engaged to Florence Craye and she finds him at a bookshop holding her book This causes her to be overjoyed and see Bertie in a good light again Lord Percy looks to Jeeves for advise to conduct a business meeting in discretion Jeeves proposes Bertie rent a cottage Wee Nook which is in close proximity to Bumleigh Hall where Florence and her father Lord Percy his Aunt Agatha stay Bertie lands up at Wee Nook hoping to earn to good name from Lord Percy He also finds out that Florence is now engaged to Stilton Cheesewright who is not exactly happy after hearing of Bertie’s past engagement There are also Nobby and Bertie’s friend George Fittleworth wanting to be married in the mix of things to add to the crowd of madness There are various crazy sub plots to follow including one in which Bertie is to insult Lord Percy with Nobby to emerge as the saviour Florence and Stilton uarrel and she declares her intent to get engaged to Bertie again There is a fancy dress party ball with lots of confusion and then all sorts of mix ups Joy in the morning is sure to deliver smiles and laughs at any time of the day Among his best books

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    I think this is considered to be the most complete book written by Wodehouse He wrote it while under detention by Germans during WW 2 and had plenty of time to fine tune itThat it is a comic gem is no uestion Here Bertie is on run from the beautifulbossy and intellectual Florence Craye who wants to mould him and her fiance Stilton Cheesewright who wants to mould Bertie in uite another fashion for stealing his sweetheart Add to this the fact that he is forced to stay in the house of his bad aunt Agatha who chews on broken bottles and turns into a werewolf at the time of the full moon Bertie's plate of woe is completeOnly Jeeves can resolve all issues and bring joy in the morning

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    The first uestion is whether this is Great Literature We already know it's pleasant to read and very funny But here it is showing up as one of the Guardian's Top 100 Novels like ever and can it really survive being taken that seriously?The second uestion is Wodehouse whose reputation has been tarnished by a series of radio broadcasts he made from Berlin during WWII after spending nearly a year as a prisoner of war having been interned in France while he was working on this very novel He returned to it after the war and we're probably safe to assume that its title is a reference to his experience Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning” Here's an excellent piece on exactly what he was so vilified for; the author weighs the evidence and pronounces him of a frightful ass than a filthy traitor Here are the actual transcripts from his addresses; I read the first one which seems harmless in itself but one can see how having this idiot blithely telling jokes when people have been dying by the millions might have stuck in a few crawsNow that we've dealt with Nazis back to the first uestion and this frankly isn't even the best of the other Wodehouse books I've read and there's only one of those Wodehouse at his best is a writer of puzzles like Agatha Christie or Isaac Asimov Bertie Wooster gets himself in what appears to be a hopeless predicament; Jeeves gets him out of it That's the whole show The predicament is less carefully crafted here and the solution is less clever; it feels like a reunion tour with a band who's resigned to playing the old hitsIt's all still pleasant enough The puzzle is really a skeleton on which to hang Wodehouse's true gift which is saying preposterous things Above all else Wodehouse is a writer of dialogue and his novels are nearly 100% talking Get to the dialogue as soon as possible is Wodehouse's own advice to writers Even when an actual conversation isn't happening the story is still told by Bertie Wooster who's so chatty that it comes to the same thingBut no it is not one of the top 100 novels ever written And I confess to a certain exhaustion when faced with yet another book about terrible idle rich drunk British people which make up about 80% of the Western Canon as it was defined back in the olden days by mostly terrible idle rich drunk British people; I tried to keep in mind that Wodehouse is the inventor of a certain kind of terrible rich idle drunk British person and this must have seemed fresh at the time or at least somewhat fresh at some time but really who cares? It's now and this is all a bit tired I like these books I do they're fun to read I don't mind that Wodehouse was a frightful ass; so is Bertie Wooster and that's funny But I suggest we uit trying to canonize them As Bertie says of Shakespeare Sounds well but doesn't mean anything Right then

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