Mortal Kiss

[PDF / Epub] ✪ Mortal Kiss ☆ Alice Moss – How much would you sacrifice for just one kiss When smouldering Finn and sexy Lucas arrive in Winter Mill life starts to get very complicated for Faye McCarronBut two boys battling for her heart is ju How much would you sacrifice for just one kiss When smouldering Finn and sexy Lucas arrive in Winter Mill life starts to get very complicated for Faye McCarronBut two boys battling for her heart is just the start Soon there's a dead body in the woods a motorcycle gang on the prowl and the snow just won't stop falling Something evil is at work and only Faye and best friend Liz can stop it As Hallowe'en draws near they must uncover the dark and sinister secret before it's too lateLove paranormal romance werewolves and ethereal spirits Then this book is for you.Mortal Kiss

ALICE MOSS grew up in New York and now divides her time between Maine and London England When not writing Alice enjoys hiking photography and vintage clothes.

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  • Paperback
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  • Mortal Kiss
  • Alice Moss
  • English
  • 15 May 2016
  • 9780857510563

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    How did this book ever make it past an editor??? That was my first thought after I finished it And I still can't believe that I did indeed finish it if it hadn't been for the fact that I got it through Vine I probably would have uit less than halfway through This book made me want to rant and rave It is just so utterly ridiculously laughably bad Anyway here is my reviewImagine the following sceneMs Moss spends a cozy evening in front of the television watching a double episode of The Vampire Diaries At some point she thinks to herself Hmmm I could probably write something like that I'll just change the name of the town from Mystic Falls to Winter Mill And my protagonist will be called Faye instead of ElenaShe should be a brunette too and she could live with her aunt just like Elena Faye's mother could be dead and her father oh I know he's an archeologist who's travelling all over the world all the time That way he'll be out of the picture too And how about I make the mother of Faye's best friend the town sheriff? No wait that's what they did on The Vampire Diaries Okay I'll just make the best friend's father the sheriff then Oh and there have to be two boys who have just moved to town One should be confident and extroverted kind of a flirt And the other should be uiet and mysterious Now what could I call them? Damon and Stefan? Nah Lucas and Finn are much better They can't be vampires though that would be a little too obvious Maybe werewolves at least one of them and I'll figure out something for the other one too Of course there has got to be some mysterious connection between them oh and they both have to fall in love with Elena no wait Faye Oooh and how about I write the story so that Elena ugh no Faye looks exactly like Katherine no damn Eve the former girlfriend of Stefan? Shoot Finn I meantWhat I mean by this is that Alice Moss certainly borrowed a little from the first season of the tv show The Vampire Diaries Now I realize that in this genre most authors do not exactly bring anything new to the table so that alone wouldn't have been so bad And you know Ms Moss did try to put a few ideas of her own into this book they just weren't all that good The style of writing is very simple and predictable there are no surprises and not a hint of complexity or anything like that The dialogue often seemed a little wooden and not very believable Throughout the book things happen that the reader is led to believe will have an import on the story only to then never be mentioned again For example a dead body is found in the woods at the beginning of the story The police warns everyone not to go into the forest and there's a lot of talk about it all Then suddenly the body is never mentioned again apparently it doesn't matter any who he was or why and how he died Okay whatever And there are lots of things just like this oneThen there is the way Faye's aunt Pam reacts after being told that werewolves and various creatures from hell really do exist I mean there are dozens of possible reactions to something like that right? Wild laughter crying screaming fainting possibly just total disbelief But aunt Pam simply says something like Oh imagine something like that coming to our sleepy little town Say what? Somehow I don't think that would be a very probable reaction Ooooh and let's not forget that Darth Vader Luke Skywalker I am your father type moment around page 240 or so at that point I seriously considered uitting right there and then But some bit of morbid curiosity made me read on and let's just say that the rest of the book wasn't any better than what came before In fact it might have gotten worse hard to say reallyLet's move on to characterization Or rather that's what I would say if there had actually been any measure of characterization Unfortunately there is not Faye Liz Lucas Finn all of them stay shallow and lifeless and except for Finn maybe I didn't find any of them to be particularly likable In fact I really disliked Liz she's childish and immature and very annoying There is one scene where she throws a tantrum and yells at Faye because she dared talk to Lucas at a party Liz accuses her of flirting with Lucas who by the way is not her boyfriend or anything after Liz had asked her that very same day to be nicer to Lucas Speaking of Lucas he comes across as spoiled and arrogant in the first half of the book although I have to admit it gets a little better during the second half Then there's uiet and rather introverted Finn You see I can't really say much about the characters because there just isn't much to say beyond the fact that all of them had me rolling my eyes than once The author doesn't really waste any words on trying to tell or show her readers why her characters think or do the things they think or do And believe me some of those things were so stupid or downright dumb that I wanted to smack their heads together or shake some sense into them That's probably one of the reasons why they stayed so flat and one dimensional I really don't have any tolerance for brainless characters Liz and Faye spend large parts of the story thinking about clothes and make up they go shopping or get ready for parties Sure normal things for teenage girls to do BUT if that is suddenly important than the fact that and people around them are behaving strangely or the disappearance of one of their friends then that doesn't ring true for me Hey my dad's walking around like a zombie and our friend has just disappeared without a trace but you know what? Let's get ready for the band festival first Seriously there are scenes where the two of them talk about something strange or bad that has happened and then suddenly they change the subject to the cute shirt one of them wants to buy There are some books by first time authors that are so well written and engaging that it's hard to believe they haven't written at least a dozen books before And then there are books like Mortal Kiss where it is painfully obvious from start to finish that the author lacks writing experience I also sometimes thought that Ms Moss couldn't really decide what kind of a story she wanted to tell I'm sure it all made perfect sense in her head but it didn't make all that much sense to me To be honest Mortal Kiss felt to me a little like a first draft of a book that could have had potential after it had been corrected by an editor and then thorougly overhauled by the authorI really can't give this book than a 1 star rating I'm sure there are people out there who will like Mortal Kiss but I'm not one of them A few borrowed ideas combined with a slightly interesting myth and wrapped up in mediocre writing and implausible dialogue that's just not enough for me

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    To be really honest the front cover of this book was the only thing stopping me from reading it However this is where the phrase Don't judge a book by it's cover Comes in The book actually sounded really good you know with the love triangles and stuff It started off uite easy to get into Though it was confusing as i started to wonder where her Dad was but then they cleared it for me later Unlike other books this one slowly let us into the story rather than just practically pushing me into it I liked how Alice Moss put a twist in some bits Very original Like about the werewolvess being cursed and then there's the horrid mother Mercy who annoys me to bits The plot and storyline to this is very interesting This also shows what greed can take us to Bargaining with someone is alwayss the wrong thing to do Especially when you don't really know who you are bargaining with My favourite character to this was actually Lucas I thought he was super cute and the nickname he gave Faye Flash was even cute Personally I think he took the whole scene thing with his mother really well i know i wouldn't of been able to handle it if my mother was evil or somehow connected to the Devil Surprisingly I didn't like Finn that much He does sound really sweet but i feel that he only started liking Faye because of some girl in his past who just so happens to be her Great great etc aunt If you think about it it's actually kind of grossweird Like just imagine your boyfriend going out with your Great great great etc aunt There was one bit that scared me a lot in this book and that was the mirror bit I know a lot of people have used that but the way Alice Moss described it to me was very scary Overall this was an okay ish book Although there was some amazing bits unfortunately there were also bits which either didn't belong there or was just a bit boring Though other than that this was an amazing book Overall rating 4 stars out of 5Chantel xPLEASE NOTE Remember to check out my giveaway^ ^ xxxxxhttpchantel lawblogspotcouk

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    How much would you sacrifice for just one kissWhen smouldering Finn and sexy Lucas arrive in Winter Mill life starts to get very complicated for Faye McCarronBut two boys battling for her heart is just the start Soon there’s a dead body in the woods a motorcycle gang on the prowl and the snow just won’t stop falling Something evil is at work and only Faye and best friend Liz can stop it As Hallowe’en draws near they must uncover the dark and sinister secret before it’s too lateLove paranormal romance werewolves and ethereal spirits? Then this book is for you From UKI originally read this story when it was serialised on Stardoll a gaming site for teenagers Over a period of eight weeks a chapter was released each day I found out about it uite late on when it was almost finished so I had to catch up over a series of three days All in all I uite enjoyed itAlthough I enjoyed it I would say this is a book aimed at teens at the younger end of the spectrum 11 14 year olds Although the characters in the novel are 16 they act very young Almost every teen girl gets really interested in clothes and make up at some point but as they get older although keeping the interest they find other things that interest them too Where as with Faye and her best friend Liz this is their main interest and react to things very much like a young teen would Young teen novels aren't really my thing so I found this aspect fairly annoying but I was intrigued by the story so I kept reading anywayI uite liked the mythology behind the paranormal aspects of the novel The history of the werewolves who and why they are was pretty intriguing and pretty uniue I thought There were some aspects however ones I can't get into I felt weren't explored well enough for my liking It almost felt like no one asked why? it was just accepted that things are like that I would have liked detail information There was just enough to keep you reading in the hopes that it would be explained further but it wasn't The way the book ended leaves me with the impression that there will be a seuel so maybe there will be in next bookI did like that the story was loosely based on a famous poem by an English poet I can't tell you which without giving some of the story away It didn't fit exactly in my opinion but I still think it was a great way to incorporate such a famous poem into a story for young teens Hopefully it will get teens interested in poetryFor myself I would have prefered it if the characters acted older I would have believed the story a bit if they seemed realistic through their age I also think the story could have been longer and filled in some of the gaps but generally it's a pretty exciting story It's something I'd much prefer to read as an online story than as a book though The style is too young for me personally to love in book form I'd say this is a book you should get your younger sister then borrow it off herFrom Once Upon a Bookcase YA book blog

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    Posted on blog K Bookshttpkayleigh m booksblogspotcomI bought this book a while ago as I thought it sounded intriguing but it was never at the top of my to read list It has been sat on my shelf for months so I finally decided to read itIf I'm honest I had no motivation to read this at the beginning Sure it sounds like a really good story but I couldn't help thinking of the other books I have that I can't wait to read However I kept on reading and I am so glad that I didAfter the first couple of chapters I was very intrigued and wondered how the story would develop I think the story is pretty well thought out and I really enjoyed reading the bookI instantly fell for Finn he's the bad boy and as always I loved him Even though I do like Lucas' character I couldn't help thinking oh just get out of the way so we can read some about FinnI think Faye is an amazing character she's really strong and always thought about others before herself If she thought something needed to be done about something she wouldn't sit around and wait for somebody else to do something she got up and done something about it and I really loved that about herI thought the twist on the love triangle was great I kind of expected it but that didn't stop me from being surprised and excited tho most of the surprise was yey I was right I loved all the little hints throughout the book and I couldn't stop making my own little theories up about them I was constantly guessing what they meant and thinking oohh maybe this links to this and so on I love books that make me do that and though I could kind of guess these links from the clues I still couldn't stop reading as I wanted to know if what I thought was actually going to happen and that made the storyline exciting to meBy the time I got halfway through the book I couldn't put it down I needed to know how it was all going to end Were they going to defeat Mercy and save the town who would Faye end up with and would they find a way to be togetherI really enjoyed this book and I am so excited about the next one in the series due out in January I will definitely be getting book two and I think I'll probably have motivation to pick it up sooner than I did this oneI was pleasantly surprised with this book and I enjoyed it a lot that I thought that I would Yet another series where I am eagerly anticipating the second book

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    Sighs This book was pretty disappointing for me The description sounded pretty interesting dead bodies in the woods a gang settling in a small town werewolves and a millionaire and her son moving in In my mind these things added up to an amazing storyline Unfortunately the story didn't really cut itThe characters within the book don't really have any depth Liz and Faye are best friends and they're both uite childish despite the fact that they're high schoolers They spend most of their time shopping picking out clothes and getting ready for dances Faye is caught between two boys Finn and Lucas Finn is the typical bad boy He's in a gang called the Black Dogs and he's drawn to Faye because she looks like someone he used to know Lucas is the son of Mercy Morrow I think Lucas could have been really likeable but his character wasn't uite developed enough for that I especially disliked the scene's in which Jimmy a loveable loser who has a crush on Liz stutters and behaves extremely awkward–they just irked me All these characters combined formed a book that was truly difficult to finish readingIn Mortal Kiss the characters find out some terrifying secrets about their neighbors but they take it a bit too well None of the characters are really surprised when they find out what's really going on in their town There are some bombs dropped within the book but the lack of suspense prevents the piece of information from really having an impact I actually read a hilarious review on Goodreads in which someone compared Mortal Kiss to the Vampire Diaries and I could definitely see the similaritiesNevertheless there were some aspects of the book that had great potential I thought the idea of the plot was pretty interesting I think this is the sort of book that teens on the younger end of the young adult age spectrum might enjoy because it's actually okay if you ignore the utter lack of character development and suspense I think I would have enjoyed this book if I had read it at a younger age but it just didn't do it for meBTW I'm not entirely sure what the title has to do with the actual book

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    Mortal Kiss was a novel that was first on stardollscom It must have proven to be very popular as now its been published as a book And its a smart thing that is now a book It will sure to be a hit with those who love to read about love mystery and sinister beingsWhen I was contacted to review this novel I had never heard of it However I am really glad I agreed because I really enjoyed it At first when reading it I thought there was lots of similarities between this and other books out there in the market just and it did kinda of put me of at first Alice although has managed to take these similarities and twist them just slightly to make them her own as well as creating a story with a few uniue twists and turns that really kept me on my toesSince the novel is wrote in third person I didn't enjoy it as much as I would if it was in first person The chopping and changing of the characters annoyed me just a little However it did give the reader of an insight into the story and the backstory The characters themselves where all very interesting The two main female characters are Faye and Liz and I really enjoyed them I found them easy to connect with and was drawn into their story The two main male characters are both sexy and both very intriguing Finn and Lucas are both infatuated with Faye and while it proves to be a interesting aspect it could have been developed As far as I know this is Alice Moss debut novel She has created a very good read with will leave you begging for seuel We have read about werewolves before and I was worried However Alice as put a very uniue story behind the werewolf and was really refreshing and really draws you inIf you love a good paranormal mystery that will send chills down your spine then this is the book for you

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    I'm not going to lie I really couldn't connect with this book and I found it boring I didn't get past page 160 and the past 100 pages were mostly done with skim reading I'm used to mature books then this as I feel it was aimed for the younger tween type ages though i might be wrong but after reading other books in this genre I feel they were to a higher standerd then this and so i had to give it a low score even though i'm not fond of doing so I would however recommend this book for 1314 year olds but no one older who don't mind a slow startmiddle

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    This story had some potential BUT IT WAS DONE IN SUCH A BAD WAY I have to say that this is the worst book I've ever readIf you like this book go ahead and like it all you want I'm not dissing you for it I am just entirely not a fan of this disappointment Not only is this a very discount off brand story following the years ago twilight trend It was just so bad I'm really struggling to find how this was even published The writing was too simplistic and very boring to read The characters have no characterisation and are practically cliches upon cliches and the plot is entirely so stupid I literally wanted to just throw this at a wall MULTIPLE TIMESAs I said this story had some potential with the whole Mercy Morrow thing and how she was like all spooky and sht and I found the whole mirror premise alright but it was just so badly done and has such a far link from what it had to do with Faye McCarron and werewolvesThe writing was VERY low standard Practically the standard of a bad fan fiction on Wattpad There wasn't any part in the writing where it actually gripped you or made you think; 'hey that was a really cool thing to put in the novel' THE CHARACTERS Oh my lord I wanted to slap everyone in this story THEY WERE JUST SO DUMB Faye literally has nothing to her other than she does the school or town article I cant even remember because I really just don't care LIZ omfg liz has nothing too her either but she has major issues one day she's a good friend to Faye BUT AS SOON AS SOMETHING HAPPENS SHE DOESN'T LIKE SHE TURNS INTO A LITERAL BTCH AHHHHHHH She's only there to be the cliche best friend to Faye and does nothing else to further the plot Lucas I liked him probably the best but even that's not saying much He had some good characterisation as he had the history of being the rich kid moving everywhere really uickly having no time to make good friends loving music and wanting to be something than the rich kid and he explores that through the battle of the bands He did piss me off a little for being a brat at times but what pissed me off was HIS CHARACTERISATION IT IS COMPLETELY RUINED IN THE SECOND HALF OF THE STORY WHERE EVERYTHING GETS SPOOKY AND HE TURNS INTO A CHARACTER NOBODY GIVES A SHT ABOUT ANYMOREThen we have fcking Finn Omfg Little spoiler alert even though this book isn't worth it He thinks that he can love Faye just because he reminds him of her great great great aunt eve of some shit of which he fell in love with LIKE WHAT THE ACTUAL FCK He says something along the lives of this can be our second chance To Faye LIKE SHE WAS EVE LIKE THIS BOY IS DELUUUUUDEDDDD And he doesn't have anything special to him just the dark and mysterious mother fcker thats new and ready to create drama or some crapTHEY ARE ALL SO TWO DEMENTIONAL SOMETIMES I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHO WAS TALKING UNTIL IT SAID 'SAID'The main parts that pissed me off in this book was the Faye in Finn love interest you can barely ship them together even though the book tries desperately so insta love just doesn't happen irl when are writers gonna get that? ahhhhhh Also what pissed me off was the fact that people were finding pictures of Faye in random places and were doing nothing about it and only brought it up when some weird sht was going downthe fck THAT IS WEIRD SHT also the fact about the dead body found in the woods at the start of the storynobody ever mentions thoroughly it after the chapter AND THE MYSTERY OF THE BODY NEVER GETS SOLVED There was a time where I considered putting it down or DNFing because it just got so boring and I really didn't care for anybody in it at all it was like 60 pages in too so that definitely says somethingSo to conclude this wonderful review I've lost brain cells I have no faith in humanity maybe a little of an over exaggeration but it has honestly been a uite horrible experience for me to read through 361 or something pages of a plot that didn't make sense annoying 2d characters and terribly boring writing that nothing remotely interesting happens until chapter 30

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    To be honest I'm surprised i finished this at all The idea just wasn't executed well To begin with the mystery wasn't so much as a mystery since everything was just plainly obvious Also the body seemed to have been long forgotten after it was mentioned once or twice The love aspect was too uick I understand the 'love at first sight' thing happening but this was just a bit ridiculous for me to readThe characters weren't very in depth Liz just seemed childish and that was the only characteristic i saw in herIn the end it just seemed very rushed and put together last minute

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    I liked this Mercy was deliciously evil and I loved the bikers Faye and Liz were really likeable and very relatable as best friends and I liked both Lucas and Finn in eual measure Aunt Pam was great too The only thing that bothered me was that it took so long for Liz to figure out that something was happening to her father but all in all this was a good and easy read and the ending was enjoyable Looking forward to reading the seuel

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