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[Epub] ➝ One Real Thing By Anah Crow – Nick Addison has taken care of Hollister Welles since college Though the responsible grad student and the uninhibited partier were total opposites they had always shared an inexplicable bond Nick know Nick Addison has taken care of Hollister Welles since college Though the responsible grad student and the uninhibited partier were total opposites they had always shared an inexplicable bond Nick knows he should stop saving the out of control Holly but when Holly hits rock bottom hard—and publicly—he can't resist coming to his rescue one last time Can't resist the feeling of having Holly need him againBringing Holly back to New York City Nick gives Holly the chance to face his demons and break his dangerous habits—while keeping Holly's presence a secret from One Real PDF \ Nick's wife He doesn't want to face Caroline's hatred of Hollyor the reasons she might have to resent himThen the tables are turned Just as Holly pulls himself together Nick's life falls apart Now it's up to Holly to bring Nick back from the brink—and to make Nick finally face the desires he's long denied.One Real Thing

Without her you wouldn't see much from me at all not even the books that don't have her name on the coverDo you read your emailAll the time I think the uestion you want is do I answer my email Occasionally Badly I'm a terrible terrible emailerYou're reading X books at onceOnly occasionally at once I can read two books at the same time but I get dizzy Mostly I just switch books depending on my mood It's unusual for me to have less than four on the go at a timeDo you One Real PDF \ read reviews of your booksNo sorry I'm here yes but I prefer not to read reviews no matter how lovely they are because once a book has left my hands and is available to the readers my relationship to it changes It's all grown up I have a clutter of booklings to nurture so they will join the others on your shelvesWill you readreview my bookSorry but no There are a number of reasons for this but the biggest is—I suck at doing these things I'm a horrible procrastinator I get wound up and then blank out what I'm supposed to do My ADHD goes galumphing through my head like a bull in a china shop wrecking everythingI'm a writer and you hatedloved my bookI'm sure you're a lovely person either way Please have one or both of I'm sorry or You're welcomeCan I be excused nowOf course you can Thanks for reading.

One Real Thing eBook Ê One Real  PDF \ Ebook
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  • 170 pages
  • One Real Thing
  • Anah Crow
  • English
  • 14 July 2015

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    This one started off shaky for me I was shit skerd there for a sec that this would be my first bad experience with these authors Thankfully they pulled it out of the nosedive towards the middleHolly's last relationship crashed and burned and he's spun out In public Drinking drugging fucking randoms It makes the celebrity trash news and Nick Holly's college friend can take it no longer He hops on flight from NY to LA to collect his friend before he wends up 6' underHolly's kind of fussy about being treated as such but it really doesn't last long I started to get skeeved because their relationship seems very codependent to me Nick installs Holly in a loft apartment gets him in with a psychiatrist gives him rules to live by and even at one point makes him carry a GPS trackerHolly backslides once but really the whole getting clean and staying clean was exceedingly easy Too easy imo But then Nick's wife drops the infidelity bomb which sends Nick into a tailspin and Holly comes to his rescue I felt like this turn of events balanced out their relationship by showing that they both need each other Just in different ways I'm not crazy about the way Nick's wife was portrayed but I think it fitting for the narrative as a whole and contributed to Nick's characterizationTheir relationship development is firmly in the slowest of slow burns What I liked best was how much they've wanted each other for years but never acted on it because they thought the other person wasn't interested in them that way I also like how the vast majority of their friends knew and thought they were idiotsOnce the fire ignites though it was powerful stuff Crow and Fox do unfussy kink really well and I couldn't help but be affected by the way their power exchange organically developed Holly wants to serve Nick; he has only ever responded this way to Nick But he wants nothing than to be at Nick's feet cooking for him making his life easier and Nick responds in kind with structure and dominance The begging and the feeding scenes were my favorites Shocker And the ring I really liked that little detail and its significance to both of themThe secondary characters I really enjoyed especially Danner Danner is a mess and truly does need a keeper but he amused meMax Tatch did a great job narrating; he gave himself to the emotions on the page and brought them to life time and time again He also varied the voices of all the characters and really brought his 'A' game on the sex scenes I'll be listening to him againRecommend to slow burn Ds friends to lovers and hurtcomfort fans

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    is never easy to fall in love and this book is all about that the wrong and the right choices of two men trying to discover what is loveNick is a successful journalist with a beautiful wife and a pretty house full of art objects or he is a frustrated writer working as journalist with a shallow beautiful wife in a pretty house full of meaningless art objects? Holly is a drug addicted the poster boy of happiness and a stud sleeping with men or women changing partners constantly Or he is drug addicted because of a not well diagnosed mental disorder a poster boy of happiness in public to disguise his depression and a stud sleeping with men or women changing partners constantly to avoid the only person he truly love and can't have?Amazing writing heartbreaking love story of two best friends trying to understand what is love and why sometimes the truth is not what our eyes are seeing but what our heart are feeling5 stars and I certainly recommend this book

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    The characters are so well written and developed I fell in love with them right away The writing was great and never annoyed me once The story is pretty simple but with the great characters and smooth writing i was drawn in right away Nick is married for the first half of the book he never cheats on her though and there is no sex until about 70% into the story I like that the book focused on the story and characters and not sex I disliked Nick's wife from the first time she spoke to him in the story and each interaction they had after made me dislike her I don't think she said one nice thing to Nick the entire book

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    I finally had a chance to read this one considered a classic by so many GoodRead friends I did love it lots and lots It was not what I was expecting but I was pleasantly surprised with the splash of Ds when the two MCs started their sexual relationship Wow super hot stuffIf you like hurthealingcomfort and friends to lovers this one will be RIGHT up your ally Have fun

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    I LOVE THIS STORYIt had the right amount of everything to keep the reader hooked Hollister aka Holly is a drugged out boozed up crazy pile of damage He's the bad boy that tries to out bad boy himself But his college friend Nick comes to save him from himself one time Nick's always had a crush on Holly even back when they were in college ten years ago but he's married nowto a woman And a successful straight narrow journalist The perfect example Or is he?There's too much I could say as to why this book is awesome It's real It's sexy It's angsty good Both men let their true selves out andI loved who they were under their shellsThere's controlling factors than heavy BDSM in this one but it's fitting The kissing the feet thing? Loved itThis was an easy 5 STAR readAlright

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    This book is a fevered dream of an obsessive almost all consuming love And I loved it Probably the best way to enjoy this book is to inhale it in one go so as to be swept up in the deep and almost visceral need Holly has for Nick and his attentions and how Nick finally wakes up to the fact that he cares for Holly much than just as a friend Overall I'd highly recommend experiencing the book in the fantastic narration of Max Tatch You'll be enveloped in the all encompassing emotions between Nick and HollyNick and Holly have known each other since college and ever since Holly has been trying every antic in the book to attract Nick's attention This worked until adult life started and they drifted apart For Holly this has led to a path of self destruction and when he's at his lowest Nick comes and rescues him To put Holly back together Nick comes up with a set of rules for Holly to follow It works and that is the beginning of their particular brand of Ds one that at first has nothing to do with sex but with surrender from Holly with the knowledge that Nick will hold him together when he screws up or falls apart The journey for Holly and Nick to get together isn't immediate and I like that Anah Crow Dianne Fox allow time for Holly to heal and become better as he's struggling not just with what he thinks are unreuited feelings for Nick but also a painful family history and all the damage he's inflicted on himself Later when Nick's carefully constructed life collapses Holly is able to be there for him and it feels right and natural The fact that he chooses or needs to be submissive to Nick doesn't make him a helpless or weak person Their relationship is an expression of love that is fulfilling for their emotional needs They are each other's real thingThere is no sex until perhaps the last third of the book but it's very satisfying when it does happen However that's not what this book is about And I didn't miss it It's about emotional intimacy and being as entwined as two people can be and still remain two people And though there is a Ds element to the relationship it has nothing to do with perhaps traditional BDSM ideas It's better It feels true RealI'd recommend it Yes

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    This was an incredible story From beginning to end I couldn't put it down The characters felt so real I couldn't help but feel sympathy for Holly or anger towards Caroline or just about every other emotion while I was reading this While the plot is simple it's still interesting watching the characters grow The story takes us from Nick finding out Holly is in danger of killing himself through drugs and alcohol to saving Holly In turn when Holly finally gets his feet back under himself things turn upside down for Nick by a cheating wife Holly comes to the rescue and the relationship Holly and Nick have becomes intimate and satisfying than any other relationships they've had in the pastIn the beginning of the book Holly was in all kinds of hell He was going through withdrawals and trying to fight his instant reaction to get close to Nick He was sad and angry and just wanted to be loved and told he's not a failure Within the first impression of Holly I instantly liked him Yeah he was an alcoholicdrunk addict with a sex addiction but that drew me in because of the way he reacted to Nick when Nick flew across country to save him I loved how we saw Holly at his worst and then watched him change and reform into the man that eventually helps Nick out of his crisis I loved Holly for the simple reason of him just wanting to please Nick Nick on the other hand has the perfect life He's a successful journalist with a perfect wife but he has one flaw he can't just leave Holly in the wind He thrives on Holly needing him but not just that he needs Holly to need him I wasn't uit sure what to think of Nick at first He seemed like an overly demanding guy but it becomes clear that he's just afraid something bad would happen to Holly And while his life slowly started to revolve around Holly is when I started falling in love with Nick too The simple pleasures he got from just looking at Holly speaking to Holly or hearing from Holly made me like Nick for reasons I don't even know why LolThis was definitely a sweet story between long lost friends and just the writing alone will draw you in The fact that the story revolved around the characters and their lives and not sex allowed me to enjoy and appreciate it The secondary characters brought a lightness to the story because they somehow mellowed out the severeness of Nick and Holly's situation if that makes any sense They also gave us an even greater incite into Holly and Nick's personalities I'd absolutely recommend this book to everyone who's looking for something with a simple plot and loving characters Fair warning though While this isn't a bdsm book the relationship between Holly and Nick eventually turns into one of submissive and dominate In which it pleases Holly to do what Nick says and at times ask Nick permission to do simple things such as drink coffee or go to work While it may seem a bit weird in the beginning I thought it suited their relationship uite wellThis definitely is one of my favorite books and without uestion going to be read many times from me in the future image error

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    Hard to rate this one Like a few other reviewers I have to mark down significantly in my case for the fact that this book drastically changed tone and uality at about the 65 70% point If it had ended there I'd have given it a 45 for good writing well developed and engaging characters at least most of them the wife is a bit of a bad guy caricature a great set up with a lot of conflict and an unusual and compelling relationship Nick's rescue Holly's slow and difficult recovery all this was unusually well done engrossing and captivating But the remainder of the book gets a much much lower rating in the 25 range After the initial coming together the conflict is entirely resolved though it need not have been especially since Nick had apparently never been with a man until that point and the story loses all momentum and oomph and becomes basically nothing than a series of sex scenes with a slight bdsm element that is never fully developed seems to come out of nowhere feels baffling and unnatural in the context of the book and is entirely superfluous The immediate mutual gushing adoration between Nick and Holly eg every single conversation peppered with I love you long declarations to each other about their feelings the fact that the two can't be parted for even a day feels over the top and excessive and important feels inconsistent with the characterizations the authors developed so carefully in the first part of the book In fact to a large extent much of what had earlier made the characters so compelling disappears The inconsistency abrupt change in the tone and pacing of the story and the characters' behavior and the overall lackluster nature of the final third ruined for me what had been an unusually enjoyable read up to that point; I slogged through but I had a difficult time finishing

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    You can rarely come across two characters who deserve to end up together than these two It's almost a hurting desire you have for them because it is so obvious how much they love each other and how much they careWhile the first part of the book is centered on their messed up lives and the distance they'd created between them it is still interesting to read about the process which led them from being strangers to friends again The transition was so easy and yet is was anything but Just when you think their new life story might begin you are thrust into new difficulties and the role reversal is simply beautifulIt takes a while before you get to see them together as they are supposed to be but even that holds a few surprises and the beautiful way Holly loves just blew me away There are a few sad and difficult parts in this book but I wouldn't call it angsty Unlike other books it's the simple introduction to realistic problems and the way the characters deal with them I loved the fact that there were no misunderstandings and unnecessary complications But still their journey was anything other than simpleI think this one is worth the time and I recommend it

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    Mi récord lo dejo en el 2% gracias a esta perla That woman had no right to punish Holly that way no right to punish him at all if she couldn't manage to keep him under controlNo tengo idea si Holly es solo un imbécil o un tigre ue se ha escapado del zoo pero tampoco me uedo a enterarme

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