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➺ [Download] ➶ The Vault By Boyd Morrison ➻ – A RUTHLESS MASTERMIND IGNITES A TICKING BOMB RACE TO UNEARTH A KING’S LEGENDARY GOLD IN THIS “ELECTRIFYING BLEND OF HISTORY MYTH AND SCIENCE†Publishers Weekly starred review FROM THE A RUTHLESS MASTERMIND IGNITES A TICKING BOMB RACE TO UNEARTH A KING’S LEGENDARY GOLD IN THIS “ELECTRIFYING BLEND OF HISTORY MYTH AND SCIENCE†Publishers Weekly starred review FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE ARK Military engineer Tyler Locke’s commute on a Seattle ferry is plunged into terror when an anonymous caller claims that his father has been kidnapped—and that a bomb on the boat’s car deck is set to detonate in minutes Disabling the device alongside classical language expert Stacy Benedict—who received the same threat and whose sister has been taken—they are forced by the criminal genius behind the setup to undertake a seemingly impossible mission uncover the legendary lost riches of King Midas Armed with an ancient manuscript and with just five days to thwart a plot for unspeakable devastation Tyler and Stacy sweep from Italy Germany and Greece to the streets of New York City in a blistering race to unravel a year old puzzle that has eluded mankind.The Vault

Boyd Morrison is an author actor engineer and Jeopardy champion He started his career working on NASA's space station project at Johnson Space Center where he got the opportunity to fly on the Vomit Comet the same plane used to train astronauts for zero gravity After earning a PhD in engineering from Virginia Tech he used his training to develop eleven US patents at ThomsonRCA Boyd then.

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  • Hardcover
  • 438 pages
  • The Vault
  • Boyd Morrison
  • English
  • 13 May 2015
  • 9781439181829

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    Tyler Locke is an engineer and really good at solving puzzles He gets a phone call that his father has been kidnapped and there's a truck bomb set to detonate in 20 minutes When he gets to the site he finds a beautiful linguist who received a similar phone call They manage to defuse the bomb only to find it's the first step in a scavenger hunt headed up by a master criminalFairly exciting

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    Tyler Locke and TV personality Stacy Benedict are thrown together as bad guy Jordan Orr kidnaps Tyler's father and Stacy's sister Together they have to use Tyler's engineering expertise and Stacy's classicslanguage skills to decipher some tools of Archimedes to find the burial tomb of King Midas Gold galore Jordan is racing against a childhood friend now a Neapolitan crime boss to find the gold Orr has a second agenda to take vengeance for his father's termination by a Wall Street firm by detonating a dirty bomb further increasing the value of his gold A bit far fetched but never a dull moment

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    Mr Morrison weaves a splendid tale mixing Archimedes and King Midas with terrorism to create a fantastic read This is probably the fifth time I've read this book but I'm not sure Goodreads didn't have the counter on the review section when I started so I'm starting over again Look if you liked Matthew Reilly's 5 Greatest Warriors series you'll love Tyler Locke

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    Boyd Morrison is now on that very short list of historical intelligent thriller writers that include Steve Berry and James Rollins who are must reads for fans of this genre Dan Brown may have opened the door but writers like Morrison have kicked the door inTHE VAULT literally features three different ‘vault’ moments that are sprinkled throughout the story line In the prologue the large storage vault at an auction house is robbed by an evil criminal with a dark agenda The items stolen include a solid gold hand and a document that may have been written by Archimedes centuries earlier The villain of the novel Jordan Orr needs some help deciphering the document that is written in ancient Greek that existed two hundred years before the birth of Christ and also needs a person with the right skill set to follow what is revealed on this document to the ultimate goal the whereabouts of King Midas’s famous treasureTyler Locke the hero of Morrison’s novel THE ARK is the right person for Orr’s mission He is the CEO of a major technology company called Gordian and also an expert at uncovering the greatest archeological finds in history Additionally Stacy Benedict is needed by Orr as she is a classical language expert To incent Tyler and Stacy to comply with his mission Orr and his henchman kidnap both Tyler’s father and Stacy’s sister Orr gives them a small window of time in which to interpret the alleged documents of Archimedes and then find the map that will lead them to the vault of King Midas The only problem is that Tyler Locke like many others believe the legend of the “Midas Touch” to be pure fiction isn’t it?By now it is apparent that the second vault in uestion is the very same one that does indeed house the treasures of King Midas and the ancient secret to his touch of gold This treasure could make Orr a Billionaire many times over if he can harness its’ power safely Simply finding this hidden treasure is not the most difficult part of the uest Added to the mix is a rival for the Midas Treasure A woman named Gia Cavano who is the ruthless head of one of Naples Camorra crime families She will also stop at nothing to beat Orr to this treasure and kidnaps Tyler’s friend Grant and uses him as bait while following her own path to King Midas’s treasure vaultTyler and Stacy are successful in keeping their heads about them to outthink both Orr and Cavano but they are in no way ready for the ultimate plan that Orr has in mind This brings us to the final vault in the tale a bank vault in lower Manhattan where Orr plans to release a deadly explosion that will bring NYC’s financial center to its’ knees as an act of vendetta for the way his father was treated by the US Government years earlier Tyler Locke will need all of his resources and skills to thwart Orr and his deadly game before thousands of people lose their livesTHE VAULT is a high octane thrill ride of a novel that succeeds eually as an intelligent work of historical fiction Boyd Morrison continues to spread his wings as an author who consistently outdoes his previous effort while creating memorable characters and highly inventive situations that make for an outstanding readReviewed by Ray Palen for Curled Up With a Good Book

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    Uncover the legendary lost riches of King Midas Armed with an ancient manuscript and with just five days to thwart a plot for unspeakable devastation Tyler Locke and Stacy Benedict sweep from Italy Germany and Greece to the streets of New York City in a blistering race to unravel a 2000 year old puzzle that has eluded mankind The blurb says it allThis story in the series was hard for me to get into It had some engineering mechanics and terms that had me lost in several places That along with the ancient Greek Codex from Archimedes and a Midas Touch had my mind reeling with frustration; my eyes glazed over in several chapters too it's all Greek to me I'm accustomed to an easier X marks the spot in a treasure map puzzle solving and a better sense of ancient history Digs snakes booby traps laughing; maybe I'm even a bit interested on the biological aspect of ancient history too Morrison is no James Rollins but I will settle for half of what it brings me in his novels; thrills Maybe this one was just not for me but the next one might be

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    Basic story in the Da vinci code vein but unfortunately that's where the comparison ends If I was guessing I would think that it was written specifically to be made into a film as the is little content and it just goes from scene to sceneNo real depth or character development no interplay between the characters and just generally unbelievable even for a book For instance one character just carries on with a broken rib I know it's a story and that characters in films seem to be able to climb mountains with missing limbs but I've had a broken rib and just coughing causes intense pain so running round and fighting is ridiculous This is just an aside though overall it's just not that engaging

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    This book was a thrill ride from start to finish Reminded me a whole lot of The Davinci Code or National Treasure Two people are forced by an obsessed man to hunt for the Tomb of King Midas so he can acuire the Midas touch Our MC's are forced because their loved ones are being held hostage Lots of puzzles to solve and bombs to defuse World Wide places to visitReally fast paced and very interesting history lesson

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    Does it ever happen to you where after finishing a lightning paced mystery thriller you sit there for a few minutes thinking oh wow while waiting for the last of the adrenaline rush to dissipate? Yes? Then you’ll understand exactly what an awesome read this is If your answer happens to be “no” you should definitely pick up a copy of The Midas Code to experience this thrill “But the Midas Touch? It was ridiculous Everyone knew it was a myth about the corrupting power of greed King Midas was given the wondrous ability to turn anything he touched into gold which he initially thought was a blessing But when his feast of celebration became inedible at his touch Midas realized that this talent was a curse He begged the gods to rid him of it and they did but not before he accidentally turned his own daughter into gold”Usually it takes me a day or two to finish a book It took me a few days to get through this absolutely magnificent book The writing is impeccable and engaging and the characters absolutely realistic But really the beauty of this story lies in the flawless clever plot and the way the author brings the Midas Touch legend to life Everyone knows the King Midas touch is only a myth but Morrison made me believe that it could really exist and that having possession of the Midas Touch could give you the power to own the world Using a colorful blend of science myth history technology and archaeology the author drew me into the story and got me thinking what I would do if I had the means to turn seawater into gold That’s not all there is to this story though I’m a girl who loves action movies and this is what this book is one pulse pounding action scene after another Think kidnappings dirty bombs explosions uite a few of those the Italian mafia secret codex designed by Archimedes treasure maps that needs deciphering underground tunnels and hidden chambers car chases one of them on the autobahn in high priced vehicles gun fights and gadgets that would get any techno geek’s pulse racing Now you have a tiny idea of what to expect but trust me when I tell you this book is loaded with surprises Plus one of the bad guys listens to Metallica’s Enter Sandman on his iPod while inserting a detonator into a container of binary explosives Metallica making the bad guys’ minions look a tad evil I recommend this book for fans of Dan Brown and anyone who loves to read about hidden treasures historical and archaeological legends mysteries and puzzles The Midas Code is a riveting novel that left me on a book high which lasted for hours I already have three books by this author on my kindle which I’m excitedly looking forward to reading This is the second book in the Tyler Locke series and as I haven’t read the first book I can safely say that The Midas Code can be read as a stand alone without having to read its predecessor titled The Noah’s Ark uest Make sure to also read the “afterword” when you’re done reading this book Lots of interesting tidbits from the author on how he created this novel My favorite uote“The brave do what they can The desperate do what they must The crazy do what you least expect”

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    THE VAULT walks that fine line between plausibility and drama – barely At one point in the story the hero Tyler Locke declares “I'm highly skilled at being lucky” It's a spectacular understatement Author Boyd Morrison is able to carry this thriller off in part because he throws so much at the reader in the very first chapter Jordan Orr and confederates evade the sophisticated security system of a major auction house and make off with a mysterious ancient medieval codex replicating a lost manuscript by Archimedes and a miraculously wrought human hand made of gold uick scene changes the introduction of parallel but connected events the relentless threat of danger on all fronts and a ticking clock serve to sweep up the reader and prevent too close an examination into the multiple coincidences and unlikely combination of skills and daring in the major characters From this point on the action uncoils with escalating intensityFortunately Tyler is a hero capable of holding our interest He is an alumnae of MIT lately the literary “go to” place for combining brains and clandestine operations He's a mechanical engineer eually comfortable with a schematic and the finely calibrated tools of a workshop A stint in the military made him a bomb expert As an engineer he is well versed in the mathematical inuiries and accomplishments of Archimedes It was the reference to Archimedes that drew me to the book This is a non stop action thriller which still leaves some space for a consideration of Archimedes' genius The “geolabe” device is fictional but the reader does gain a new sense of the scope of this ancient inventor's imagination Archimedes did far than jump out of a bathtub exclaiming “Eureka” If you are willing to ignore the inevitable coincidences and fortuitous interventions this is a far satisfying summer thriller than the 3 stars I've given the book would indicate

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    Review from wwwFreshFictioncomMany believe that the myths and stories we grow up hearing are based on fact in some form or fashion Some of those stories seem so outlandish that a level minded person could not possibly believe they are based on actual events Tyler Locke is an educated level minded person but he find himself in a life or death situation that depends on him finding King Midas’ tome and the source of Midas’ touch Locke and TV personality Stacy Benedict have been blackmailed into finding a treasure that they believe could not exist The lives of Locke’s father and Benedict’s sister is the price for failure The Vault offers gut turning suspense page turning action and mind bending riddles Armed with ancient clues from the famed Greek inventor Archimedes the reader is taken on a whirlwind adventure that stretches from North America to Europe Armed with a combination of whit and braun the characters revisit historical artifacts and discover the lost history behind them I love books that make you think The is exactly what The Vault makes you do Through out the story you will be driven to decipher the clues and recount what you remember from your history lessons The book also reminds you that just because a fact is written in history books does not mean it is a true account of what happened Myths and legends were passed from one generation to another by people who may have had ulterior motives to change a small detail or a major fact to further a certain cause Legends that have been exaggerated to seem impossible may have been created from a simpler story that can be confirmed through science The Vault makes you think about other stories you may have grown up hearing and wonder if they too could be based on actual events

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