➥ [Ebook] ➠ 8 By Michael Mullin ➯ – E17streets4all.co.uk Now only available as part of the 3 story print eBook collection titled TALESPINS Written in verse this is the previously untold story of the previously unknown 8th dwarf named Creepy He is banished t Now only available as part of the story print eBook collection titled TALESPINS Written in verse this is the previously untold story of the previously unknown th dwarf named Creepy He is banished to the basement for being different and well weird Yet he plays a vital and of course previously unknown role in the popular tale of Snow White – whose title character is an intruder Creepy refers to as the Maid Intended for readers aged and up.8

Michael Mullin is a native New Englander living in Pasadena He is Founder and CEO of Gemiknight Press which currently publishes his own work and his collaborations but is moving toward accepting submissions The company's flagship title is TaleSpins a trilogy of alternative fairy tales and retellings for YA readers Michael is also author of Simon a modern day retelling of Hamlet that won.

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    i get a lot of review reuests a lot and i have to turn most of them down because i am someone with very little in the way of free time and too many books to read already and i wish these authors the best of luck i do but i have a pretty good sense of what kind of books i will respond to and i hate saying negative things about authors who are on small presses or self published because i appreciate spirit and spunk and all that but every once in a while i let one in LGM ESPECIALLY if i am told it is a 24 page poem and should take me nine minutes to read when i am already planning on borrowing a nook from workwell all of you people concerned you will not meet your self imposed 2012 book challenges and you do realize that you gotta get those books read before the mayans blow out all the candles on our cake this is a book for you i know it is a poem ugh and a rhyming poem at that and it looks like it could be a little cheesy and that is why i almost gave it a pass but i had this free nook see and lo i enjoyed it despite my misgivings it is singsong y but it is not childish it's cute but not cutesy and i personally like retellings of fairy tales and such and this one serves that purpose it tells the story of the 8th dwarf in the snow white tale who is locked in the basement for antisocial tendencies and yet he plays a huge role in the fate of snow white one which lifts the curtain on the fairy tale and shows you what was going on behind the familiar scenes i liked it and it really highlights the creepy date rape elements of snow white that the disney franchise would call romance and i managed to read it on the nook thing walking from my house to the subway can't beat thathowever know that this is not mike mullin YA survival king of my heart this is another guy with a similar name in case you read this looking for horrible things to happen to teenagers wrong guygive the man nine minutes of your time LGM

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    Book Giveaway Author Interview ends 11911 stories we pass down from parent to childWere once filled with darkness but somehow turned mildWe tweak and revise and when all else failsWe choose to omit certain crucial detailsUntil they're forgotten and nobody knowsHow a story originally truthfully goesSo begins 8 The Previously Untold Story of the Previously Unknown 8th Dwarf a short 22 page story told in verse I'm a lover of fractured fairy tales so I got uite a few laughs out of reading this clever tale of Creepy the 8th banished dwarf who lives below the floorboard in the 7 dwarf's cottage The rhyming text is perfectly done but this is not a fairy tale for children but rather aimed at adults or older teensContent a line of sexual innuendoRating 45 Stars Highly RecommendSource From author for review

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    Fairy tales lost something when all the dreadful parts were removed to make them appropriate for children We now have children that think everything is going to be great and nothing bad ever happens in the world We all know that isn’t true and I have to say that I enjoyed this rendition of Snow White The idea that everything was not perfect besides the messy cottage in the lives of the Dwarfs was refreshingThis short story is written in verse and includes drawings along the way I read this on a bus full of 7th graders and some stopped talking to looked at me as I laughed and smiled while following the story This is a short and sweet story that I think kids and adults will enjoy What if this is really the story after all? What a great take on Snow White Give it a try I think you will be pleasantly surprised

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    DO NOT judge a book by its cover Seriously this book may seem middle gradey and younger but there are sexual innuendoes in here I know I've got you at the sexual part so read on folksOriginally posted at A Bookalicious StoryIngenious At first when I received the ebook from the author well being the Paranormal Geekfan that I am I was thinking I wouldn't like the book but was in a very What the Heck mood so I accepted it I would never have expected myself capable of ever reading a book written in verse form I would just faint from boredom and then enjoy it as much as I had It was way cool; A really modern and humorous way of retelling one of the world's most famous fairytalesYou see there once lived 8 dwarfs in the little cottage but the 8th one was a little different and a little weird so the others termed him Creepy and the name has stuck ever since Creepy lived up to his name eating insects and shaving his hair till one day the others could stand him no and threw him into the cellar Poor Creepy had a kind heart just a little dirty if you get what I mean And in came Snow White one day when his brother dwarfs were out at work and when the old lady at the door starts coming everyday to do her wicked deeds it's up to Creepy to save the day But will he get accepted by the others in the end?There really isn't a main point to the story so my summary's a little all over the place plus the book's only 7 pages on the Adobe Digital Edition so I couldn't divulge all the juicy contents now could I?Imagine creating a poem that has 2200 words give or take Yeah daunting task doesn't it seem so? But Mullin did it Wow I can't even conjure a 5 paragragh worth of a half assed poem in my Literature class and he wrote this Lol that is some talent there Not only that he incorporated wit humor and he even managed to address a very controversial societal subject the message to not judge a book by its cover and to not ostracize anyone just because they're different or ugly came across uite clearly in a fun and engaging wayThere was humor and a subtle sexual innuendo in the book and a child like uality that kept it true to its origins There was this particular part that I really really likedThis is where Snow White enters the cottage of the supposedly seven dwarfs' While he sat there in silence beneath the wood floor An unwelcome creature came in the front door “Hello?” it called out in a voice scared and thinA reply was not needed She just let herself in “How rude” thought Creepy in sheer disbelief “Unless she’s a criminal Some kind of thief If that is the case then it serves those dopes right The front door unlatched yet mine is locked tight” He uietly moved to the place in his tombWhere he got the best view of the ground level room She walked overhead and he opened his jaw Surprised and transfixed by the sight that he saw Her bare feet were covered with cuts and scrapes But beyond that were far intriguing shapes A layer of wrinkled up cotton and laceCovered gentle curves in the negative space His mind raced with thoughts not entirely cleanSeeing that which was clearly not meant to be seenHe thought that perhaps he should look well awayUh huh y'think? Lol that's about 1 and a half pages out of the 7 that I mentioned I'm telling you it was 7 pages worth of smiles and surprises Little Creepy even knew sarcasm I got a kick reading that part of the prose it was absolutely hilarious And unexpected8 was a really hip way of retelling the alternate history or in this case alternate fairytale of Snow White where one neglected dwarf tells his neglected story and it also serves as a reminder to society to stop looking at what's on the outside and start looking on the inside Oh and to stop being biased to the good looking and harbouring prejudices against the ugliesYou see there's just too much moral values that Mullin teaches inside this little book of 7 pages So what's stopping you from picking this book up?

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    Oh Creepy I did not know you existed but you may now be my favourite Dwarf I love fairy tales I love Grimm's fairy tales I love the dark adult side to fairy tales This met those reuirements and was also witty and funny I felt a lot of empathy for Creepy He was so misunderstood Why were the other Dwarfs so unaccepting of his uniue personality? He was probably pleasant to be around than GrumpyAnyway I loved how the author created this poemtale about the Unknown 8th Dwarf I loved how Creepy was interwoven into the original Snow White so perfectly It's clever and sweet with a uniue humourThere's not much I can say about it without spoiling it It's only 22 pages long written in verse It's about Creepy the 8th Dwarf and his 7 roommates who don't approve of his behaviour so they lock him in the cellar Poor Creepy Then Creepy witnesses Snow White's arrival through the floorboardsIt's probably not something children should read but Grimms fairy tales were not really great for children either It's not as dark as Grimms fairy tales but it's not a cutesy children's story However I do think that most children would find the humour in it and enjoy itI think deep down Creepy is a bit of a gentleman I enjoyed the story

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    We all know the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs but very few people know about the eighth dwarf the other seven locked in the basement Few people know of the important part he played in the story of Snow White and her happily ever after Things could have ended very differently if it wasn't for this DwarfI originally thought this would be fun for the kids but it is not a children's book but an adult short story It is clean but it is still for adults The ending of the story was very funny and I absolutely recommend it For full review go here

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    This book is awesomeI loved it

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    Note I received a copy of this book from the authorMullin begins this original retold fairy tale by reminding readers of its roots oral tradition passed down through the generations He simultaneously connects his audience with the rich history of retellings throughout the years and introduces a new chapter in that history He invites the audience to become a part of that history with him by reading his story and reflecting upon what a “true” tale is—is it as the narrator suggests what really happened or is it something else entirely? Readers will probably detect truth in this tale not because they believe an eighth dwarf really belongs in the story but because his presence adds a dimension to the story often forgotten in whitewashed versions darkness exists and can be beaten but it seldom allows a complete victoryEven as Mullin proposes to restore to the story of Snow White some of the original darkness however he calls to mind childhood versions of fairy tales by writing his in verse The rhyming format mirrors nursery songs giving to the story an air of familiarity even as the author introduces new elements Darker themes such as lust and loss intertwine with the innocent recollections of childhood giving readers the sense that the story has grown with them; once they knew only the whitewashed versions but now they know the full account This feels fitting and true since most know from experience that good and bad often mingleThe snarky observations made by Creepy from his vantage point in the basement add to the readers’ sense of participation in the tale They work almost as asides from the author saying “You knew all along or would have if you’d thought about it that this part of the story lacks some logic But we’ll go along with it” Such observations lend an air of levity to the retelling reminding readers that even with the darkness this story is meant to be fun An amusing retelling of “Snow White” 8 stands apart from other such attempts with its wit and imagination Though a uick read it achieves surprising depth with its look at the role of fairy tales and the roles of the elements contained Mullin paints the character of Creepy with sympathy despite his name illustrating that good as well as bad can be found in unexpected places This story will surely appeal to all those who love retold fairy tales

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    8 by Michael Mullin is just the kind of fractured fairy tale that might have been told in an alternate universe Rocky and Bullwinkle That's high praise I loved those stories The sly humor operated on multiple levels which is why folks than just the famous moose and suirrel attended Wossamotta UBut 8 and yes the title is just the number 8 is the story of the heretofore unknown eighth dwarf named Creepy by his better known brothersCreepy's just moody He's kind of a night owl and he's not into the whole Hi ho hi ho business Well would you sing if you had to work underground in a mine every day? I ask you would you?Creepy also had a slight touch of Renfield He ate spiders At the dinner table It kind of creeped his brothers out A lotSo they locked him in the basement and slipped his meals under the door Just for a few less than cheerful comments and a bit of raw spider on the hoof I mean really was that so bad?So Creepy lived under the house and got well creepier And even less cheerful listening to his brothers continue their rather carefree life without himThen the Maid showed up Fairy tales usually refer to her as Snow White Creepy saw everything Absolutely everything And heard everything too The floors well there were some holes in those floorboardsHis brothers never told the poor girl that there was dwarf literally under her feet So she cooked and cleaned while he spied on her What else was he supposed to do? She kept sweeping the dust from the floor into his living spaceBut when the Evil Witch knocked on the door he heard everything then too Did you ever wonder why Snow White let the witch in? Creepy's floor's eye view of the classic tale his understandably jaundiced view is laugh out loud funny And not to be missedEscape Rating A This is hilariously funny Also a little sad because Creepy has been abandoned by his brothers for being just a bit different But it is an absolutely perfect fractured fairy tale and it is done completely in verseCreepy is an unsung hero Without him Snow White would have suffocated in her glass coffin before Prince Charming ever came along If you want to find out about Creepy's heroism spend a few moments with Creepy He'll make you smile

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    Title 8 by Michael MullinReviewed by Brandon BarneyGenre Young Adult or Teen Fairytale Fiction 1990 wordsEbook DescriptionWritten in verse this is the previously untold story of the previously unknown 8th dwarf named Creepy He is banished to the basement for being different and well weird Yet he plays a vital and of course previously unknown role in the popular tale of Snow White whose title character is an intruder Creepy refers to as The Maid Review Upon reading the blurb for book 8 by Michael Mullin I found myself intrigued but doubtful There are plenty of parodies out in the media books and movies alike and to manage to take the set standard for parodies and twist it takes some time and practice I decided to look into the story anyway and give it a chance I was not disappointed The first line gave me chills straight away and did not let up from there The story does not lack the backstory for Creepy but instead tells us how he got there instead of jumping straight into the story of Snow WhiteIt takes imagination to craft a story that is based upon another and still create a good piece of work Michael Mullin has that imagination The story is surprisingly in its choice of fairytale and subject matter threatening to lean into the inappropriate but staying well out of range of the offensive throwing in the humor that lends to the story’s wittinessThe formatting is what would be hoped for within a fairytale using the verse and rhyme of the classic fairytales most children grow up hearing Due to this rhyming the reader forgets how long they have been reading though due to its short length it takes no time at all and instead enjoys the tale from beginning to end With a witty plotline a believable and sympathetic main character and a story you will never forget it is well worth the small cost for such a wonderful memory For those who give this story a chance I am sure you will not be disappointed Five stars to 8 by Michael Mullinsoriginal review posted on goodbookalertblogspotcom

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