633 Squadron: Operation Crucible (633 Squadron)

[Reading] ➶ 633 Squadron: Operation Crucible (633 Squadron) Author Frederick E. Smith – E17streets4all.co.uk It is Autumn 1943 and there is acrimony between the Air Staffs of Britain and America from Washington that the RAF is not giving the B17s adeuate support chosen for a dangerous mission that will set A It is Autumn and there is acrimony between the Air 633 Squadron: PDF/EPUB ² Staffs of Britain and America from Washington that the RAF is not giving the Bs adeuate support chosen for a dangerous mission that will set American minds at rest observers has become famous Suadron Operation Crucible is the third in the bestselling Suadron series.633 Squadron: Operation Crucible (633 Squadron)


633 Squadron: Operation Crucible eBook æ 633
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • 633 Squadron: Operation Crucible (633 Squadron)
  • Frederick E. Smith
  • English
  • 04 May 2016
  • 9780304366231

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    It's late in the war and the Nazis have begun using ME262s against the B 17s which are helpless against these new jets Even the P 51 escorts could do little against these fast enemy fighters Usually little could be done until the 262s ran out of ammunition Early models of the jets had been prone to engine failure Another difficulty was that the armament was similar to that of the older fighters and was only effective within range of the B 17 machine guns The newer models of jets carried rockets and since 24 of the rockets could be fired at once and from outside the range of the B 17 gunners the effect was like being shot at with a shotgun Two German nationals who had spied for the British are sent to discover the location of the factory where the 262s are being built They learn that the factory is cleverly camouflaged between a couple of hills The jets are assembled using parts that are brought in by train at night and the planes are flown out as they are completed along what appears on reconnaissance photos to be just a road rather than a runway The two agents posing as railway engineers claiming to have been interested only after having seen a plane take off are captured by the Gestapo It is only because railway engineers are in such short supply and the local chief engineer wants to protect them that the Gestapo chief doesn’t have them immediately shot The British anxious to eliminate the factory before the captured agents can be tortured into revealing that they have given away the location of the plant argue for a low level flight of Mosuitoes high speed twin engine fighterbombers to attack the factory a risky mission under the best circumstances The weather won’t permit a raid by B 17s This book is a good light read made appealing by the tension between the British officers who obviously don’t get along

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    This is the classic story of a RAF suadron in WWIIThere are three stories in the volumeIn '633 Suadron' their target is a Norwegian power plant where the Nazi's are experimenting with powerful new weapons Situated at the end of a narrow fjord under an overhang only the elite suadron can knock it out Framed by an excellent love story and with an ending to make you smile this is an excellent readIn 'Opertion Rhine Maiden' it is a munitionns factory that needs taking out before it can start production of a rocket that would decimate the American daytime bombers But the factory is underground in a dense forest and they need someone on the inside to guide that fighters in Only a woman can do that and with two members of the the suadron in love with her tensions are highIn 'Operation Crucible' the RAF are under attack from their American allies Some factions feel they aren't giving enough protection to the American bombers and casualties are rising In an attempt to mend fences a daring raid on a POW transport train is planned to free the US prisoners Only things don't uite go right and relations between the two airforces are stretched to breaking point Can the elite suadron pull off another daring raid and get back in the US's good books? Of course they canThree great stories even if only a few of the characters are fully fleshed out and the others are mentioned in passing then killed off in an blaze of exploding plane Still well worth reading although not all of the technicalmilitary jargon is explained so you might have to keep a dictionary handy

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    A great 'Boy's Own' read from WWII

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