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[Read] ➭ Every You Every Me By David Levithan – E17streets4all.co.uk In this high school set psychological tale a tormented teen named Evan starts to discover a series of unnerving photographs—some of which feature him Someone is stalking him messing with him threate In this high school set psychological tale a tormented teen named Evan starts to discover a series of unnerving photographs—some of which feature him Someone is stalking him messing with him threatening him Worse ever since his best friend Ariel has been gone he's been Every You ePUB Æ unable to sleep spending night after night torturing himself for his role in her absence And as crazy as it sounds Evan's starting to believe it's Ariel that's behind all of this punishing him But the Evan starts to unravel the mystery the his paranoia and insomnia amplify and the he starts to unravel himself Creatively told with black and white photos interspersed between the text so the reader can see the photos that are so unnerving to Evan Every You Every Me is a one of a kind departure from a one of a kind author.Every You Every Me

David Levithan born is an American children's book editor and award winning author He published his first YA book Boy Meets Boy in Levithan is also the founding editor of PUSH a Young Adult imprint of Press.

Every You Every Me Kindle ☆ Every You  ePUB Æ
  • Hardcover
  • 248 pages
  • Every You Every Me
  • David Levithan
  • English
  • 14 April 2014
  • 9780375860980

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    I usually like David Levithan a lot even But this new experimental piece of his it caused me physical pain to slog through that little bit of the book that I did manage to read Let me recount my problems with Every You Every Me in order of appearance1 the ANGST the book assaults with an unbearable amount of teen boy angst from the very first page when you do not even know the main character's name and circumstances It's just angst angst angst with a hint of mystery The novel breathes circulates on bleeds angst2 struck through words would you like to read a book where 50% of the text is struck through? I find this techniue fairly annoying but in some books Wintergirls it can work here it serves no discernible purpose except adding in a double dose of angst and appears to be pretty random 3 it is a writing exercise the book was evidently written around photographs meaning the photographer would send David some random picture and he will write the next piece of novel based on it without knowing what is to come next It's not that I have anything against using photographs as an inspiration but when you use something like this to limit your creativity it almost always feels forced and inorganic See Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children for examplesEvery You Every Me should have never made it into print and stayed where it belongs in Levithan's bottom desk drawer with the rest of his creative writing exercises

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    What a shame With black and white pictures and strike through texts I thought this book will be a disturbing psychological tale but the thing is it wasn't Yes there was a mystery but it didn't really work for me I think it has been used just to make someone be compelled and read the book until the end in one sitting which I did unfortunately But this is a hideous and pretentious techniue Because really this book is all about angst teenage angst and nothing The angst is strong in this oneI gave it two stars anyhow because I bought it in a cheap price Hehe

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    Wow this book was a bit of a trainwreckThere are a few things I need to point out Firstly the strikethough Half the novel was written like this and for the most part it seemed pretty random I almost dropped it on the first page because it was just that annoying Secondly oh my god the angst Do you remember that part in New Moon where Edward dumped Bella and she was just this depressed mess for months? Yeah well Evan is like that but permanently and for no reason that I can discern He's just angsty for the sake of it And it is so fucking annoyingThirdly in the acknowledgements Levithan says that Jonathan Farmer the guy who did the images would send him a picture and then Levithan would write the photo into the story Neither he nor Farmer knew the outcome of the story And it shows The novel has a disjointed feeling to it and you can tell that it wasn't properly planned out or even thought out This novel could have been so much better It just feels like a hipster's wet dream

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    All I needed to know about Every You Every Me was that David Levithan wrote it The man has a permanent spot in my heart for giving me Dash Lily But this Wellit was a whole new experience filled with imaginationOnce I opened the book I could not put it down The mystery and tension just built page turn after page turn just pulling me deeper into the story I found myself clutching the book at times trying to get a better look It truly was an amazing reading experience that blended pictures words emotion and mystery It will make you wonder how well we really know the people we loveGoing into this story with a little mystery might add to the experience so I will say no Just jump in Favorite Levithan word from this story scatterthoughts

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    Oh god this bookI like the books of Levithan's that I've read but this was just awful The idea behind this book was actually a great and interesting I like the way the book was set up and the addition of pictures to it and how the story was written between the author and the photographerThe problems I had with this book1 The characters were COMPLETELY one dimensional and they didn;t develop at all over the book On top of that the relationships between the characters weren't very convining mostly because they weren't all presented at the beginning of the story they just randomly appeared throughout The main character Evan was so emo I couldn't stand it and I kind of wanted to find a hammer and bet myself in the head at some points Also Evan's relationship with Ariel didn't really do it for me either It's hard to judge on this aspect because she is only talked about and never present but still their friendship seemed like one that would end come graduation day2 I had no idea what the heck happened to this Ariel girl until the end of the story At first I thoguht she had commmited suicide but it was so vague that I had no idea This normally wouldn't bother me because it adds a sense of mystery but this unexplained incident is mentioned so often that it started to become annoying3 When Jack flips out on Evan because he thought that Evan was leaving the pictures around was so painful It was so obvious that that was going to happen at one point and when I finsihed reading this I realized that this event was supposed to be a twist which is upsetting because it was a very bad and over used one4 The end of this book mainly the whole showdown with the mystery person would was leaving the pictures around This ending was the epitome of a literary face palm It was so awful First the way they get this person to the woods for this little staring contest word fight was so stupid I feel like it their was emotional build up and Levithan made the reader feel like Evan was trapped and had no other option I'd believe it Then when they were actually in the forest and trying to understand why this girl Dana was doing what she was doing I rolled my eyes Typical you never knew her like i knew her and you never understood I was really her best friend and i knew what she wanted and you guys are the reason she's locked up in the looney bin Basically she blaming Jack and Evan for saving Ariel when she tried to kill herself because this Dana girl felt that she knew that Ariel wasn't super depressed but that she just understood the true nature of the world and wanted to be free from the pain a true WTF So then it ends with Evan finally forgiving himself for saving his friends life which is confusing PS I finally found out the end that no she didn't actually kill herself but she did try which is why this chick Dana felt entitled to start stalking and harrassing Ariel's friends5 I wish someone could explain to me why 50% of this book is crossed out Seriously I would understand if it was contributing to the overall story but it's not It only add angst and teenage boy emo ness like a male Bella after Edward leaves her dont ask me how or why i know this information oo I feel like it was mostly to make the book longer because there were literally whole chapters that were strikethroughs Granted a lot of the chapters were only a page long but still And that's it Like most YA books nowadays you see a pretty cover with a good uote from the text but when you actually start reading it the illusion is shattered The only reason I finished this book was because I thought it was going to go somewhere but sadly it didn't How this book made it into print will remain a mystery to me

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    Evan is on his way home from school when he finds an envelope on the ground that has a photo inside He starts to think that Ariel is back to torment him because of what he did to her As they unravel the mystery behind the photographs he soon discovers how little he knows about Ariel and the truth This was a heartfelt story of love and loss and dealing with the tragedy of losing a close friend It had a very haunting aura throughout the book so that I felt Ariel’s missing presence right along with the charactersMy favourite element in Every You Every Me was the format I picked this one up at the library knowing nothing about and the crossed out words and photographs piued my interestWhile the story itself is slow and uiet it works well for this book Evan narrates the story and readers will clearly see his slow descent into depression which began with what happened with Ariel and has worsened by the time the book begins The mystery of what happened to Ariel and who is stalking Evan keeps the story moving along despite Evan’s profound sadness and confusionFull Review Here

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    Easily best book I've read all year However very different from David Levithan's other books

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    I was intrigued by this novel for the opening 30 or so pages given its unusual use of strike through text to indicate retracted internal monologue of the main character This also made it a bit challenging to read as one has to read his thoughts on the two levels But the novelty wore off uickly and the overdose of teen angst became overwhelming I felt trapped in what I imagine a really bad episode of Dawson's Creek must've been like miserable teenagers speaking in tautologies and metaphors and not a single adult character in sight to snap anyone out of it Levithan admits to writing this novel in jump started bursts fueled by a friend photographer's randomly delivered prints intended to inspire a narrative There's something to be said for an author having a clear vision of an intended story before the writing begins Levithan had absolutely no vision and the teeth gnashing meanderings of his characters make that uite evident Consider this excerpt of dialogue between Evan the anguished main character and a classmate named MattAre you okay? he askedI don't know what okay is I saidWhat?I mean I don't know what okay means No not what it means Where it comes from Where does okay come from?We looked it up Evan and Matt then eagerly research the etymology of okay discuss it and the scene closes with Evan ruefully noting that Matt didn't realize that he'd never received an answer to his uestion of are you okay?Aaaagh Two teenage guys not even necessarily best friends having this conversation? And this is only one example of the long lost wanderings vague mutterings and struck through words phrases even entire chaptersBy two thirds the way through Evan muses I had to see it through to the end Because the end could be better It couldn't be worse than this At that point drifting in and out of consciousness with the novel I lost touch with whether that was me thinking Evan thinking or could it have been Levithan himself momentarily coming clean on what he had by then realized was just a really bad idea

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    I finished this book in around 4 hours and i have no regrets I enjoyed it I loved every single page of it I was fascinated by each and every photograph within its pages Read it Just read it

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    This book would not be my first encounter with David Levithan The first book I read of his was Lover’s Dictionary which I loved completely because of how he unconventionally told the story of the lovers whose names were never mentioned their gender was never mentioned too Every You Every Me was eccentric It was odd It would put you on the edge of your seat It would keep you reading until you find out what really happened Evan started getting weird photographsFirst when he was on his way to school and the next was a photo on the exact same spot on the first picture but this time of himHe has no clue of who was sending these picturesEvan thought that the pictures were probably from his friend Ariel who had to be taken awayHe and Jack felt guilty but they knew it was the right thing to doThe pictures were all related to Ariel which led Evan to depression and paranoia He believes that Ariel was getting back at them for what they did but was it really her that was really sending those pictures?Or was there someone else in Ariel’s life that they didn’t know about that knew all her secrets tooThe whole experience of reading this book was eerie It gave you this feeling that someone was watching you which I think is how Evan felt as well when he’s been constantly receiving those creepy photos You’ll see those photos in the book so I’ll leave you guys to be the judge of the photographs All I am saying is they’re unusually unusual which means that unusual is already weird which makes the photos in this book even unusual than normal One thing constant although out of the book aside from the eeriness was the teenage angst It was all over the book There was depression paranoia suicide despair sorrow and a lot of angst I mean I am okay with a certain amount but for a book to really have a significant amount of angst it just gets really depressingI would have to say that the strikethrough on Evan’s inner thoughts were just amazing I liked how his thoughts were hidden yet revealed at the same time You get to feel how Evan feels despite him not wanting to divulge that side of him to anyone But we as readers get to see his concealed thoughts through the strikethroughs I give kudos to thatAlthough I seriously loved the concept writing style as always and the photographs there were a couple of things I disliked1 It was too depressing It was full angst that you’d feel Evan’s depression and paranoia 2 You get will meet Ariel but you won’t be able to really know her For me Ariel’s character was pretty one dimensional in contrast to Evan Ariel was pretty much a main character as Evan but we don’t get to really know her at all aside from the little snippets of her in Evan’s memories 3 I didn’t like the ending period I was expecting from the ending since everything on this book has been pretty much great It didn’t do well with me that it has such a weak ending I would prefer if the Ariel girl was dead rather than what was revealed as to why she committed a stupid suicide attemptAs much as I would like to this book than 3 stars I couldn’t I mean everything has been great It was thrilling and mind boggling I just didn’t like how it ended I don’t always like happy ending but I want a decent ending and the ending on this book just didn’t work with meFor me David Levithan would always be one of my favorite authors If I would recommend a book I would recommend Lover’s Dictionary and not really this one

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