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[KINDLE] ❁ Game Over ❄ James Patterson – When Daniel X discovers that a duo of evil extraterrestrials is plotting to control kids around the world through videogames he's determined to take them both out of commission This pair of wicked gam When Daniel X discovers that a duo of evil extraterrestrials is plotting to control kids around the world through videogames he's determined to take them both out of commission This pair of wicked game masters wants to destroy the human race by turning brainwashed videogamers into an unstoppable army of doom They're also running an endangered species hunting club on the side and their next target is none other than Daniel He'll have no choice but to turn to the aliens' rebellious son who needs help to stand up to his malicious parents But can Daniel trust the progeny of this treacherous twosome Or will it be Game Over for the alien hunter.Game Over

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Game Over PDF ò Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 229 pages
  • Game Over
  • James Patterson
  • English
  • 01 June 2016
  • 9780099544036

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    Daniel X is not an ordinary human teenager He is a highly intelligent alien with superior strength and speed He has the ability to create and transform objects teleport himself from one place to another and travel through timeDaniel is also an alien hunter following in his parents' footsteps He goes after alien criminals on Earth found on The List of Alien Outlaws on Terra Firma He ultimately wants to kill No 1 also called The Prayer The Prayer is the alien who murdered his parents and burned their house to the ground when Daniel was a toddler Dana Emma Willy and Joe are Daniel's childhood friends who were all killed during an alien invasion on his home planet of Alpar Nok He is able to bring them and others to life from his imagination and they help him in his uest Daniel also has the ability to create and manipulate the atomic structure of things around himAfter intercepting a message between No 7 and No 8 on The List Daniel heads to Tokyo to find both This alien couple disguised as humans Colin and Ellie Gygax are founders and owners of the Game Consortium GC the largest video game corporation in the world In the message No 7 and No 8 discuss hunting and killing the last members of two alien species killing Daniel and then eradicating the human speciesAt the GC Daniel sees hundreds of teens mindlessly playing violent video games He sneaks into the back of the store where he finds a theater filled with brainwashed teens beta testing a new level of a popular video game On the theater's stage are manneuins dressed like police officers and others dressed like thugs and monsters On command the teens grab weapons charge the stage and destroy only the police officer manneuins After the assault the brainwashed players collapse on the floor With millions of GC games and consoles in the world Daniel realizes that the company can flick a switch and turn any player into an armed killerTo learn about the aliens' plans Daniel masuerades as a window washer for a building across from the GC tower and spies on the penthouse where No 7 and No 8 live To Daniel's surprise The Prayer arrives at the penthouse and chastises the couple for hunting other alien species when the alien he really wants killed is Daniel After ordering them to have Daniel killed within two days The Prayer says he has put a dampening field over the planet to prevent time travel This will keep Daniel from using his time travel powers to escape The Prayer also tells them that a Pleionid the only one left of a genius telepathic species has landed on Earth and must be killed before it contacts Daniel On a computer in the penthouse Daniel notices schematics of antennas located at the Tokyo TowerAfter The Prayer leaves Daniel is surprised to see a teenage boy Kildare Gygax enter the penthouse He is No 7 and No 8's son but they are not happy with Kildare's unwillingness to hunt creatures to extinction They tell Kildare that he will lead the hunt for the Pleionid not knowing that he has been sheltering and feeding the alien since it came to EarthThe next day Daniel visits Kildare's school and befriends him Daniel is surprised that Kildare does not fight back against kids who are bullying him Daniel realizes that Kildare refuses to use his alien abilities on humansWhen Daniel returns to his hotel that evening his father ambushes him to demonstrate how Daniel is unprepared for this mission Because the exhausted Daniel fails his fathers' training tests his father asks him leave Japan Daniel refuses to uit but he knows he needs to be better preparedDaniel returns to the GC Tower turns himself into a fly and sneaks into a meeting with No 7 No 8 and their alien henchmen After following one of the hunters from the GC Tower and then not as a fly stealing his tracking device Daniel summons his friends and they access information from the tracker about the Pleionid and the huntDaniel's friends beg him to call off the mission but he waves them out of existence and heads to the school to find Kildare Kildare is in the science lab studying ants in a glass terrarium He explains that ants use pheromones to lay down scents and other chemical markers that affect each other's behaviorWhen Kildare leaves school Daniel follows him onto a train and sees Kildare teleport himself off when they pass some fields Daniel also teleports himself off the train and finds Kildare talking to the Pleionid who is disguised as moss Daniel turns himself into a butterfly to eavesdrop on their conversation and hears Kildare beg the Pleionid to leave the planet before the hunt starts but the Pleionid says he must speak with Daniel Daniel turns back into himself but the Pleionid challenges Daniel to catch him to prove that he really is the alien hunterDaniel runs after the Pleionid but he is not alone since the hunt has already begun He follows the Pleionid to a 400 foot statue of Buddha in the Japanese town of Ushiku At the top of the statue the alien takes Daniel's hand and telepathically shows him how his species changes shape makes themselves invisible and shares thoughts by touch It also gives Daniel its abilities right before a hunter appears and tries to eat the PleionidDaniel tries to save the Pleionid but the alien tells Daniel that the world needs him so Daniel can't sacrifice himself The creature does not put up a fight as it is eaten whole by one of the hunters Daniel is upset but he uses his newfound Pleionid knowledge to change himself into a pool of invisible flesh and escape the huntersThe next day Daniel heads to school to find Kildare but runs into him on the street instead Kildare tells Daniel that his father has forbidden him to attend school As the teens eat pizza and walk around the park Kildare and Daniel agree to start being honest with each other Daniel tells Kildare that the hunters killed the Pleionid Kildare tells Daniel that he knows his parents must be stopped and he asks for a day to figure how to do it — he hopes to stop them without resorting to killing them Kildare begins to tell Daniel that the ocean may help stop his parents but before the teens can come up with a plan No 7 and No 8 approach them in the parkThe couple reveals to Daniel that they knew he was spying on them They are not simply individual aliens but colonial beings composed of billions of intelligent particles that can combine and take any shape they wish To demonstrate No 7 and No 8 hold hands and change their form into a massive cloudlike creature which descends on a nearby palm tree and consumes it completelyDaniel is shocked at the implications This means No 7 and No 8 are shape shifters who are immune to projectiles They can disperse and reassemble themselves at any time The couple leaves but they send their henchmen to bring the boys back to the GC TowerInside the GC Tower the henchmen start shooting at Daniel Kildare begs his parents not to kill Daniel telling them that Daniel had agreed to not hurt them No 7 and No 8 disregard their son and shoot at Daniel with concentrated acid Daniel barely escapes the burning liuid In an attempt to help Daniel escape Kildare produces a panic pheromone that causes his parents to disperse into gray cloudsAs the boys try to flee the building No 7 and No 8 join together to form one giant cloud that swallows Kildare Daniel is angry and demands that Kildare be released but the cloud begins to envelop him Daniel feels an overwhelming amount of pain frustration and helplessness because he has no idea how to stop No 7 and No 8 When the cloud burns him badly on the leg he passes outDaniel wakes up inside the head of the giant statue of Buddha He had teleported himself out of the GC Tower right before he would have been killed The hunters have caught up with him so he teleports back to Tokyo Daniel realizes that the Pleionid has given his body the ability to heal and with renewed strength he figures out a way to elude the huntersRealizing that No 7 and No 8 are using a relay transmitter on top of the Tokyo Tower to direct the hunters to find him Daniel enters new coordinates to throw them offAfter he heads back to Kildare's school and feeds the teen's ant colony Daniel notices a piece of paper buried in the sand The paper is filled with organic chemistry formulas Kildare had been working on Daniel is confused by most of them but he notices that salt and water are integral to the formulasDaniel takes textbooks to the beach and starts studying chemistry Before long No 7 and No 8 in the form of an enormous Godzilla like reptile emerges from the ocean Daniel materializes the principal reactors from Kildare's formula and throws them in the waves When mixed with salt water Kildare's formula produces a gas which interrupts the communication between all the intelligent cells in the bodies of No 7 and No 8 The aliens fall apart in front of Daniel but he feels no joy in the victory as Kildare is nowhere to be foundDaniel had hoped that since Kildare created the formula he would have fortified himself so he was immune to it As Daniel sits on the beach mourning the loss of his only nonimaginary friend Kildare appears Yet Daniel's joy is short lived since Kildare is dying The young of his species can't survive on their own before they reach maturity; he needed his parents to live Kildare collapses into black goo at Daniel's feet just as his parents did earlierDaniel cries on the beach not only over the loss of his friend but for the loss of all the people he has cared about After a while he pulls himself together grabs a handful of blackened sand and leaves the beach

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    Daniel X Game Over is the fourth book in the Daniel X series It is about an alien boy named Daniel X who has the power to create things with his mind When the number 1 alien on ‘The List’ a super high tech list of the most dangerous aliens on Earth murders Daniel’s parents when he is only 3 he becomes an alien hunter With the help of his friends and family that he creates with his mind he takes on Number 7 and 8 the tag team Soon he finds Number 1 his parent’s murder may be involved in the video game company run by aliens taking over the earth with brainwashing powers I loved this book even than I loved the other books in the series It is action packed and kept the pages turning and the story rolling It was uick paced and was a very easy read that is very enjoyable I have enjoyed this entire series and in my opinion this book has been the best in the series so far I recommend this book mostly to a teenyoung adult audience because it’s main character is a teen so they can relate Also the action and comedy in the book seems to be written for a younger audience But even if you aren’t a young adult this book will still probably be enjoyable because it is so well written

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    This was super average Partly because I still didn't really listen partly because I just didn't care but I am finishing this series and then getting rid of it this year I just need to finally read them because otherwise I'll never know And Patterson was my favourite author when I was youngerHonestly in this one I don't even know what happened apart from the fact that view spoilerDaniel met some people from his home planet who kicked their butts at martial arts hide spoiler

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    The author of this amazing book is James Patterson The books name is Daniel X game over This is one of the Daniel X books in the series There are 5 books in the series All these books are about a boy named Daniel who chases bad aliens for a living I would say this is an action and adventure book It was published in September 2011 by Young Arrow This book will cost you 12 15 Daniel is from another planet and he was sent here to fight horrific aliens that usually want to take over the world He is a very interesting person because his parents were murdered when he was 3 years old by the number one worst alien on earth Ever since then he has raised himself and has been chasing down aliens on earth and learning how to use his powers He is very smart and can do things you can’t even imagine This book sounds pretty good because it was written by James Paterson who has been writing since 1976 He has written many extremely good books in fact he has written too many to count As I said before this book is about a young teen age boy that has been set out in the world to fight aliens Lucky for him he can use his powers Basically he can create anything from thin air by using his mind Also he can change his appearance from a boy to a fly or any other object But he is still learning and has many tricks up his sleeve So in the book he finds two aliens that are very rich and evil They really aren’t humans but they disguise themselves as humans They are the ones behind the making all those video games When all the kids are addicted to the games the aliens come up with a cruel plan to brain wash all these kids Then once they have them brain washed they want to turn them into crude killing machines that massacre the world Pretty crazy right Well Daniel is the one who has to go and take them down but howI liked this book a lot because I thought it connected to a lot of teenager’s lives Teens just want to play video games all day Next I also think that it would be the coolest thing in the world to be able to create anything I wanted whenever I needed it Oh yah and I forgot that with that power he could even create humans In the book he created or recreated his mom dad and all of his friends Now that’s pretty amazing Second my favorite character was Daniel just because he used his powers in such a cool way that he could do anything The book will give you a great excitement to keep reading and never set it down Third it was very interesting to read and always kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what will happen next Lastly I think that James Patterson had a moral to the story The moral was that no matter what happens to you just keep moving forward

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    Great book There's probably another book after this because it was written so recently 2011 Besides the series hasn't reached the most anticipated point yet

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    it was an awesome book i loved it

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    I liked this book and it’s incorporation of the video games The setting was great being in Japan’s and suited the theme of games throughout the story I liked how the romance between Dana and Daniel keeps eventuating too I was shocked that Daniel wanted to align with his enemies to try and conuer some of his other enemies Will continue to see where the story goes

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    Absolutely atrocious rubbish book from Patterson Inc that was in eual parts non sensical and uninteresting I think I said there couldn't be a worse series than his Maximum Ride books and then I read the Witch and Wizard books and that was the bottom of the barrel well we just dug a new hole in the barrel

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    Another ehh entry in the Daniel X series think I'm done with this one after these last 2 books

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    In the fourth installment in the Daniel X series Daniel is faced with an unbelievable task Both Number 7 and Number 8 on the List of Alien Outlaws on Terra Firma which is Earth are running a video game empire in Tokyo They are using the video games to brainwash kids and adults into killing machines If Daniel is going to defeat them this time he's going to need some help from some unlikely new friends At the beginning of the book Daniel is waiting in line at the Game Consortium the video game empire ran by Number 7 and 8 He is waiting to play a game called Game of Thrones IV but is really just investigating the situation He bumps into a security guard carrying a box full of guns In an effort to find out what is going on he rematerializes his old dead best friends out of his own memory Dana Joe Willie and Emma help him follow the security guard When he enters the room he is in an auditorium filled with teenagers playing a first person shooter video game On the stage manneuins disguised as monsters and persons of authority were lined The screens on the small televisions in front of them suddenly read Change Weapons and as it did they grabbed the guns at their feet marched to the stage and shot all the persons of authority leaving the monsters completely unharmed Then the screens read Game Over and they all collapsed to the floor dead Later on a bus to a hotel Daniel and his crew see some badly disguised aliens tormenting a family They take care of the situation then are introduced to the family The Murkami's as they are referring to as themselves on Earth are actually from the planet Alpar Nok the same home planet as Daniel They become friends and Daniel learns a few new skills from them Later on he is spying on Number 7 and 8 in their penthouse and Number 1 the Prayer the same alien who killed his parents showed up He explained that they must do whatever they can to destroy Daniel but not right now because a new alien had arrived A Plieonid is known for its amazing abilities Number 7 and 8 loved going to planets destroying every single one of it's inhabitants thus eradicating them from existence then leave Seeing as this was the last Plieonid they assumed they had to destroy it They enlisted the help of their son Kildare to help Daniel decided to get an upper hand and befriend Kildare He finds Kildare at school on top of a trophy case wedged into a garbage can a result of some bullies He helps him down and they're instantly friends The night of the hunt for the Plieonid Daniel follows Kildare He finds him in a field talking to the Plieonid who appears to be his friend Daniel reveals himself and the Plieonid runs away Daniel chases and finally catches the Plieonid in the top of a Buddha statue The Plieonid gives Daniel a sense of pliechromatech the thing that makes Plieonid's so rare and valuable before being devoured by a hunter Daniel still recollecting from the loss goes to the Game Consortium along with Kildare to face Number 7 and 8 The two composed of billions of little individual particles dissolve into one being The giant gaseous form then proceed to dissolve and consume their own son Kildare Daniel is beaten and then knocked into unconsciousness by the gaseous alien While unconscious he teleports himself to the top of the Buddha statue again Dana is there and gives him some helping advice He goes back to the school and finds Kildares' ant farm At the bottom Kildare who was really big into science had left a note containing some chemical formulas Daniel went to a secluded beach to study the formulas but was interrupted by Number 7 and 8 in an almost Godzilla ish form He destroys them by mixing the chemicals with the salt water in the ocean but is traumatized because he thought he could save his friend Kildare Just then Kildare shows up behind him but explains the irony behind the fact that even though his parents fought to eradicate planets and leave species extinct they were the last three of their kind He then explained that his species can't function themselves until full maturity and since he was the last one he was inevitably going to perish Daniel sobbed as his friend dissolved before his eyes At the end of the book Daniel is back at a hotel with the Murkami's his friends and his family They are celebrating an Alpar Nokian holidary called Gathering Day but Daniel isn't much for this celebration He goes to the balcony with Dana where she tells him everything is going to be all right but it isn't fair how much loss he has had to go through already in his life Then his father comes out and asks for a private word with Daniel The book ends with his father telling Daniel that even though he has lost all his family and friends he wants him to imagine what it would be like to lose a son

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