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❴Read❵ ➭ Gentleman Practice Author Buddy Wakefield – Buddy Wakefield's third book Gentleman Practice documents the figurative contents of a man's body attempting to stand firm in the presence of all that is It's a poetry book from the perspective of a j Buddy Wakefield's third book Gentleman Practice documents the figurative contents of a man's body attempting to stand firm in the presence of all that is It's a poetry book from the perspective of a journal entry in the National Archives The National Archives live in a building in Seattle behind barbed wire directly next door to the Center for Spiritual Living This is no accident Gentleman Practice is a disarming de haunting of accidents There are no stunt doubles performing the honesty in this book Head raised and victorious he has crafted a translation of the human spirit on a small practical patch with a very fine tooth indeed And while many poetry books read like a thick epic series of sections Gentleman Practice will no doubt rest in your hands like a well oiled novel.Gentleman Practice

BUDDY WAKEFIELD is the two time Individual World Poetry Slam Champion featured on NPR the BBC HBO’s Def Poetry Jam and most recently signed to Ani DiFranco’s Righteous Babe Records In he won the Individual World Poetry Slam Finals thanks to the support of anthropologist and producer Norman Lear then successfully defended that title at the International Poetry Festival in Rotterdam Nether.

Gentleman Practice Epub ò Paperback
  • Paperback
  • 147 pages
  • Gentleman Practice
  • Buddy Wakefield
  • English
  • 25 November 2015
  • 9781935904106

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    whatever shook do not get shook up whatever’s lost you don’t get lost even if they say you must give than everything you ever offered up

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    Gentlemen Practice is exactly what you would expect from Buddy Wakefield who has established himself as one of the greatest contemporary poets in America Known for his wit and metaphor this book doesn't just live up to the hype it places Wakefield firmly in the Legends column of performance poets worldwide The greatest thing about this book though is the format Wakefield has never been one to cater to conventions in his writing and his willingness to experiment makes this a favorite in my library The structure reads like a conversation than a collection inviting the reader into the furthest corners of Wakefield's imagination and what an imagination it is Put simply this is not just a book it's an experience an experience that everyone should have

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    By far one of the most inspiring collections of poetry and experiences I have read in 2017 It's divided up into 8 parts with notes and references at the end of each and once you finish reading it you'll feel what I felt a What the heck just happened? Is it done already? Round 2?The beauty in this is the humanity the tangible human experiences listed with wit and humor It embraces the notion of euanimity and humanity into a goulash of We're in this together OK Yes There were moments where I laughed out loud in the bus on my way to work and home You'll find Ani Defranco in this I love Ani Defranco You'll find Vipassana meditation in this I love Vipassana meditation Here's a nibbleWhat Do You People DoWhen I was a childthe first thing I would do upon entering someone's home is ask them where they kept the toysIf they said that they did not have any toysI'd be like What the fuck? This is just a nibble and you know it's chocolate Unravel the box of chocolates and try each poem Savor the flavor with your heart and Buddy welcomes you Thank you Alex for lending me this book It's on my to buy list now

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    I guess this is also my review for Live For A Living since I read them basically at the same timeI am a little disappointed I heard Crowbirds At Mockingbars which became one of my favourite poems ever and wanted to experience of his work so I got both of these books from the library but then they mostly turned out to be p boring There are a couple really good poems in here like the one I mentioned Water Gun In Landscape or Healing Herman Hesse and Bedrooms and Battlescars in Live For A Living But I guess I was just hopingexpecting to connect w the renowned sensitive religious gay guy who grew up poor and instead found him to be pretty bland I mean a lot of these poems while well written just express a bunch of generic empowering sentiments and god is there anything boring than a middle class liberal white man talking about how a Buddhist meditation retreat like totally changed his life man? Or writing about having good times w his poetry buddies on the road? Some of these are also just kind of gross I can appreciate that it's part of his personality to be crass and down to earth or we but it's p hard to get anything valuable from a poem about a kid sniffing his own butt Idk this is v far from the worst poetry I've ever read but it's just not terribly uniue or emotionally resonant for me and like it's hard to see what all the fuss is about when there's so much better and interesting poetry being done by like lgbt women and poc rn But then again I guess maybe that was just my expectations And it's certainly fair to say that a lot of this probably benefits far from being performed than written on the page I certainly know Crowbirds At Mockingbars is much better live But then I'm reviewing the book and not the person so that's still a flaw

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    Got this on Kindle now will be getting the print version because eInk just doesn't do it justice also line breaksI discovered Buddy watching We Are Emergencies on YouTube a polished recital over some twangy guitar riffs It was an eye opener Slam of the best kind peppered with y'all in that scratchy country voice speaking pure wisdom It's so easy to get caught up in our thorny little issues to focus on darkness of the world write to be topical to be cynical and clever essentially to vent I do it myself it's almost as if the poetry format was tailor made for negative musings Thought spirals which we ride Les Fleurs du Mal as our model because Baudelaire proved that even the darkest ideas can be made beautiful Buddy Wakefield takes the opposite route he's almost a life coach Buddy's bread is forgiveness compassion and re learning to love As he says hearts don't break they bruise and get better That is the crux of this collection which is as much a published product as a window into Buddy's life He uotes people including friends and relatives talks about his holidays in Alaska his performances small revelatory anecdotes The book is a treaty on what it means to be a modern gentleman in spite of everything and there are many things in the modern world which go against our desire to be good This book is like The War of Art but for life in general It's about picking yourself up by the bootstraps becoming a better manA few pages in I was worried it would turn out to be mushy feel goody It's not It's super potent and really makes you smile inside out It makes me want to write and better I can say it turned out to be a good investment

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    I have never been a big fan of spoken word poetry so this book was a departure for me I’m so glad I read it I didn’t love every poem there were one or two that I actively hated but I did love uite a few of them and the book as a whole taught me to understand and experience poetry in a different way Jean Heath We Were Emergencies Floating Device so many moments of brilliance here in a totally different language than I’m used to The style was wearing thin for me by the end but it was than worth it

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    Everything from Buddy Wakefield deserves a read Horse head and Hurling crowbirds at mockingbars are some of my favorite poems of this book and although i very much like this book I think my favorite of his is Live for a living Check out the poem Human the Death dance and the art of die smilingly

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    This is uite possibly the worst book ever to be shelved in a poetry section coming from someone who is not a fan of most poetry books in the first place I say shelved in the poetry section instead of book of poems because of the book is dedicated to corny fake homespun can do expressions Buddy makes up to hype himself transcripts of conversations and text messages between Buddy and his Write Buddies stories about all the barely famous people he knows and the mundane things they've done together pictures footnotes uips about how he doesn't like his fans with roughly 15% of the book leftover for decent reprinted poems and mindnumbingly bland original ones It's essentially the euivalent of a Tiger Beat All About Justin Bieber Super Special Issue only the subject is the life of Buddy Wakefield which comes across as pretty mundane compared to the lives of most people I knowBuddy comes across in this book as an emperor with no clothes only the one in the fable at least didn't charge people 15 for nudie pics and a thousand dollars for an hourlong dance But he only bares half the responsibility It's the audiences that are wooed by his name his accomplishments his past work which was uality and moving though by no means the only beautiful poetry to come out of the slamspoken word world hero worship and the desire to be seen as sophisticated through finding great meaning in literally NOTHING that have helped to enable a once gifted and down to earth writer to see himself as an emperor in the first place Yes if what you're looking for is the name Buddy Wakefield on the cover of a book the pictures don't lie but a Sharpie can create the same effect on any book and unless its The Turner Diaries the other book's probably a better read This book would not be so depressing if it weren't for the fact that people are spending money on it and straining themselves to find value inside and if there weren't so many other skilled poets outside the academic world dying to have their words be read and being drowned out by a bunch of bourgie ego trips The world of slam and spoken word is full of brilliance so there is literally no need to waste your time looking for jewels in the turds of former jewelers The only really understandable explanation I can think of is that since Buddy's leaving slam to start a small business I think it's landscaping he needs extra money to pay for T shirts for his future wage slaves and if that's the case I have a whole new reason to hate him Either that or he has the arrogance to think that thousands of people want to spend money to find out what he and Derrick Brown talk about on the way to the bank The saddest part is that he's right

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    Buddy Wakefield is a great performer and I picked this book up after seeing him live But it took me awhile to finish this book this wasn't the case for me with another Write Bloody poet and performer Sarah Kay #swoon so it's not about stage meets page Nor does my slow read mean that I don't like the book I think its density though just makes it harder to consume or binge than other poetry books It's comprised of many short poems on the same page as well as longer poems and footnotes that become poems themselves It's collage than anything else even including personal photos and uotations For these reasons like his performances Wakefield subverts expectations weaves honest stories and delivers many beautiful lines I don't think I would buy another book of his but I would definitely see him again and read his work and I admire the hell out of him And c'mon the book's title is epic As are these linesWe came from monkeys and tadpolesrainwater and clayaccidentsand gods held together in the hallelujahspulled apart like a spider webWe were stripped downand we were stretched thin Open Letter to the People of the Future

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    Gentleman Practice is rightly titled This book is an all out assualt on mediocracy Once again Buddy Wakefield masters himself on the page Bringing forth all the tangled intestines all the heart flaps every crushed hope and that hope returned Personally this book has had a huge affect on my life Buddy's word are so uplifting always in the forward direction No other author has affected my day to day routine like this man His shows are a new level an insanity Buddywakefieldcom and check out of his other booksLive for a Living and Some They Can't Contain

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