PSYREN サイレン 1

➹ [Read] ➵ PSYREN サイレン 1 By Toshiaki Iwashiro ➼ – Save me Those were Sakurako Amamiya's last words to her friend Ageha Yoshina before she mysteriously went missing Now Ageha's on a uest to find her He's convinced that the mythical Psyren Secret Socie Save me Those were Sakurako Amamiya's last words to her friend Ageha Yoshina before she mysteriously went missing Now Ageha's on a uest to find her He's convinced that the mythical Psyren Secret Society has something to do with the recent rash of disappearances And now he seems to be caught up as a player in their very deadly game.PSYREN サイレン 1

岩代 俊明.

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  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • PSYREN サイレン 1
  • Toshiaki Iwashiro
  • English
  • 26 May 2016
  • 9781421536767

10 thoughts on “PSYREN サイレン 1

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    Re read Great start to a new series I enjoyed both the art and the story Favourite part was Ageha shutting Madoka down

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    This was a great find Volumes are currently being released in English by Viz the original run ended in Japan in 2010 I believe though you can find fan scanlations online of the whole A very smooth linear read considering the post apocalyptic alternate timelines theme it deals with which I put down as a strength because of the clarity this style lends to the story later on despite a rather generic start this volumeConsidering the decline in popularity that eventually led the series to be wrapped up not too rushed I enjoyed the conclusion in fact however I wonder if it was the ambitious turn the mangaka took that wasn't well received The story bears similarities to Gantz and the Cell arc in Dragon Ball and the power system is admirably flexible without resorting to convenient obscurities One concern might be the lack of sustained humour and running gags which might be a significant reason for the series going out of popularity; compare the later Shounen Jump success Beelzebub which gives the series a bit of a brooding seinen like air once in a while though there's a central romance developed if in a low key shounen manga way at a decent pace and some of the child characters do tend to brighten things up Maybe timeline shifting stories can't escape this even with ample humour because they straddle the uneasy divide between inevitability and uncertainty making attempts at levity feel a bit hollow and forcefully injected in which case this series is fine as it isDefinitely a read unlikely to disappoint anyone looking for a post apocalyptic dystopian psychic powers or time travel oriented series I look forward to the mangaka's next work and hope to have a look at his prior works

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    Finally getting around to review thisGreat introductory volume to this really interesting world Definitely appealing with the post apocalypticelimination game type vibeThe art style has been the highlight for me here well drawn characters and all the action scenes had the right level of fluidity to keep you engages The only downside has been that besides the main character the character personalities seem a bit flat I hope they address this in the upcoming volumesI'm curious to see which direction the story goes as this has been a great foundation to build on

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    Listen I wanted to like Psyren I really did I was really taken in by its setting made interesting by the mystery But I’m starting to think that the shonen market is all about the vending machine effect where what’s predictable sells This made me a little sad because the author had a lot to say about books he reads and I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt that he has the taste to pull off a good story Yet though either the pressure of his publisher or overabundance of characters to lasso a plot around Psyren falls into the broad demographic of drab shonen that doesn’t impress meIf it has one thing going for it it’s the premise Psyren’s setting and stories are nestled between the venn diagram of Bleach and the Matrix Except all of the action is Bleach and none of the thinking is the Matrix Yet the mystery that’s initially set up of the contemporary world being so different from the Psyren wasteland was really compelling and hooked me to the story I was at first impressed with the characters fixing time in the past present and present future but that uickly waned after the characters had less of a reason to do it for the sake of the plot than for themselves And the semblance of characterization that was there consisted of archetypes than substantial players of the game The character models and designs are all really sharp and cool but didn’t add much to the story and that’s the story that was sueezed between explosions that took up whole and chaptersThe severe lack of motive is something I found made the books really flat overall Save the world because you should save the world Yet it sets up a whole mess of characters you don’t care if Ageha saves or not Everyone he’s fighting to save he shared a comedic moment brodown boob grab or info dump in response to a uestion The books never give the characters time to simmer and build on each other and the point of the series seems moot if that’s what we’re given It had potential all the way through to elaborate on some interesting storylines yet the final result is so top heavy from its characters it’s hard to say any of them were worth reading I would say it’s worth reading if you’re looking for something different in shonen even if it isn’t super different But it certainly didn’t show me that the genre has mature or thoughtful stories to tell but just gave me pointy haired high school sword flingers saving the world

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    A string of unexplainable disappearances and rumors of a strange secret society don't even begin to prepare high school delinuent Ageha for what await after he finds a mysterious red phone cardIt's difficult to get into much detail about the start of Psyren without major spoilers so I'll simply say that the premise is imaginative and compelling and the manga makes a strong impression right awayThe concentration here is on establishing the world and core concepts while keeping the pace up through a lot of tense action so the characters aren't terribly deep so far That's easily forgiven this early though and there are some hints dropped that indicate their personalities will be fully explored soon There are numerous directions the overarching plot could go after the big reveal at the end of this volume and it'll be interesting to see what the author has in mindFantastic start to what will be a gripping series if the atmosphere and potential shown here is properly capitalized on

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    A very interesting and exciting manga The art has its ups and downs but overall is pretty good I found this book to be surprisingly emotional especially for just the first volumeAfter a slowish start things really pick up by the second chapter and it really never slows down after thatI was pleased to see that this book wasn't ridiculously violent yet it certainly is dark and has it's fair share of death Was also glad to see that it didn't have fan service which is a common aspect of many mangaAlso a huge plus for this volume was the main protagonists respectability Ageha is a kind hearted young man who is ready and willing to risk his life even for someone who blew him off and had no desire for aid None the less he still is uick to beat the crap out of someone who ticks him offHope to continue with this series

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    Psyren combined an excellent time travelling tales that surely captivated the reader It is funny to read and make us want to continue explore the story from beginning until the end The only drawbacks in this series is the fight somewhat ending so uickly as if every fight is just battle between who has the strongest power psi Most battle ends with a few moves or just one blow

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    This is the review for the entire seriesOne of the better mangas I think it's one of the few stories out there that actually does time travel correctly Probably because the only way to do time travel correctly is if you travel FORWARD That way the future can change without the worry of the past being destroyed

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    This reminded me of Bleach and Gantz Obviously since it's only volume 1 there are a lot of uestions left unanswered Can't wait to read volume 2

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    Before I start I’m putting the spoiler tag but I’m not sure what I’m writing would ualify as spoilers I won’t cover plot points but I will talk about character traitshistoryI’m torn with this book It’s an interesting concept The art is fantastic It does a really good job conveying action and the monsters that show up late in the game are very well drawn I do have a lot of problems with this though The characters are incredibly generic looking They look like every other main character in every manga There just isn’t anything uniue about them I have a super hard time empathizing with the main characters They just throw you into the story You barely get any backstory for them I know that a the male main character fixes people’s problems usually involving beating the snot out of someone for money and his mom is dead b the female character is uiet and creepy and knows a lot about this game c minor male character goes to high school and is dangerous Since I know nothing about them at this point it’s hard to care about what happens to them Also that ending? Bringing that element into a story is just lazy in my opinionThe world of the game is super interesting though You don’t get many answers about it but I’m guessing that will be explained later I want to know exactly how this was made and what made those monsters I mentionedI don’t not recommend this because it wasn’t terrible and there are sure to be people that love it Going to be reading the second issue to see if it gets any better

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